May 21, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

Last Wednesday in Utrecht, Holland in The Netherlands, a close friend and tennis partner of Joran van der Sloot was arrested. This young man who's name is Guido Wever, worked at the Casino in the Holiday Inn where Natalee was staying. He was questioned last June by the Aruban authorities and has been a suspect for sometime.

He has hired Gerard Spong, one of Holland's top lawyers to try to prevent the Dutch from sending him back to Aruba. I am hoping that his attorney is successful and that the questioning of this suspect is handled in Holland by the Dutch since I have NO faith in the Aruban police. This is the first major link between a suspect and Joran for many months.

One of the charges being brought against him is "Heavy Battery" which implies that Natalee was beaten and that would account for how she may have died. Prior to this no one mentioned the charge of "Heavy Battery" to the best of my knowledge.

Do the Aruban's know exactly what happened to Natalee? Have they retrieved her body and found that the COD was battery? Considering that Steve Croes, GVC and everyone but the Kalpoe's have disclaimed knowing Joran this could be a major break in the case.

This boy absolutely knows Joran and they absolutely hung out together. There will be much more information forthcoming by tomorrow since that is when his attorney will make an appearance in a Dutch Court on his behalf. According to Jossy Mansur, the young man has been named by more than one witness and there is testimony that he was involved in Natalee's disappearance.

Guido Wever's attorney claims that he will be easily cleared but if he stays in Holland that may not be quite as easy as it would be on Aruba where they haven't a clue how to investigate a crime. I have faith that the Dutch DO know what they are doing and that it will not be a repeat of the Keystone Kop routine that we have witnessed thus far when the Aruban officials are involved.

I am hoping that this is not another dead end and that FINALLY...right before the first anniversary of Natalee's disappearance, Beth and Dave will get some answers. They can make deals with suspects in Dutch Law, even though people like Arlene Ellis Shipper have denied this possibility. Let's hope that this boy won't be willing to take the fall for others and that he will tell what he knows. Although they are not referred to as plea bargains like they are here in the USA, they can go easier on a suspect and reduce charges if they cooperate.

Let's hope that this time we get some answers and that the people who harmed Natalee are finally brought to justice. It is long over due.


Anonymous said...

Taco joe is behind all of these new arrests. All he wants to do is keep the lime light off his lieing client joran. I do hope maybe this person really does know what happened to Natalee and the family can have some closure and finally some peace. I watched Kimberly G. on fox news with taco joe. I didn't realize what a brown nose she was until now. taco joe was his usual self acting like he is on high speed. He wanted to make sure that the news media isnt jumping the gun and starting to look at joran as they still should. Someone in the news needs to reign him in. His out of control behavior is disturbing. I hope the N.Y. Judge takes the cival case for Natalee's families. This will be the only way to get joran to finally tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will lead to something. Especially if we can keep the Aruban Government out of the picture.

blackhawk said...

Great article!! Hopefully something will come of this latest arrest...LOL...The parents are already warning they are going to sue anyone and everyone if they say a negative thing about their sweet little boy...sound familiar don't it...hehe... We shall see if this will be the straw that breaks the camels back....God willing it will be...fingers are crossed and saying a prayer!!!

Anonymous said...

he is getting out tomorrow according to JQK

Anonymous said...

I heard on the news radio today that the police went into the house of Guido today here on Aruba, they came out with some thing and confiscated his quadracer.

Anonymous said...

joran's lawyer is beyond sick. he claims he wouldnt back a client or even pick a client unless he is 100 & innnocent. cmon now. he is a lawyer. they are supposed to represent people guilty or not. so that is complete bullshit. i do beileve this new guy is involved too whether he is gay or not. i think he came to the beach when joran was raping her to make it look like she was gunna get help then started helping joran. i always had hope that natalee was alive but unfortunately i dont believe that now. i just hope her family her beautiful parents gets justice for this terrible tragedy and crime. and may the killer joran and kalpoes and this new guy rot in hell for what they did to the beautiful and smart natalee holloway. im 22 and natalee has become like a part of my family. may she rest in peace and the answers come out. god bless

Anonymous said...

We all know who would never sue anyone who says bad things about their kids.... wait, scratch that.
Will Albert beat Barry's single season record? This is the important question. I am cheering for Albert. No one like Barry for good reasons. Can you say STEROIDS?>