May 25, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

This is why the world is going to hell. The anti-American comments posted by the Dutch, and the corrupt Arubans are very reflective of the attitude held by not only the Dutch, the French and others who hate Americans because they have no values and are cowards. When it comes time to bail their asses out of another war they will come crying to the USA once again and when it's over they will continue to bash us because they resent the fact that they can't take care of their own business and because they have such low moral values.

I pity these people and pray that they will STAY in their own delusional countries and leave ours alone. Let the Dutch go smoke their weed in their little cafes and live their lives pretending that they stand for something. They don't and never have. The only good thing to have come from Holland was Hans Christian Anderson.

Bash us all you like...WE know who we are and the proof of that is in the caring and devotion that we show to our own people when they are suffering as is the case with Beth and Dave. We care about each just throw flames. I pity you.

As for Aruban tourism going UP...are you insane? Read the stats and weep. If you are going to believe liars and shills like Julia you are deluding yourselves or you are just plain lying...but that seems to be a national trait (just look at Joran, Paulus and the other Dutch suspects in this case). You people have lying down to a fine art. Keep it on your Island and in your country...we don't want it or need it here.

In addition, I observed a disgusting picture of Beth Twitty on The Refugees site and I wonder how those people manage to exist. I, along with others are going to do EVERYTHING within our power to bring down that site and its ugliness. You don't have to like Beth and you don't have to care about Natalee...NO ONE is asking that of you.

What you DO have to do is show some kind of decency on the Internet and not participate in hate speech or photos. That is something that will NOT be tolerated.

Your site is filled with hate and disrespect for women and that picture of Beth proves it. How can ANY female allow that type of crap to be posted without speaking up and objecting to it? What if it were you who was the object of scorn and hatred? What if it were your picture being so blatantly misrepresented? What if it were your mother or your sister?

Self-respect and self-esteem are two qualities that the women of the Refuges site and others of it's ilk seem to have none of. I don't care who the object of your scorn is, you have no decency and no brains and you need to be stopped from polluting the Internet with your crap. Have your opinions about the Holloway case, that's your right, but you have gone too far and it needs to stop.

Who posted that piece of crap picture of Beth? Was it some teenaged boy? Do the females among you approve of this sort of behavior? If you don't, then speak up and make them take down that horrible, gross example of the trashing of women. I can't believe that ALL of you think that this is acceptable. I call on anyone who cares about other human beings to do something to try and stop this site from continuing to spread their vile garbage.

I don't usually single out countries or people in such a non-specific way and I feel that doing so is usually wrong. USUALLY.....I am tired of the bashing and the constant lies that have come from both Holland and Aruba since this case began. I am sick of the delusional individuals who refuse to show even the slightest amount of compassion for a sad and tragic family who lost so much.

If I believed that these people who continue to take shots at everything Holloway/Twitty and everything American had any sort of redeeming qualities I would never make such statements as I posted above but I see NO compassion and I see NO empathy and that makes me sick. People devoid of these qualities are not human to me and they deserve no consideration whatsoever; I stand by my remarks despite the nasty comments that I surely expect to receive for stating my opinion.

It's been a long time in coming and well deserved by those I am aiming my words at. Shame on you. You are no better than the person who murders without a conscience. You are no better than a low life creature who is unable to think and feel.


Anonymous said...

That's what those ditch rats (moles?) Dutchies and Arubans do in the morning hours. These creepy creatures raid the garbage bags and rathole all the scumbags under the tree roots and kill the trees. Last evening I was mowing in my front yard, it was thundering and about to rain heavily. I saw some weeds growing tall alongside the ditch and so ran my mower mulcher down there to take care of them. These are all the normal Americans would do, get rid of those weeds. My mower was mulching the weeds passionately. She is a good groundkeeper and does a clean job.
Under the cloudy darken skies, there was a big thunder and lightning. My mower started to choke and mulching heavily and grinding on something and halted the motor. So I backed out the machine to the roadside, and I saw something falling off from under my mulcher, a dark hairy tail and a long leg bone and a small part of a ratty nose with one eyeball and white fatty skins clinking to it. That's what's left of that random lost ditch rat. Obviously the big thunder noise bolted him out of their refugee hole underground and met its fate. That accident kinda reminded us all the people in the whole world, that is how these Dutch and Aruban liars, cowards and murderers are all going to end up as the roadside kills. No doubt about it. They fed themselves. When the rain stopped, I came out there and look, all the meat and bones were gone. My goosh!

Rae said...

I always love to read what you have to say!
The Refugees site makes me sick to my stomach. Of course the female posters not only approve of it but condone it. In fact, in reading half of the posts, they are the most insulting! I'd love to see them go away but they won't. I do love to read how they just loooove Taco Joe; I picture them with the drool running down their chins! And how excited they get when he quotes them. The enjoyment they get out of that is comical!!! FTR..Taco has nothing on Joe M in the looks department!

