June 05, 2006


Music lasts a lifetime and beyond. Can you think of any other art form where it can actually become embedded into your soul? It’s an automatic psychological response. It will bring you back to last week, or 20 years ago. But mostly the ones you hold closer are those specific songs that bring you back to a specific moment of time, an aroma, a thought, a party you went to in the 10th grade, a special or marked period in your life.

For me I always remember the songs that will bring me back to my first kiss…”Careless Whisper”, by Wham. My first major breakup, “Love Song”, by Tesla. When I got my driver’s license all I listened to was “L.A. Woman”, by the Doors. During a stint of depression my best friend became Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. When I hear “The Way you Look Tonight”, by Frank Sinatra, I always think of my dad. Yes, some of these songs are embarrassing admissions, but we all have those songs that remind us of happy and funny times; and also sad, depressing times.

There are other songs with no particular meaning that I’ve always liked. Songs that make it on my list for any road trip CD. In fact, two of these songs could have been “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Freebird”. In a sad irony, Lynard Skynard lost most of their band to a terrible plane crash…most notably among the deceased was the lead singer who wrote and performed those very songs.

Now when I hear those songs I no longer associate them with those fun road trip moments…car windows down, blaring speakers, my blonde hair whipping in the wind. Laughing, singing, happiness…not a care in the world.

Now they make me think of Natalee Holloway.

Those songs will be forever changed in my mind and in thousands of others.


blackhawk said...

How very true!!
Music is a major part of our lives and we all can associate important events in our life with music...I can remember the beach boys and my high school years and surfing and jus plain ordinary fun...I can remember my friends and I figuring out how to get a date and maybe a kiss or two or three or four etc.... but I don't recall us plotting to get girls drunk or drug them to get laid... maybe I'm wrong here but I like a wide awake responsive woman...I can recall Jimi Hendrix and the rolling stones and getting drafted and going into the Army....I can remember our 1st Air Cav troop song by the Doors,"Riders on the Storm", so many things in our lives are connected by music...I can clearly remember listening to Led Zeppelin,"How many more times", When I first heard of the Holloway case...isn't it ironic that the song title is how many more times...jus how many more times will we hear lies and misinformation...how many more times will young women be taken and raped and murdered and the guilty not punished....how many more times will Aruba try to avoid justice for Natalee...Aruba,how many more tourist will it take to bring down your corrupt system of justice...We are not going away Aruba...How many more times do you need to be told!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. you don't know how strange it was reading that article today. Yesterday my husband and I were on our way home from a camping trip. Free Bird came on the radio about the time we were crossing the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. Normally it would make me think of all the concerts we used to go to all over the south. We were through Vicksburg and getting close to Jackson when my husband asked me what in the world I had on my mind. I told him I just couldn't get Natalee Holloway out of my mind. He hasn't kept up with all the news stories as close as I have so I was explaining to him what connection Free Bird had to her and how some people thought that might be an indication that she ran away.

After all these years the song will now make me think of Natalee every time I hear it. And NO.. I don't think she ran away.. never have and never will.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, Disney put out a movie about a little mouse who immigrated to the US. At his greatest loneliness, he belts out a song: "Somewhere, out there, beneath the pale moon light. Someone one's thinking of me, and loving me tonight..."

Some nights I walk outside, and I look up at the sky, at the moon, at the stars and I wonder where Natalee is tonight. Does she have a place to rest her head? Sometimes I talk to her, and tell her that for whatever reason that she came into my life, I will stand by her side. I will not let her down.

Hold on together, everyone. Hold on together. Together, as Richard says at SM, we can be a mighty force.

(I would credit the author of the lyrics; however I'm not sure who wrote the song and lyrics...but Disney put out the movie!)

Anonymous said...

Off the blog subject. Make sure you guys e-mail the cable networks looking for coverage. Preferably looking back at the beginning of the case. Where the corrupt Aruban cops and government covered up this case. Rita@msnbc.com NancyGrace@cnn.com donny@cnbc.com lineup@foxnews.com ontherecord@foxnews.com

Anonymous said...

Home by Michael Buble reminds me of Nat. Except that this was not her choice.