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June 23, 2005

Your Honor:

In the abovementioned matter, I inform you, partly referring to your telephone conversation of today, the following: As discussed before, it is the concern of the family of the now missing girl Miss Natalee Holloway to remain informed as much as possible and the circumstances about the criminal procedure which is taking place in relation to the disappearance.

We have been hired as attorneys, to represent and support the family as the wronged party, but also to facilitate the information stream from the Justice Department and also to bring over the answers to the questions as good as possible and in the correct context. The family is convinced that the investigation apparatus under the leadership of the Justice Department is hard at work to bring the case to a solution. However, at this moment the family has questions about the events that took place inmediately after the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and if some people were interrogated; either as a witness or informant.

The following is relevant to this:

Mr and Mrs. Twitty - Holloway received Monday, May 30th, 2005, around 12 pm local time a the first message that their daughter was missing. After placing a few calls, it seemed that this message was really serious, because Natalee was indeed nowhere to be found. They immediately arranged everything to come to Aruba as fast as possible and arrived in Aruba around 11pm Aruban time.

At the airport the parents were met with Mr. Alberto Groeneveld and Claudio Eldridge of Universal Aviation Aruba N.V. a ? company for private jets. The parents departed inmediately to the Holiday Inn Hotel. They were awaited there by Mr. Paul Lilly, one of the chaperones of the travelgroup and Mr. Eric Williams, an American ex-DEA agent and a friend of the family.

Because the parents had the feeling that something serious must have happened to Natalee, they began the search themselves. From the two cousins of Nathalee who were with her in Aruba, a description was received of Joran van der Sloot, since it was heard from others of Natalee's group that he was seen leaving with her from Carlos & Charlie's, the previous night.

Next the parents travelled to Carlos & Charlie's, to get a view of the situation in the hopes of getting any useful information. This must have been around 1:30 am on May 31st. From Carlos & Charlie's the group went to Valero Boulevard. There Mr. Charles Croes introduced himself as a clairvoyant (What is that about? He runs the cell phone he's a clairvoyant? More LIES.)

They returned to the Holiday Inn. With cooperation from the night manager they received and viewed the casino tapes, because Joran would have gambled there before. Indeed he was recognized on one of the tapes. Information was also searched for along the beach. In the meantime Mr. Alberto Groeneveld had received information that the silver car where Natalee was last seen departing from Carlos & Charlie's had been spotted at a house in Montanja.

After that, the group went to the Noord police station, where two agents rode together with the group to the house in Montanja. This was the house of Mr. Paul van der Sloot and his family. The silver car apparantly was not there anymore. After the police had looked around and attracted attention, Paul van der Sloot came outside. He was told the reason for this midnight visit, whereupon Paulus let it be known that his son Joran was not at home at the moment. He called his son, who according to him was in the Wyndham Casino. According to that information they departed with the two police officers and Paul van der Sloot to the Wyndham.

When arrived there, Joran was not to be found. It had been witnessed that Mr. Van Der Sloot had a conversation on his cellular phone that was could not be understood. When Joran was not to be found, his father called him again and he seemed to be at home. According to Joran, he went home because there was police at his house. The personnel of the casino informed, after he was shown a picture of Natalee, she was seen just before in the casino.

Afterwards the group went again to the house of Mr. Van Der Sloot. When the group arrived there the silver car was there. The door on the driver's side was open. Joran approached the group, with Deepak Kalpoe at his side, and began talking to the police officer. Seeing the clothes that he had on at that moment, it did not appear that he had just before been in a casino.

Afterwards Joran wanted to approach Mrs. Holloway, but interestingly enough, Mr. Van Der Sloot informed him several times that he did not have to or should say anything, even that he should shut his mouth. Deepak also said that Joran shouldn't say anything. According to Joran, he wanted to talk because he wanted to help find Natalee. This last took place in front of the police officers, together with Mr. Charles Croes, Alberto Groeneveld and his colleague Claudio Eldridge.

Then Joran began to tell that he that he indeed left Carlos & Charlie's together with the Kalpoe brothers and Natalee the night before. They had supposedly gone to the lighthouse on the western side of Aruba, and dropped Natalee around 2:00 am at the Holiday Inn. It is also understood by Claudio that Mr. Van Der Sloot said that he picked up Joran around 4:00 am close to McDonald's.

Afterwards Joran told what kind of sexual acts he did with Natalee. The family noticed that Joran behaved in an arrogant and challenging way. The previously named actions took place between 11pm on May 30th 2005 and 4 am the following morning.

What comes next is the questions that the family wants answers to:

1) Has Mr. Groeneveld been interrogated about the times?

2) Has Mr. Eldridge been interrogated?

3) Why has Jug Twitty been interrogated?

4) Did the police notice that the clothes were unsuitable for somebody who had just been in the casino?

5) Has it been confirmed that Joran has been in the casino? This because a personnel of the casino had mentioned that he had seen Natalee .

6) Has Charles Croes been interrogated?

7) Is it true that Mr. Kalpoe owns a 'koei' [Maybe they mean a 'kooi', which is a cage?!]

8) Has it been established that Joran told his father in the presence of the group that he was first in the Wyndham and then in the Raddisson and afterwards he went home?

9) Has there been any forensic evidence and if so, where?

10) What does the Justice Department base their reasonable suspicion on, other than statements of the suspects?

11) Are there other people that are considered suspects or is the Justice Department only focusing on these suspects?

12) It seems that Joran's Headmaster said to Jug Twitty that Joran said that Natalee had drowned . Have these people been interrogated?

The last request is to inform the family when searches are going on, so that they can prepare themselves in case something is found.

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