May 26, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

On the Refugees message board I noticed that Joe Tacopina gave those idiots an interview. WTF???? Has he bothered to look at the content over there? Does he realize what those morons stand for and what they say? Is this the same Joe T. who continually tries to portray himself as a compassionate person who has deep feelings of sadness for the Holloway/Twitty families?

Gee, Joe, don't you have a secretary in your office who can peruse things for you before you run off half-cocked and give interviews to creeps who post vile words and pictures? Are you a one-man office? I thought you were some big-shot lawyer who could afford help. What, no Paralegals or even a switchboard operator who could check these things out for you before you make a complete fool of yourself?

Maybe instead of the morons on those hate sites starting a legal fund for your client Joran, they should start one for you. Maybe they can help you raise enough money to hire an assistant with two eyes and a computer who could check out the places that you select to bless with your presence?

Tacopina, you are as bad as those people on your special message board. You have proven to me that you ARE the joke that the legal community thinks you are. Take some time off from your "talking-head" job on the various cable news shows and go and read what the people you thought highly enough of to give an interview to have to say. You will be so proud of yourself after you realize that you contributed to a site where worthless, lost souls post and where between ALL of them there exists not one working brain cell.

On second thought...maybe that's exactly where you belong.


Markos V said...

Well, if i'm in legal trouble i'd pick Joe Tacopina over JQK any day. after all the New york times says that
Joe Tacopina is to criminal law, the same way Donald Trump is to real estate! Doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

dennisintn said...

have you thought of the possibility that taco's secretary is posting to refugees? taco may even be paying his help to post there as part of the "defense package".

Anonymous said...

Still no news from the New York City Supreme Court on the Natalee Civil Case against Joran. When Joran and Joet are lying and manacing across the global, if the NYCS Judge decides to dismiss the civil case, she will be so unAmerican, unpatriotic and unRepublic on this coming Memorial Day rememberance of our soldiers died for the Dutchies and the Arubans in WW2. I will not imagine the Judge will let Joran and Joet go free without setting for a trial. These two morons are murdering liars. If she does release them, she will be a scorned woman for the rest of her life. She will never have her own kids and grandkids.

Anonymous said...

He isn't handling a criminal trial though unless he has license to practice in Aruba.. He's handling the civil trial.. and Donald Trump is a bloated self centered egotist.. He has to hang on to the young girls so he can pretend he's 20 instead of 60. Of course they don't mind when they have money????? He's went bankrupt how many times now?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Markos but you couldn't afford Joe Taco, but than again neither can Joran or Paulas. Makes you wonder who is paying the bills!
I know one person on that island that has Joe T. on retainer. Guess Who!!!!!!!!!!!

blackhawk said...

I disagree with you Markos V.

Joe T. is more vocal and confrontational and puts on a very good show for the public consumption on news programs...but at the same time he polarizes his clients as well as himself...Either you love him or hate him...Plus this case has many potential benefits for Mr.tacopina via possibly a book or movie and not counting the speaking engagements for a Fee at lets say some high profile colleges or similiar venues...these are all positive's for him even if he loses this case...and of course law suits...I believe John Kelly is a better straight forward lawyer and more low keyed and conservative and will not seek more than justice for his client...He to will reap many benefits from this case as well because that is the nature of the beast best known as capitalism...In my opinion I truly believe that joran van der sloot and the kalpoe brothers are involved in the disappearance of Natalee Ann this day their storys don't add up which equates to lies still being is just a matter of time before we know what really happened that night...this case will never get cold here in America we just won't allow it to!

Michelle said...

Well said Blackhawk! Don't forget...Joe T. is a CRIMINAL attorney and JQK is a civil attorney. Two different types of practice. And yes, both of their demeanors are totally polar opposite-- which could work against Joe T., because the Judge is a woman. Maybe she doesn't like the pushy, "I'm a man! Grrrr!" type of guys that Joe T. poses himself as.

You know what? He's really just a coward and a shallow human being.

No respect here. Besides, most attorneys are assholes. ;)

Anonymous said...

The one thing I notice about Joe T when he talks is he just seems real nervous, talks real fast like his heartrate is way up- probably due to all the stress he is imposing on himself with all the lies. He cannot fool even himself and it shows in his nervous demeanor.

Anonymous said...

