May 26, 2006


by Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

Yesterday I posted some pretty incendiary comments regarding the Dutch and the Arubans. I have no regrets about what I said but I will take back the extreme generalization of some of my comments.

I'm sure that not ALL Dutch and Arubans are evil. Unfortunately, the ones we have been exposed to as of late are, so my words have to stand. I also want to correct my comment about the Dutch giving us Hans Christian Anderson....they didn't...they gave us tulips, wooden clogs, dikes, windmills, and Joran van der Sloot. I would have preferred Hans to Joran any day.

I am angry with the way this case has been handled and about how the lies and constant arrests have gone down. I DO understand the differences in the laws of our countries because I have spent HOURS reading about them. That doesn't make me any less angry because no matter what a country's law is there is a way to handle an investigation and a way not to handle one.

The Arubans have completely messed up from day one and NO difference in laws can alter or change that fact. The police force on Aruba is a nepotistic bunch of bozos who don't seem to know their heads from their behinds and if anyone needs further proof...just read the Internet and what has transpired up to this point in time at the hands of the ALE.

I believe that favors have been called in, evidence ignored and truth thrown to the junkyard dogs on the Aruban landfill, where Natalee Holloway is concerned. I also believe that this was deliberate and continues to be so. I would be thrilled to be convinced otherwise and proven wrong but I doubt that will happen in this lifetime because you can't turn a sows ear into a silk purse and the ALE is most definitely of the sows ear variety when it comes to investigating the disappearance of a young girl.

It's not that big of a place...they know who everyone is...where everyone is..they know what happened to Natalee Holloway and of that I am completely convinced. No matter how much her parents want answers...deserve answers....need answers...those clowns will not allow them to have any resolution and they have KNOWN from the beginning that they never would.

Joe T., Arlene, Julia, Rudy Croes, Dompig, Jacobs, Vander Stratton, et al will NEVER allow the truth to come out because they simply have way too much to lose. Joran will never stop lying and the Kalpoe's will remain silent. The people who may have aided and abetted them will also keep silent.

This is the most frustrating case I have ever seen or read about and those feelings are shared with many others. This is cruelty beyond comprehension for Natalee's family and for Natalee herself, who has been disparaged, trashed and blamed for her own disappearance.

The guilty will remain guilty and unpunished and the innocent will never know the truth so the powers that be on Aruba have succeeded in what they set out to accomplish from the very beginning. What we are left with is a sad family, missing a child, and a bunch of hateful individuals who post disgusting words and images on the Internet.

Justice???? Where did it go?
It certainly didn't take a vacation break on the Island of Aruba.


Anonymous said...

Aruba has turned itself into a bad name and a bad joke in the marketplace. They said Aruba is some Ameaba, some kind of low life form of worms. The asshole and mouth are all of the same opening. Joe T is a predatory Ameaba. He sucks in Joran and gurgles out poisons to all people who say Joran is a rapist murderer liar. All we need from the Judge is her determination and approval to accept the civil case into the court system, and we American people will take care of Joran and Joe T. We don't see why is all that difficult for us to pick up Joran from Holland and fly him into NYC for the trial. Natalee is our true reason for this new war against the sex predators and promotors like Joran and Joe T. On this Memorial Day, we all Americans will bring Joran and Joe T. to justice. There are sources in Holland peoples court saying that Joran and Joe T. are connected to the illegal gambling and money transfers through the Aruba Central Bank.

Anonymous said...

This is a sad and infuriating case of gross incompetence gone wild. Never would I associate this terrible tale of Aruban coverup and ego protection with Dutch and Frisian cultures- - old cultures that have been around since 500 AD. Some of the most productive cultures in art, music, science, engineering, and western thought.

similar ethnic cultures, ancient highly productive

Anonymous said...

Dear Meri,

Keep writing! Hang in there.
Don't let the dark side get to you. Stay focused on why you are here and don't let anyone take you off track. That's what they want...they want you to get frustrated. They want you to give up. You are a powerful advocate for Natalee, and I love reading your posts. You are a good, honest, passionate writer and a fantastic advocate for Natalee and her family. Keep writing, Meri...
you are motivating me...and so many others to pick up our pens ( or keyboards)..and find a way to support the cause of JUSTICE FOR NATALEE! Thank you for all you are doing to shed the light of truth on Natalee's story. Don't let anyone snuff out your candle, Meri. Your light is refreshing, bold, honest and straight from the heart! But don't let anyone take you off track either. Don't waste your valuable and precious time being drawn in to the den of hatred created by those intent on hatred and evil over at that other site that spits venom for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are not worthy of your valuable time! Instead, stay focused with your eyes on Natalee, her mother, and her father and new ways that you so creatively can write about her story. They want you to become distracted. They want you to get thrown off, don't give them what they want. You have so much to offer and so much to say! I look forward to reading more of your posts...(I also really enjoy reading Deetch...another passionate,and good honest writer)!
Know this, Meri: have a Meri blogger supporter on your side...with many more (I believe)in the trenches...being called through your courage, and the courage of Deetch, to step forward and pick up a pen,...(or a keyboard)...and write!
Thanks, Meri! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Anonymous said...

No single person ,is to blame for what happened to Natalee.
If you can offer a greater reward,and imunity from prosecution,and asylum.
Then,and only then will you get the answers you want.
Make it happen,or shutup

Anonymous said...

Joe T is getting very mad about the Judge decided to let the civil case go forward. The NATO Marine Military Police Headquarter in Hague promised to capture Joran and bind him over to the New York Supreme Court for the trial. Joran is regarded as a serious threat to the security of Europe. He has to potential to become the next Hitler. He is such an accomplished liar like Hitler.

Anonymous said...

The Globe tabloid revealed the Hit and Run theory about Natalee's disappearance a year ago in Aruba. The Da Vinci Code "Hit and Run" identifies Joran as the "Joran Hitler" and the Kalpao brothers as the "Kalpoe Runners". This is a very serious matter. The whole EU is going to blockade Holland and imprison the "New Hitler" Joran. Joran is the only person who talks about Hitler so often in all his interviews. Somebody in International School of Aruba said Joran got an A in Hitler's history course. Anita was the teacher of that Hitler class.

Anonymous said...

the people of Aruba allow the crimes of aruba to continue.....governmmnt sanctioned crack houses. prostitution, money laundering, sex trade......a corrupt police force, a corrupt legal system.....the list goes on and on.....they are NOT innocents....they turn their head so they can get their pie of the pie....and now their msot precious commodity...tourisn is on the decline and the decline will continue...the only thing the people of aruba can do now to save their little rock is to give up the truth...stop protecting criminals.....GIVE US NATALEE....

Davida L. said...

So much for the boycott. Jet Blue just announced a partnership with aruba and will now have daily flights in and out of Aruba. Arubans were celebrating this last night with Jet Blue execs. It's a big win for the island. Obviously not everyone hates Aruba!!

Anonymous said...

An airline can announce flights...the problems occur when they try to fill the seats.....;-) or until another young woman is drugged, kidnapped, raped and murdered......and if Jet Blue puts one little bit of advertising out that says anything or even hints that aruba is a safe island I hope they get sued!!

Kenneth said...

They're advertising all over New york right now about starting daily trips to Aruba. I think they're just gearing up to go national soon.

Anonymous said...

Aruba needs to wake up and do what is right.Its disgusting and sad what happened to Natalie and as a parent feel the whole investigation is a joke..I would not go to aruba ever after what happened and the people that do should be ashamed of themselves because they only care about themselves..which is half the world..But remember everyone will eventually pay for their selfishness and nobody will be ruled out!