May 02, 2006


American Chronical- April 29, 2006 By Dale Netherton

There is a phenomena that takes place every day and appears to cast innocence on the practitioners. It is called, "Show that you are doing everything you can so if something doesn’t get done the criticism will be minimal.” This is what is happening in the Natalee Holloway investigation.

If you review the “efforts” of the investigating authorities you see arrests that never materialize into convictions or even leads. You see investigators telling the press they are in the last critical phase of the investigation and then they step down. You see theories coming out of the blue with nothing to substantiate them and you see a known corruptive government playing the role of “doing all that it can” while coming up empty, offering inane explanations and continuing to snow a gullible American media that they are only doing the best they can. This method is not new and it isn’t easily identified when people are willing to give the benefit of the doubt to those good at playing the game. In the business world you see the phenomena everyday. An issue will be apparent and a person who might be questioned about it scrambles to know if everything is being done so that an explanation can be provided in case a question arises about “what went wrong?”

To make this clear let’s suppose a manager hears that a manufacturing plant within his division is having trouble with producing a certain widget. Since his plant also makes the widget, he immediately doesn’t want that issue to be one he will have to answer for so he goes to his underlings and alerts them to be sure they are doing all that they can to keep maintenance up, supplies plentiful and approved and everyone is following procedures.

A more sensible approach would be to find out exactly what the problem is and concentrate on that issue but it isn’t problem solving that is the focus, it is CYA. And this is what we are observing in the Natalee Holloway case.

The natives of Aruba and those loyal to the island dismiss that the Aruban government could be corrupt as it would impact their livelihood and/or recreation and perhaps even put them in a position of suspicion by Aruba authorities. Corrupt governments operate via intimidation.

But the only thing that is keeping the Aruba government from outright confrontation of their role in the disappearance of Natalee is the the blatant refusal of our media to consider the Aruba government had anything deliberate to do with Natalee’s disappearance. And this attitude is what is making the disappearance look like it is unsolvable. This is what the perpetrators want and they are succeeding because as long as they only look like fools trying to bumble along, no one questions their involvement. Much like the ploy of the King’s jester who could get away more than the normal citizen by feigning incompetence so too the persons involved in the Natalee disappearance are either directly deceiving investigators or telling them to keep the issue on the island but don’t implicate the authorities. Looking where she isn’t will never solve the case.

There will be those who read this and reject that a government could be so corrupt as to be in bed with say, a human trafficking ring. But this is a highly dangerous crime and since there are instances of other women “disappearing” and nothing is ever found to link the authorities to collusion (payoff), why are the girls never found?

Perhaps all is not as it seems. Perhaps the buffoons are really corrupt and trying to cover their tracks by bumbling. all evidence so far leads to this conclusion. But the
American media will only respond to direct evidence and evidently cannot hypothesize if it might affect their access.

A true investigator would consider all possibilities and narrow the possibilities down to the most plausible explanation which would best explain all of the facts. None of the possibilities that exclude the Aruba government from collusion answer satisfactorily the lack of progress in this case.
There is only one way to get this case off the dime. That is to ask the Aruba authorities for an internal investigation. If they refuse that will only cast more doubt on their innocence. If they find nothing this will require them to expose their investigative findings and techniques for scrutiny. If they are not willing to do that, the world must ask, “ What do you have to hide?”

It appears they are only stalling for time for the case to fade into hopelessness and unless they are confronted as possible collaborators.this possibility will not be explored. And this possibility at this point is the most probable explanation.
They will undoubtedly continue to arrest and speculate as long as they are under the gun but watch how that fades over time as nothing new comes up. You don’t get a rat to squeal unless you corner him and you don’t corner him unless you pursue him. If you assume he is innocent, he’s home free. Never give the benefit of the doubt to a rat.

(Editors Note: Or a DEAD rat...)

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mayan_moons said...

you nailed it!~

they've pretended to look like bumbling idiots and when you've bungled the hell out of the investigation by (a)not checking to make sure that pesky HI footage wouldn't bite ya in the ass when you want everyone to believe Natalee was returned to her hotel well then you've really messed up haven't you?