I support Beth and Dave 100%! I cant understand the double standard thats going on? The people that are so up in arms over the so called slander and lies are the same people, that every chance they get, are spewing out the vile untruths!

Anonymous said...

Hans Christian Andersen was from Denmark you twit

Anonymous said...

That site is disgusting just like the sick twisted welfare collecting hags that post on it. All of them are cowards and that site should be shut down. It wouldn't be the first time they've been shut down. The moderator Victims Cry should be held responsible first off. Lawsuit waiting to happen. Also, the woman that call themselves "mothers" over there should have their children taken away. They neglect them day in and day out to post vile hate towards anyone they feel like it. Most of them have criminal backgrounds and are collecting welfare..CUT THEM OFF AT THEIR CANKLES NOW.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be the first time they've been closed down. I'm helping shut them down as well. Enough. They are all disgusting and how dare they call themselves "mothers" over there. Welfare collecting losers who neglect their kids to spew hate day and night. They do it because they think they can hide. Well no more, they are all getting exposed. Names and addresses to follow for all of them. The first one who should be sued is the moderator (COWARD LIVING W/9CATS) is Victims Cry. You can't run far enough VC. Time for you to pay for your sins.

dennisintn said...

meri, nice job, and well over-due.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Meri. I don't read that site or any other hate sites. All those evil people want is attention.
I was told by someone that CTV closed down the Natalee Holloway thread again. That is like the 10th time it's been closed because of the rejectees.
If you can find out who owns the reject site, I'll send in a complaint.

**All it will take for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.**

Michelle said...

Anonymous... that one. :)

Meri-Aruban Boycott Blogger said...

Joe T. is known as a criminal attorney and JQK is known as a superior CIVIL attorney. This case is CIVIL and NOT criminal so who is the better lawyer for the job?

If Joran had hired Joe T. to defend him against CRIMINAL charges he might have been correct...but in a civil suit JQK will top him every time.

Also in the other article's comments section...I stand corrected about Hans Christian Anderson..I guess that Holland hasn't contributed anything but Tulips.

Anonymous said...

We also founded New York shitty!

Michelle said...

Well guess what, the Dutch were the first to introduce SLAVERY.

Check it out loser.

Anonymous said...

this explains alot about the Dutch attitude towards the blacks. Aruba is one of their last strongholds. They just think they have some nice little island they can do whatever the hell they like and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Meri, Michelle, if you were here I'd hug your neck for saying what all of us monkeys feel and have been saying all along.
I don't even respond to people who are so far below us in every respect. I can picture the trash that finds it so necessary to use vulgar language at every turn. I'd tell them to:
Get off welfare, get a job and above all learn to speak english!!

Sasha Cohen said...

No one has to like Beth and certainly no one has to respect her. Ugly pictures and caricatures about her and the family are everywhere. They're protected and you'll not get a site shut down because you don't like the pictures or the rhetoric there. Just how it is. There are quite a few very pictures including one of Michelle and Beth. Sense of humors differ. After all this time, Beth has to know many many people don't like her and will ridicule her for the rest of her life. Take it or leave it. it's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Did Steve Cohen send you out Sasha.. as if that's your real name and not another fake nic.. from you know where.. stop being so jealous of Beth.. because she gets more air time then your "queen" does..Lots of people love Natalee's family, get over it. Ever wonder why tourism is down? Now you know.. trashing a victim.. is ok when you have no other defense.

blackhawk said...

When I stop and think about those people who make those comments and put up those pictures, IT DON'T MEAN NOTHING, I use their negativity to help push on and I'm sure Beth and Dave and all of us do the same... Are these people from Aruba you might wonder,do they live on the island,are these the people you will have to deal with if you go on vacation to Aruba...will your vacation dollars actually help support these people its an interesting thought isn't it...Does any USA citizen think that these folks would help you out if any problems occurred on your vacation....we have a very good example of what does actually happen when a USA citizen disappears don't we...By looking at those particular blogs its not to hard to understand why we can't find out the truth...I have stated this before and I will state it again, I think travel to 3rd world countries will become a thing of the can plainly see the hatred there is for US citizens and you will not get protection let alone any justice from these 3rd world countries...they have created this situation "NOT US".
All we ever have asked for is justice for Natalee Ann Holloway and her family...Its a very plain and simple request...I don't have to tell you what we have received back from Aruba... We won't quit and someday the truth will be known. I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe only regret is that Natalee won't be here to share it with her family. My prayers are with the Holloway/Twitty families.