July 20, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

I am tired right now so I hope that I can put the right words into this article and convey how I feel about Beth. Beth has been vilified on numerous web sites. She has been accused of theft and of being delusional where her daughter is concerned. She has been accused of being greedy and attempting to profit from the disappearance of her child. She has been called names and that's not even the worst of what Beth lives through every day. That's the unimportant stuff that doesn't matter.

What matters is that Beth lost her child. It's really very easy to understand and at the same time almost impossible to grasp. No matter what happens to us during the course of our lives there is nothing worse than the loss of a child. No parent wants to outlive their children. Beth Twitty may want to keep a picture in her mind and in her heart of Natalee as she was before she matured into a young woman. She may want to capture her innocence and keep it fresh and who could blame her. Who has the right to take that away from her?

Natalee is NOT responsible for what happened to her even if she made a bad judgment call. Natalee did NOT know that she would never see her family or friends again by deciding to leave Carlos & Charlie's with those three boys. Natalee would NEVER have put herself in such extreme jeopardy or put her family through such torture if she had known what was going to happen to her.

I don't have to know Natalee to believe that because I have witnessed what kind of parents she has and how they have behaved since her disappearance. I have witnessed good and decent people who had a great deal of love for their child and that's how I know that Natalee did not disappear of her own volition. She was raised better than that. Beth Twitty is one of the strongest women I have ever seen. Instead of retreating into a world of self-pity and giving in to her depression, she moves forward every day and does whatever she can do to give meaning to Natalee's short life.

Beth Twitty was made a victim on the night that Natalee disappeared and she continues to be victimized each and every day. Even if the ugliness of the Internet hate sites stop and the people lacking in empathy disappear, Beth will always have to live with the life sentence that has been forced upon her.

Beth, you are am amazing woman and I know that Natalee is proud of you. You need to know that there are people out here that are also proud of you and will stand behind you for as long as you need us.

You are an inspiration. Thank you...


FreeBird said...

Very well said, I to am here to give my support to her for as long as she needs it!

dennisintn said...

you expressed my feelings exactly. wish i could have done it that well. but i am standing next to you behind beth and whatever she decides to do next.

Anonymous said...

Well stated. Natalee was the epitome of class and our society suffered a horrendous loss because of some punk criminals in Aruba.

Beth and Dave have shown us all how to keep the faith and continue to search in the face of adversity.

I said it before and I will say it again, Beth reminds me of John Wayne as Ethan Edwards in "The Searchers". For five years Ethan looked for his kidnapped Niece and in the end he succeeded in bringing her home.

God bless Beth and Dave and continue to give them the strength to deal with this nightmare they are enduring. I pray that Matt can cope with all that has occured and grows into a fine young man, he lost a wonderful sister.

Louis S said...

Thanks, Meri for saying something that needs to be said over and over again.

Natalee is who she is, in part, because of Beth. And it is true that Beth has also become a victim too - a victim of not only of the loss of her beautiful daughter but a victim of those who just do not understand what it is all about.

God bless you Beth - you are my hero.

mayan_moons said...

MY whole family is behind you Beth. Even in the early days i felt in my gut that the arubans were just pretending to search & care about Natalee. I sensed the plan was to wait you out, thinking money would run out and you'd be forced to go home after a couple of weeks. When that didn't happen they set up false leads & clues going nowhere that in my opinion were to break you emotionaly. Thats when my family got mad and vowed to do everything we could to help. Wish we could do more but one thing we can do is to warn others not to go there and to make aruba pay since money is the ONLY thing they understand.

Love Ya Beth


Carpe Noctem said...

I stand in line with all the others that can see what great injustice happened to Natalee Holloway, 5.30.2005.

Like motorcycle maker Paul Tuttle says... I'm gonna put a size 12 boot in your a$$, if we don't get some things done around here!!!!!!

ARUBA, your fly is down --- you better check yourselves before some people do it for you.

Justice 4 Natalee, ya b1tche$

"AND DAT IS DE THRUTH!" (raspberry)