May 21, 2006


Guido Wever, who was a croupier (dealer) at the hotel where Natalee was staying, and has been questioned on more than one occasion while on Aruba came to Utrecht in Holland and was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murder on Wednesday of this past week. His lawyer, Gerard Spong is accused of "assisting in the murder, heavy battery and kidnapping" Natalee, and he is trying to prevent him from being extradited back to Aruba via a court hearing.

Guido is a friend of Joran van der Sloot's who is considered the main suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The Dutch will not confirm anything because they say they made the arrest at the order of the Aruban authorities. It has also been rumored that he left Aruba two weeks after Natalee's disappearance and that Arlene Schippers is his cousin.

Could he be related to Yolanda Wever? The woman in charge of the crematorium?

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Anonymous said...

Joran and JoeT are the most sick individuals on this planet so far. The Judge will make an example of them, and send a message to traveling young women not to trust any strangers. Joran and JoeT will lie to the women to make them think they were tourists from Holland and staying at the same Hiliday Inn like Natalee. Natalee was thinking she was sharing a taxi cab with them going back to the hotel. The Natalee case is transnational, and the lies of Joran and JoeT are putting a serious premeated consequence on Holland. Drastically JoeT tries to make Holland the fall guy for Joran's crimes, but this Judge is not going to let that Forum Non Conveniens happen. She is very concern about JoeT's unethical civil law practice. JoeT may be the major leak to the arrest of Guido Wever in Holland. He got that source from Joran. The Judge is going to make an announcement this week to call Joran and JoeT to appear in court together for the questioning. She is watching very carefully the developments and issues over Guido Wever's arrest, because all the data found in JoeT's filings are pointing back to Joran. There are so many of Joran's lies embedded into JoeT's affidavits. The Judge also wants to inquire JoeT about the "Law Activity Fee" he is charging on his own law office on Pro Bono, while he is receiving money from the Joran Legal Defense Fund to pay for his and his
accomplices' travel expenses to Aruba. There seems to be a very serious violation of the tax laws and designed to default the government. The Judge has determined that JoeT had it wrong on his jurisprudential prejudice to grant the foreign defendant Joran the absensence before the court, and therefore his arguments on his doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens is void. The Judge will declare the civil case is accepted by the New York City Supreme Court.