July 20, 2006


Does this sound like a great vacation spot for you and your family? I would never take my family to this island with their known history. You know the old saying, "history has a way of repeating itself."

I am evaluating a very interesting article regarding Aruba and their Mafia counterparts. Here is a taste. Come back soon for more:

"A magnificient washing machine is sold here, its trademark is Aruba. The machine is an Aruba-Columbian product, its model called Cartel. The brand is well known for its good performance in the United States and Europe. It is recommended by former ministers, members of parliment, owners of casinos, supermarkets, cosmetics manufacturers and imports of cars and batteries. The washing machine fits everybody who has become inexplicably rich from one day to another."

These following quotes by former Aruban PM, Henny Eman, are devestating for Aruba. The fact that this was not recent, shows that Aruba has been lying to its tourists for a long time claiming Aruba is the safest tourist destination. (Remember their boastful claim of their "outstanding" pioneering of marketing and PR?) It shows us the kind of government and those who run it float around from one term to another. Just because there is a new PM (Oduber), and time has passed (only 5 years) doesn't mean this doesn't still go on behind semi-"closed doors". I'm positive it doesn't. You'd be a naive fool not to think otherwise.

"Aruba's geographical position is a blessing and a curse at the same time," says Eman, alluding to the pleasant climate which attracts thousands of tourists every year, and the unpleasant closeness of the Columbian and Venezuelan northern shores which makes it vulnerable for drug-traffickers. According to Eman, Aruba is burdened with the problems of other nations: "The drug trade is not Aruba's primary responsibility. The market is in Europe and the United States. It is not our fault they cannot control their borders, that Aruba is used as a transit point." --Henny Eman, former Aruban PM

That has to be the most childish answer I've ever heard...let alone from a former "supposed politician"! Can you imagine any other world political figure say something that outright ridiculous and irresponsible?! With a comment such as this, it is obvious he had his hands deep in you-know-what.

(Blickman, Transnational Organized Crime Vol. 3, No. 2 (1997)


Anonymous said...

The Aruban Boycott Blog has weakened Aruba's economy significantly. Columbia and Veneszula had together plotted to invade and annex Aruba into their South America Economic Plantation Commonwealth in the near future. Hugo Chavez classified the white Aruban Dutch as the 1st class queen bee sex slaves, and the colored Arubans as the 3rd class worker bee slaves. Holland's navy is too far stretched and poorly trained and equiped to protect Aruba. Only the Chinese Aruba Trading Company can save the Arubans from Hugo's slavery policy. The CATC has won the contract to widen the Panrama Canal to allow the passage of Nitmiz Class Cargo Container Ships. The Chinese Government has broker a deal with Chavez to hire the Arubans to join Panama Canal workforce. However, the Chinese want Oduber to come clean and find Natalee first before they pay the ransome money to Hugo.

blackhawk said...

Wow...unreal...well I have to admit one thing though they never change their tactics...they never take RESPONSIBILTY for ANYTHING...Just as Natalee drank and drugged herself and "POOF" made herself disappear a couple of times according to them...this really is a very bad place to vacation and most certainly "SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN AGAIN". Actually several bad things have happen already but they were just "SUICIDES" Well we will just keep up our chinese water torture on their friendly little Govt and ALE as we can clearly see its having a effect!
Boycott Aruba and any commercial products from Aruba until we have justice for Natalee Ann Holloway!!

dennisintn said...

if what happens on aruba isn't the responsibility of the aruba govt., then who is responsible? why have a govt. if it isn't going to be responsible? this article makes it easier to see why natalee's family couldn't get anyone to do anything on the island, nobody was responsible for anything. it was natalee's fault she was "vanished". it was beth's fault that the police can't charge the people the world knows are responsible for her "vanishing". a person would have to be completely brain dead to go to aruba expecting anything but the same kind of treatment that natalee got if something happens to them. and you can rest assured that any confrontation between a tourist and an island native is going to be the fault of the tourist. get your pocket picked? your fault for carrying it. attacked in a bar? your fault for going to the bar. roll your atv over and die? your fault for accepting their advice to wear toy helmets and riding double on the thing. to shorten this tirade, anything and everything that happens to a tourist on the island of aruba is the fault of the tourist, because he went there. there is no excuse for anyone to go to aruba.

Anonymous said...

Aruba is playing dead, and so is our New York Civil Case Judge. They hope the Natalee Disappearance Issue will blow over, it won't. It is going to get worse because the American voters are not so forgiving. Aruba's economy dies, and its people is going to eat their own Aloe. Sounds canibalism to him. Maybe this is what the Arubans had done to Natalee. They ate her body? And no body and no bones, and no case? Ha! Well, there is always a Case, or rather a Coffin waiting for Aruba to happen. Aruba is a curse, just look at the NY Florida cruise ship, it listed and also rolled over like the Titanic after a trip to Aruba. All the major cruise lines now are cutting out the Aruba depot because the insurance companies are asking them to. So Aruba is dead. The NY Judge, she was put on notice about in her quarterly NYBA review, which portays her as totally incapable of her decision making process in the Natalee nexus to the Aruban law breakers. Her merit increase is on hold and subject to suspension pending on Friday's state budget commisioners meeting. Looks like the Judge won't get her COL for another two years. That is a fair punishment for being lazy. Finally, there will be a man made famine occring on Aruba, all the desert donkeys, beach rats and unwanted incest dogs will be caught and swallowed by the hungry hotel workers. Who knows what might happen next!