May 20, 2006


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Joran was arrested by the Royal Dutch Police under the Queen's decree from the throne. The United Nations has critized the Queen for not doing enough to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and children. Joran was found drunk and sleeping at the doorstep of a young beautiful certified sex worker. He insisted a free service from the sex worker whie he still owed that her the
last billing charges. Joran argued about "the buy-one-get-one free" sex service package offered by the sex worker's agent. And the agent called the police, Joran was then arrested under the Queen's order. The international peace and security have been compromised by all the lies manufactured by Joran and his supporters, and lately of the American attorney Joe Tacopina. This worldwide crisis
prompts the Queen to arrest Joran and put him in bondage and ship him to the New York City Supreme Court for the civil trial to settle scores, and to restore the integrity of the Queen's holy name. The Queen's holy name is the law of the land in the Kingdom of Netherlands. Under the auspices of Judge Smid, Prosecutor Jassen and Police Commissioner Dompig, Joran trumped the the ALE and demoting the efforts of finding Natalee by his purported "beach story". More suspected accomplices of the crime against Natalee are named by the throne. The lists include the primary co-conpirators Paulus, Deepak, Satish and Koen. Many names will be added to the list soon, offenders like GVC, A.B., Freddy and Croes. Members of the Parliament are complaining to the Queen that the Kingdom is in deep crisis because their political obligations are damaged by all of Joran's lies. And the Kingdom is reaping the damages in all the civil, social and economic enjoyments under the impact of the In May 2006, three cruise ship companies had decided to abandon Aruba as their home port. The population of American tourists have dropped below 60%. This is a warning shot to the Kingdom to its reputation among the European states. At issue is the charges provoked by the United Nations on the Dutch Kingdom on the high sea sex slavery. White American women are
especially kidnapped to fill the orders of the Middle East oil rich Arabs. Many of the hostages were killed and dumped to the ocean to avoid the detection of the Interpol Coast Guards. All the sex
slavery crimes are connected and pointed back to Aruba and Joran's Pimp Gang after the extensive search of the cell phone records and Internet webmails in the last three years. There are estimated
about a hundred women were sold or killed by Joran and his evil supportors. The Queen was overtook by this disrespectfulness for human dignity done by a 15 years old Aruban teen Joran at the start of this evil damage working
against the prosperity of Dutch society and families that the Kingdom has been proud of. The United Nations says they has lost the faith in Holland Parliament to affirm the fundamental human rights with the dignity and worth to the throne. The Queen is in total disgrace.