May 08, 2006


This is an excerpt from International School of Aruba, Vol. 6, Issue 2, dated April 29, 2005. The school also used the month of MAY to reiterate 'responsibility'.

The irony is absolutely chilling. This newsletter came out EXACTLY one month to the day that Natalee disappeared. Maybe Anita should have been reading the newsletter as well...considering she teaches there! What hypocrisy!

At least Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway instilled these qualities into Natalee. I can't say much for Joran's parents. His mother Anita reminds me of Scott Peterson's mom when she screamed at the cameras, "Scott is innocent!".

Now Anita shouts, "Joran is a good boy!"

Paulus is a pseudo "father" (and I use the word father very loosely) who lets Joran do whatever he wants; allows him, maybe even encourages him towards vices such as excessive drinking, gambling, womanizing. Voila! Paulus raised a sociopath.

Guidance Office News--Responsibility, Responsibility

Developing character in each student is an object of ISA. ISA is using the month of MAY to remind students and staff about the value of RESPONSIBILITY. It is important that each student knows the meaning of being responsible and tries to incorporate into his/her character.

Being responsible means that you do what you are supposed to do and you always do your best. It also means you're self disciplined, you use self control, you think before you act by considering all the consequences, you're accountable for your choices, and you always keep on trying without giving up.

During May, ISA is having a contest dealing with the idea of responsibility. Students are asked to enter a representation of this theme. The theme of responsibility can be demonstrated in any form that the student creates such as: a poem, story, picture, theme paper, play, poster, bulletin board, door decoration, etc.

Parenting--The Hardest Job of all!

This month our discussion of the book, How Good Parents Raise Great Kids, the Six Essential Habits of Highly Successful Parents, Warner Books, Inc., New York, NY, June 1996.

Discipline was really not an issue for the parents interviewed as they leaned towards the firmer side instead of permissive. As Zig Ziglas said, "If you are out to win a popularity contest with you child, you're in trouble!" Kids need freedom within very specific guidelines. This will teach children self-reliance.

Kids don't need the strict disciplinarian style of the 1920's, but they also don't need the permissiveness of the 1990's with the feeling of life's a party! Use discipline consistently and courageously.

...Use verbal reasoning and not demeaning language. Help your child to reason and develop self esteem that will inoculate them against peer pressure. Children develop an ability to make decisions only if they are allowed to interact with their parents.

Don't do for children what they can do for themselves! Refuse to pamper kids and don't accept half-hearted work. Effort matters most. Teach your child to try and not be a slacker. Parents can "raise the bar" as kids excel.

Remember that the delayed gratification builds character! Let kids earn money for things they really want.

The chapter concludes with the one aspect of child rearing that is perhaps parents' greatest downfall: overprotection. If kids are stifled, they can't grow. Kids are much tougher than you think.


Anonymous said...

The ISA parents' responsibilities are teach their kids to use condoms when sex. Dutch law is the most liberal in the modern times. As long as the chidren don't get STD, they are fine. The Dutch law approves same sex marriage, inner marriage (incest?) and underage marriage, espicailly in favor of older women marrying young teenage kids. In Holland, women live much longer than men among the Muslim population. The Islam law allows youngsters to take on as many wives as possible including their own sisters and mothers to protect their estates of cattles and houses.

blackhawk said...

Wow,good article! It kinda represents Aruba well to ALL talk and no honest action's....Its almost a year now since Natalee Ann Holloway has gone missing and Aruba doesn't seem to be accepting responsibility for this criminal act...We have watched this play out like a very bad movie...I won't go into all the details again because we know them is a farce,a facade,nothing true or honest only lies and more one of the kalpoes said,"With lies there is no proof"".... I think we know what he meant by that statement,it needs no explanation does it...All I can say is, I won't quit, the truth is there and we will find it...and then they will pay for their crimes!!