No matter what you guys here think ,

Joe T is simply the best !

blackhawk said...

LOL!!! Well said Michelle...kinda reminds us of the old joke...What do you call a thousand lawyers on the bottom of the ocean??

A good start!!!

All we need is one good break and of course a honest and thorough police dept.[Dutch team of investigators without local connections to the suspects themselves]

Anyway we won't quit and thats the honest truth...There is no way in good conscience to forget about this case and Natalee Ann Holloway and her family!!

medleyrelay said...

Well I happen to think Joe is the best thing that happened to my boy Joran. Before Joe the slander and the libel against this young man were at record levels - an example would be this blog - now there are some that are hesitating to speak ill agains Joran - Joe is smart enough to realize that this case has been on line and researched on line perhaps more than normal cases. There are two factions the protwitty sites that worship Beth to extreme and actually think that Jossy is a God and knows the truth - then there are sites like Refugees, Scrux, FOB and TUS that accept both opinions and have hundreds of posters and administrators like Roger that are constantly only seaking the truth. when some of us contact Joe we are trying to make him awared of these new truths and Joe is intelliegent enough to appreciate our efforts. His staff might be legally trained but it would be challenging to jump into a case like this months later and quickly come up to spead with all of the players - I would think impossilbe for legal people in Joe's fine office! So you can rip on Joe all you want I am so impressed with him and what he has done he has my upmost respect! I would imagine too that JQK gets most of his information from the SM and BFN sites - so does that make JQK foolish - no of course not. Some of you just like to find fault with everything and that is why this case remains unsolved - too much tunnel vision and not enough willingness to thoroughly investigate other people.

dennisintn said...

well, new "truths" in the natalee holloway case seem to be history rewrites concerning whatever new lies jvds has made up and whatever paulus and anita and julia "glenda" have made up to replace the old lies that didn't fly.

Anonymous said...

I love reading comments such as medleyrelay's above...her boy joran and her statement we contact joe .....yea right...I am so glad there are sites such as RU that taco joe can get his mis-information from...if he was a decent human being and or a competent attorney he 1.) would never have agreed to take the case and then lie and say it was pro bono - and then open a defense fund.....and 2.) if he ever read RU, he would certainly stop and think about any information relayed by people with so much HATE in their many simple minded people with a need to seem important that they resort to making up 'sources' so they can relate information, they themselves, glean for other reliable sources on the Internet.....who are so ignorant that they are taken in by julia refro posting as glenda....a scorned woman who would love to be a real reporter...but hasn't the ability or the who thank God, Beth Holloway recognized as an incompetent early on and dropped like a hot potato.. keep on feeding the taco man your mis-information.....I love it@@

dennisintn said...

medley reminds me of the women who write to and fall in love with people like scott peterson. very strange tastes when it comes to picking friends and lovers.

Atri O said...

I think the Holloway/Twity clans must soon enter the planet called reality. It's a tough place for people like them. They'll have to realize that they'll never see their daughter again and probably never find the answers they want. Not all cases get solved. Chandra Levey, Tara grinstead, molly bish etc etc That's just how it is. You can spend the rest of your life looking and blaming and raning and raving but ultimately you'll never know jack. As time goes on and the public cares less and less about this one missing girl from Alabama, the world is moving on. The Holloways have had a year of unprecedented media coverage and examination and they are no closer now than they were a year ago. Even Adolpho and Dompig have recently said that there is NO forensic evidence at all against anyone. Hell, Adolpho said, there's no forensic evidence that a crime was ever committed!!

Anonymous said...

atri o....if dompig hadn't been in charge..ther would be forensic evidence...the criminals would have been charged, tried and convicted.....but with people like dompig aand jacobs running the ALE...they can and did make evidence you can stop slapping yourself and them on the back for what they say/ far as the Holloway/Twitty FAMILY ....they have been slapped with more reality than any one family should ever have to be subjected to!

Anonymous said...

atri o, you're an idiot, plain and simple.
Why do you suppose that the world is so angry with your lovely friends in Aruba? Of course there is no evidence to convict, it was all conveniently misplaced. There are so many good people in this world who will see to it that the case will always be out there til Natalee(this one missing girl) is laid to rest here.
Always hear these words and wonder why it was necessary to say them:NO BODY, NO CRIME.