May 21, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

Is Natalee Holloway still among the living? Let's examine the facts (those few pieces of information that we have).

Almost a year ago Natalee left a sleazy bar with three young men. They began to lie the minute that Beth Twitty discovered that they were the last known people to have seen Natalee alive.

When the first lie didn't work they switched to the beach story and it narrowed down to Joran being the last known person known to have seen Natalee alive. Soon, Joran began to point to Deepak and then Satish as having picked him up ALONE from the beach, leaving Natalee on her own and incapacitated. Both Kalpoe brothers deny that they picked Joran up. Joran somehow left his brand new shoes on the beach along with a supposedly living, breathing Natalee. The shoes AND Natalee were never seen far as we know.

Since that night there have been several arrests and several releases. All of those who have been questioned are now considered suspects on that strange Island that more resembles Wonderland than what Alice encountered when she fell down the rabbit hole.

Paulus gave free legal advice not only to his flesh and blood son but to the two Kalpoe brothers in the beginning...that is until Joran decided to accuse them of harming Natalee and rendering himself totally innocent. After all, according to Anita, Joe T. and Paulus, Joran is the perfect kid. Maybe he is simply a spoiled rotten brat who had no concern for a young woman who was probably drunk and not thinking straight? Maybe he is guilty of ONLY leaving her alone on a beach at night; a beach peopled by drug addicts (like our old friend Booty)? A beach peopled by players like Freddy and GVC and Steve Croes and God knows who else. Maybe he left her on a beach where a man existed who attempted to molest at least two other American tourists (the one who's sketch we saw).

Not a safe environment for a lone girl. Not a hopeful scenario for a future living, breathing Natalee. Whatever Joran did or didn't do this is for certain...he LIED and he left a girl alone on a beach and we have not seen her since.

The Aruban police announced that Natalee was dead and then they withdrew that claim in favor of a more placid pronouncement, "We have no evidence that a crime was committed." Weird, huh? What made them think that Natalee was dead? What made them think that Natalee wasn't dead?

There have been videos, photos and all manner of clues that seem to indicate that perhaps a body was the Aruban's have an excuse for that too? The Kalpoe brothers just happened to clean their car out with bleach AFTER Natalee was last seen in it...strange. I clean my car but not with bleach.

Art Wood found a belt that he believed was out of place on the beach. It resembled a belt that Joran was using to pretend to strangle a friend in a photo (quite the innocent boy, eh?), don't we all have such a photo in our memory books? I searched mine and could NOT find one single picture of ANYONE pretending to strangle anyone. I also could not recall EVER knowing anyone who called themselves a "Pimp" or a "Loverboy" as a mark of pride. Usually those names are reserved for hormonal teenaged boys who need to show off because they aren't mature enough to call themselves real men, men who exploit women for money or gang members.

Which of the above categories does Joran fall under?

The evidence, scant though it is, points in a sad direction and that direction does not lead me to believe that Natalee Holloway is alive. No, there is no proof of either death or life where Natalee is concerned but there IS and always will be common sense and reason and for those who possess it the time has probably come to accept the fact that Natalee is gone and the most that anyone can ever hope for is some resolution as to what happened to her.

If I am proven wrong I will rejoice along with everyone else who cares about Natalee but for the time being and until further notice I have to go with reason and common sense and leave the dreaming to others.


Anonymous said...

The New York City Supreme Court Judge has her unwavering confidence to issue her newly blessed subpoena power and she is willing to use it to call Joran and Joe Tarcopina to the stand for
depositon under oath next week. The United Nations' Landscapes and Buildings Properties Management Commission said the New York City Supreme Court "owns" Aruba. The island of Aruba is one of the Caribbean islands that the Dutch governement had tendered to the United Nations as a collateral to secure the multibillions dollars from the IMF. The NYCSC has the Aruba land titile and therefore has the Civil Forum Non Conveniens jurisdiction over the landscape of the island of Aruba. Also the UN told NYCSC that the fund diverted to build the new campus of the International School of Aruba is illegal. The school construction fund was originally approved by the UN to build a technical training school for the poor colored underclass people on the island in St. Nicolas. The UN has
just ruled the ISA as an outlaw institute. All its graduated students should not be welcome worldwide. That means Joran has to be kicked out of the business college in Holland right now.

Anonymous said...

The crisis has risen to the highest level to Holland. The Airbus Industrie cancelled the SuperJumbo Airbus trial landing at Amsterdam International Airpot due to the junk rating of the IMF by UN banks. The impounding of the 10 billions dollars civil case judgement on Aruban government by the New York City Supreme Court is sinking the whole Kingdom of Netherlands. Boeing won't sell the Dreamliner SuperCriuse to Holland either because of Natalee.

Anonymous said...

I dont beleive Joran ever left Natalee on the beach alone. What I do beleive is that something bad happened at Jorans apartment along with the Kalpoe bros. She might have been buried there for a short time but ultimately ended up in the water far enough so no one would find her.

Anonymous said...

The International School of Aruba is badly involved with the Pimps Gang. Anita and one other teacher were the sponsors to this social club in the school. PIMP stands for Phogenic Internet Media Programming. They did funny picture albums on the web. However, things took a bad turn, Joran and others enticed the underage girls to take naked cam pictures with them, and the gang sold the porno movies over the Internet. There were couple school web album pictures of Joran laughing in the school cafeteria while he was kicking the chairs with Koen. There was a long scrath or cut over his forehead.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: any sources?

wiscbelle said...

Michlle -Are circumstantial cases allowed under Dutch law?

Let's say, Natalee is found deceased in the next day/week/month in/on/around Aruba.....Will Joran and/or the Kalpoe bros. (and/or the other suspects) in this case be arrested and finally charged with her murder/disposal?

There may/won't be any forensic evidence most likely to figure her cause of death, but you will have a body. Is this enough to charge the suspects?

There is definitely enough circumstantial evidence against Joran and the Kalpoe's.

Also, let's say she is found in 3 or 4 or 5 years, after the suspects are no longer suspects due to time lapsed since Natalee's disappearance....would the case re-open and charges made?

Justice must be served!!!!!!


Michelle said...

I'd have to check on it. It's so iffy in our country, which is based on English Common law, where the Dutch law comes from the Napoleonic era.

If Scott Peterson can get convicted from almost all circumstantial evidence, then Joran should be hanged in the court of public opinion.