July 19, 2006


It's time to give some credit where it's due.

For many months there have been several people working to not only support Natalee's family but who have done everything in their power to stop American corporations from doing business with Aruba.

This is not something that any of us wanted to do and not something that we ever imagined ourselves doing prior to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. What motivates many people is the absolutely atrocious behavior of the ALE and the Aruban Government. To witness such carelessness, lack of compassion and what many of us believe to be a cover-up is not something that a person with a conscience can overlook.

Recently a Team of individuals stopped a well known fitness chain from offering free trips to Aruba. A fake site was also set up on "My Space" under the name of Natalee Holloway and the cold-blooded individual who ran it pretended to be Natalee. It is way to offensive to repeat what was posted there so I will simply say that we got it closed down. There are other efforts underway to stop the constant flow of American dollars into Aruba because we can't allow them to continue to support a country where such corruption exists and where no one will do anything to stop it.

Natalee's Team, led by Susan Nagle along with several hard working members continue to write letters and make their voices heard. Michelle works tirelessly to update this blog and to keep the public informed about the comings and goings on Aruba and in The Netherlands. Frank (aka "Deetch") writes his own blogs on Arubadirtypolice and Blogs For Natalee continues to be the heart and soul of many of Natalee's family members.

I am fortunate to be included in the same league as these people who never give up and who will continue to seek justice for one of our own. One who can no longer speak for herself and who the Arubans would like to see forgotten.

What they don't realize is that the most successful campaigns ever conducted in the United States are grassroots campaigns that are manned by people like you and me...people who have no desire to collect rewards or to become famous but only want to support a family who have suffered the ultimate loss.

We can't change what happened to Natalee Holloway but we can continue to support her family and we can do our best to punish the people who are responsible for not investigating her disappearance properly and who have lied to Natalee's parents time and time again.

Please continue to patronize these blogs and if you see that there is a need for you to help out don't hesitate to do so. If a letter to a company doing business with Aruba will help the cause than by all means...write a letter. It's not much of a sacrifice and it may just force those who have turned their backs on Natalee and her family to re-evaluate their positions.

On this blog, if you look through the current articles and back through the archives (also link on front page) you will find the people who need to be reminded of what kind of place Aruba is. They need reminders that they are supporting and doing business with an Island that could care less about a missing American girl; a girl full of promise who no longer has a voice or a life. They need to be reminded that the Aruban government puts tourist dollars before the safety of those who visit their so-called paradise.

The grassroots movement will continue and the never-ending hard work will also go on so please support it in any way that you can and keep reading. My personal thanks to Michelle, Natalee's Team and all of the people who have kept me informed of what little that I can do to help.

Please, won't you help too?


Anonymous said...

Nice job Meri. Beth Holloway was on Donny Deutsch last night. Said nothing new was going on in Aruba. (that was a surprise) Said that they are waiting on the NY judge. Was talking about her web site.

Anonymous said...

Remember to e-mail DearJetBlue@jetblue.com let them know that you are unhappy with there support of Aruba. Also e-mail www.styxworld.com/contactus.asp to let the rock group know you aren't happy with them playing the Aruban festival. ontherecord@foxnews.com lineup@foxnews.com donny@cnbc.com ask donny for a whole show on the Aruban coverup.