July 20, 2006


Rob, this is an amazing article. I think that it speaks volumes and is the opinion of thousands of us. Not just Natalee supporters, such as us, but as people as a whole. It is unfortunate that a few bad people can overshadow the goodness in many people. And then to add insult to injury, these evil people and acts are what is focused on...not the good people, not the victims.

Great JOB Rob! (Hey, that rhymes...)

By Rob, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Why does Natalee Holloway's case remain in a parallel universe? Why is Natalee Holloway not afforded all the rights of every human being to walk the earth? Why does it appear that Natalee Holloway's God given rights that predate all governments have been stripped away?

These are questions that attempt to examine and look at a deeper facet of the social condition we all live under and try to improve upon a daily basis. To look at the first question, we can easily attempt to blame incompetence, social engineering, corruption, cronyism, nepotism and greed. But that would be too easy. It allows a simple answer to a complex question, and a easy way out for those responsible.

We need to look at the social fabric of the Dutch Kingdom. A Kingdom attempting to hang onto colonialism. A concept that saw its time and has been disgarded to the ash heap of history. It is MANKIND'S destiny to be FREE. No man or woman can live in or under a society that does not allow freedom of expression, religion and thought. That is social engineering. To simply say that Natalee Holloway is just one person and doesn't matter, ignores the bigger picture and places us all at risk.

What has happened to Natalee Holloway is symptomatic of governments world-wide that try to replace common sense with the over-arching, over-bearing constraints of a Medieval time period and mind set. In order to have a global ecomony and travel industry, we MUST have global security.

In Aruba's attempt to white wash the truth of what happened to Natalee, we have all been forced to re-examine everything we know about government and people we consider allies. We have been forced to decide for ourselves what is truly important. Life, Liberty and Justice come right to mind. When that message is lost, we all are.

Natalee Holloway has no voice today because her LIFE and LIBERTY have been stripped away. I will continue to be a small percentage of the people that will make her voice heard. And I will contiune to pursue Justice for Natalee.

Natalee Holloway, by all accounts was an upstanding young woman with many hopes, dreams and aspirations. We all hope to have a daughter like Natalee. A daughter so caring and giving of herself that a parent can only smile and shed a tear at how wonderful she turned out. To know that you helped to create someone like Natalee must be one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. To miss that young woman must be a pain very few of us will ever feel. And I certainly hope no one feels what Beth and Dave feel. It must be terrible.

Natalee Holloway is\was indeed a special person, we can all agree to that. But being special does not give anyone MORE rights as a human being. We all recieve the same rights the day we are born. They do not come from a goverment, they come from God. They are bestowed upon every living person as part of God's plan for humanity. God's plan for the Universe is to create life. When that plan is damaged, God is damaged.

Does God micro-manage the Universe? I don't think God does. God set forth his plan and let it unravel. We are all part of THAT plan. God certainly can micro-manage the Universe. God created it, and is within God's power to do so if he\she chooses.

I believe there have been many instances throught history where God's hand played a huge part in the outcome. I think many of us believe that God does have the power to do anything on the physical plane where we all reside. Why didn't God step in to save Natalee? God's plan for all of us is unknown. We do not know our destiny. We only have a short time to make a difference on this earth. A difference that can have profound effects for millions of others. A good difference or a bad difference. It's FREE WILL, which is also part of God's plan and he gave it to mankind so that we would have the ability to make decisions to help others.

Is Natalee in God's plan? Of course she is. Just as you and I are part of God's plan, so is Natalee and her family. God gave Natalee an inalienable right that was not bestowed upon her by a government and can only be taken away by God. They can not be removed by the Aruban Justice Department, the ALE, or Joran and Paulus Van Der Sloot. They may try, but they will fail.

How do I know? As part of the overall plan, there is Good and Evil. We are seing first hand the Evil side of humanity. It is a 'in-your-face', undeniable, first hand account of the terrible side of humanity. A side that knows no compassion, a side that knows no forgiveness, a side that knows no morals.

Conversely, the Good side of humanity is the side where God resides, and that side is where God allows us the freedom to help others and come together for a greater good.

Will Natalee ever be forgotten? The answer is NO. What has happened to Natalee Holloway is a message to all of us--be good to yourself, your husband or wife, your family, your friends, your business associates, to live your life with integrity, to make a difference when you can, to look out for each other, to be the best person you can be, to live life like today is your last day, to cherish the moment, to take the time to smell the flowers, to be humble, and to help others. That is a pretty powerful message for an 18 year old young lady to send us all.

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