May 01, 2006


Diario Editorial, by Jossy Mansur

Translated by Getagrip

Yesterday I heard Tacopina once more on Court TV, and it seemed to me that instead of him teaching his client to speak the truth, his client educated him in how to lie.

It is not my intention to have a personal debate with that lawyer, only to correct what he is wrongly saying. I have no personal interests in this case, just the intention of finding a solution based on the truth of what happened to Natalee.

Tacopina accused me of "leaking" documents, as if he's become a gypsy who can read the past, present and future in a crystal ball. No, Mr. Tacopina, at the DIARIO we were the last to receive the documents that we are now analyzing. He also accused me of "fabricating" witnesses (at the dump, the gardener), while the truth is that an American ex-secret service agent discovered them and handed them over to the police, not I! His third lie was that I have something personal against Paulus because of his involvement in a case of some family members of mine. Nothing can be further from the truth than that, because until this case exploded, I wasn't aware of the existence of Paulus; not I nor the majority of the Aruban people.

I understand why Tacopina must try to deviate the attention from his client and to focus only what is good in him (of course he has good as well as bad!). That Joran is a good student? Without doubt. That he is a good athlete? Completely correct! That he hasn't ever done anything wrong? False! That he is a "model" to be imitated? False!

Tacopina must be used to employing "scare-tactics" in the U.S. against anyone standing in his way of imposing the "sanctity" of his clients, but with me he is quite mistaken! He does not intimidate me and he is not going to impose a muzzle on my mouth either! What I know to be true I will continue to expose, whether he likes it or not.

What I don't like about the interviews I have given on some channels is that they ALWAYS give Tacopina the last word! Why? Why don't I ever get that chance, and it is in this column that I have to bring forward the counterparts?

I respect Tacopina's intent to defend his client; I have consideration for all his attempts to wash him clean and paint him white, but not at my expense! And, as I brought forward in the beginning, I am not going to sustain a debate with him, because I am not interested in that, and furthermore, it is not going to provide a solution to the case either. We have to maintain ourselves true to the facts and not try to deviate from them trying (as he does) to slander anyone who can bring the truth forward.

Tacopina has problems with the witnesses that his compatriot brought forward? Let him take them up with him, not with me. Furthermore, the testimony of the gardener has remained valid until now! He confirmed it before the judge! He passed a lie-detecting test with success! Nothing of what he said has been contradicted with solid proofs to this day! The witness at the dump we discarded when he did not pass a lie-detecting test.

Now Tacopina wants to use his other tactic, that of "intimidation", threatening to sue anyone who speaks badly about his client! Well, let him prepare all the cases he wants, they are not going to oblige us to "speak well" of his client. When Joran himself gives a categorical demonstration that he wants to tell us the truth, we will change our opinions of him. Until today there is one concrete fact that neither Tacopina nor all his tactics have been able to change: it is in the company of Joran that Natalee disappeared! No one knows until today how Joran got to his home that early morning! He says that Deepak or Satish picked him up on the beach, but both have vehemently denied picking him up! It is also present on the tape-recording! Maybe Tacopina can give us a rational explanation about his return home from the beach.

When Deepak states that if they find the girl, Joran is facing 15 years in prison, he is not referring to a minor breakage of the law! In Aruba the only crime that carries such a high prison term is murder! As far as my knowledge of the law goes, there is no other legal infraction that carries such a high prison term.

On the day that Joran tells us exactly what happened to Natalee, I will change my opinion of him; meanwhile, it remains as negative as usual, without my paying attention to Tacopina's threats. And I don't go to the market where you can buy cheap phrases like "he left her alone on the beach", or "the girl became sick and wanted to be alone". You don't abandon even a dog in those circumstances, much less a human being! And I am not buying the stories that Joran "left Natalee at the Holiday Inn", or that they "went for a ride to see the sharks" behind the lighthouse (who goes to see sharks at that hour of the night, and at a place not habitually visited by sharks?); at least tell us a lie that they went to Boca Mahos, a place on the north-east coast frequented by sharks, not behind the lighthouse!

And whatever happened to the t-shirt (uniform) of VCB found more than 10 months ago? I heard Tacopina mention that they found a lot of forensic evidence on that t-shirt! The truth is that no evidence whatsoever was found on that t-shirt, not even old traces of blood. Why have they come up with that story now I don't know, but it doesn't fit the truth that we know about the case.

I hope with all my heart that Joran will turn out to be innocent, for his own good and that of his family, but, please, prove it to me with rationality, not attempts of intimidation or threats.

With that, Tacopina is not going to heaven, and his client less yet. All it can provoke from DIARIO is the revelation of many compromising things (photos included), that we will not hesitate to publish, to show that his client is not exactly a "model" worthy of imitation. If it's a campaign from DIARIO against Paulus and Joran the lawyer is asking for, he is not knocking on the wrong door!

Finally, his threat that he will "attend Mansur later", doesn’t worry me in the least. He can "attend" me whenever he wants to, but I will not receive him with crossed arms! I also have his clients (Paulus and Joran) to attend to, not later, but now! I will let Tacopina decide what he wants for his clients: a fair treatment or an attack without limitations and without consideration. We know a lot more than Tacopina believes and that we have been unwilling to reveal up to now.

We have a saying in Papiamento that in many cases turns out to be true: if you continue to scratch, you will produce many things to smell.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jossy.. he's da man!

blackhawk said...

Excellent work!!
If Joe T. wants to start sueing he will be opening a nasty can of worms...To be honest if Joe T. was a wise lawyer he and his clients would be laying low and just taking care of business in the court house...the more he talks on TV, he only disturbs people even more so just as his client did with his interviews...In my opinion I think he is his own worst enemy as sloot is...throwing dirt and mud will not help his client now...only the stone cold truth will set everything right but in the end we will still have lost Natalee Ann Holloway...Joe T. the next time you refer to Natalee please use her name and don't just call her ""the girl"" She is/was a fellow citizen of yours and proper respect will harm no one.. thank you..

Anonymous said...

Go Jossy Don't let them scare you off.

Anonymous said...

just had a thought about the sharks: most lies contain a morsel of truth, why would joran even mention sharks? i spent a week in aruba 2 years ago, seeing sharks is not something one thinks of doing, especially at 1 in the morning! i now suspect her body was taken out to sea off Boca Mahos. possible witnesses on that side of the island? i wish i could offer $500,000! maybe that's enough to get out from under "the house."

Anonymous said...

Talking about scandals, Joe T might have sex with one of Joran's girls in Aruba. Joran called up her girlfriends and told them to take him to the beach to have a fun time.

Anonymous said...

As reported on QT in the Chicago Sun Times:
Slow news day