June 05, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

A man who used to live on Aruba has written a book about Natalee. I refuse to name him or his book because of a review that I read on Amazon.com regarding his book.

I'm going to publish the review and then I will challenge any Aruban who has been calling me prejudiced and accusing any American of being Anti-Aruban to come up with a reason why we shouldn't feel this way knowing that this review reflects how MANY of the Arubans who I have seen posting about Natalee really feel about us and her.

At the end of it they ask if the review was helpful. Yes, it was most helpful because it reinforced much of what I have been reading on the various hate sites about this case and about the Americans that Aruba claims it welcomes to their shores. Read it and think of whether or not YOU would like to go to a place where even a small percentage of the population feels this way about you. It isn't a big place and there are only around 100,000 people living there. If only 1% of them feel this way then it's all the more reason for you to stay away and BOYCOTT ARUBA.

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For years, rich American girls have been spreading lice and disease in this once paradisical tropical-paradise (actually it was an industrial hub, but anyway more tropical-paradisical than Boston, NYC or even Alabama in January). Foreign drunkards have been making hideous noise with rented motorcycles and erupted bellowing and violent from discos, bought up and speculated with local properties, to the delight of the detested island bosses, and a drug-culture has flourished. After enduring these noisome impositions for quite some time, the Arubans are astonished that rather than shouting thanks for their hospitalities, some in America have exploded in accusations and ravings, shrieking for legally sanctioned lynchings, apparently in the belief that Aruba should take over this traditional American custom; it is something from America's Christian heritage, possibly?

In any event, old Mr. Chin, Aruban in the way hardly any mobile American is American any more, tells what it was like to grow up on the 't ouwe eiland, local traditions etc. and watch the lot overwhelmed by a bunch of immigrants. Aruba contemplates making the local patois an Official Language, with entry barred to those who can't speak the lingo, and may also demand work permits.

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(Editor's Note: Hey why not boycott both?! I don't drink Heineken anyway!)


Anonymous said...

The name "Aruba" has become a buzz word in weeding out phony credit card applications in our clearinghouse business. Aruba means lies. Credit card applicants lied just about anything. Their annual income and date of birth. Many are suspected of stolen IDs. If two arubas are detected, the application is forwarded to the credit agency for records.

Anonymous said...

The hatred in this article is sickening, Meri. I really think a copy of this article should be forwarded to every Christian Church across America, beginning in the south, because this is a direct assault on Christians everywhere.

Isn't it interesting to note that the tone of blame we heard from Joran, Deepak, Dompig, Janseen and so many others towards Natalee and Beth and Dave ....now finds itself once again creeping across the mentality of the individual who wrote these hateful remarks.

Just one more reason, Meri that convinces me of how hostile, unfriendly and DANGEROUS this little "paradise" really is.

Incidentally, Meri, did you know that "Grolsch Premium Lager", is the Dutch brewer’s largest-selling brand? NOT FOR LONG, MERI.
Not for long...

Anonymous said...

Our government left out Aruba and Netherlands from the list of women and children trafficking countries for the World Cup purposely for political reasons. Our government don't seem care about Natalee missing in Aruba, thinks it's a small fish to bait a bigger shark, the al Quada terrorists. Holland is sending its troops to support Bush's war, and so Bush is turning a blind eye to Aruba. That is the observation showing Bush's wickedness leveraged by Aruba, Joran and Joe T. to exploit Natalee with lies and slanders. God's sun energy shines on good people and evil ones. He will use the economics harshiness to squeeze Aruba and Anita out of existence. People can see Anita is guilty as Hell too by twisting about Joran's academic records and his home computer usages to fit the crime. Joran was late for school on May 30. Joran never rode the bus. No one knows how Joran got home from the Marriot beach and then went to the ISA. He never used the home computer in the main house, otherwise Joran would have waken up Paulus. Anita was somehow fessed up yesterday. All her lies just made her looks more suspicious. She might be the one destroying all the crime evidences in the house, something like Natalee's underwaer and her purse that Joran had brought back for his sovourneirs.

dennisintn said...

one of many assertions of mr. chin? that don't register true. how are the tourists who rent motorcycles during their stay responsible for how loud they are? are we supposed to believe the tourists are taking the mufflers of the things? all things considered, i suspect that mr. chin?'s book will be another nail in the coffin of aruba tourism. nice work old man. thanks for the help with the boycott.