July 21, 2006


I wonder if this water park is on hold? Does anyone know? I wouldn't doubt it if it was. That thought brings huge smiles to my face and thousands of others, Aruba.


October 21, 2004

ARUBA--Soon Aruba will be home to the biggest water theme park of the Caribbean and Latin America. The park named Morgan's Island is in the process of receiving a permit shortly and by early 2006 the construction of the theme park should be finished. Morgan's Island will be constructed in the huge vacant territory South of La Cabana Casino.
But wait! Here come the contractors. No money? What do you mean? A deal's a deal! Hey Aruba, are your contracts "negotiable"? I'm betting my entire wager on that daily double...and my answer is "YES", Alex.


December 2, 2005

EAGLE BEACH-Contrustion activity began at the vacant land south of La Cabana for what is to be the largest aquatic park in the Caribbean and Latin America. The land is cleared and the first water slide materials have arrived.

The aquatic park named Morgan's Island will cover nearly 84,000 square yards and an average of 7,000 guests are expected in the park every day. In addition the park will create 120 jobs. The entry price will be affordable for locals as well as tourists.

The visitor to Morgan's Island will enjoy wild water rafting, water slides as high as 131 feet tall, canoe passages, waterfalls, swimming pools, water tubes, roller coasters and a shopping mall. The park will have a beach and water that will function as sea. Beneath the man made sea a coral habitat will be created and diving can be done. Visitors to the park will have to pay an additional fee for the use of the spa and the 4 restaurants on the property.

Rendering part of the project

The water theme park can be compared to amusement parks found in Disney World. The water theme park in Aruba will be a regional attraction and will attract many visitors to the island mainly families. Morgan's Island will carry the pirates theme that will be very detailed.

The park is named after Henry Morgan (1635-1688) one of the most famous pirates (Oooh, how fitting, Aruba!) Henry plundered and fought against Spanish and Dutch Caribbean colonies at the end of the 17th century. Amongst the pirates he enjoyed great popularity. Henry was much feared amongst his enemies due to his blood thirsty character. Henry Morgan ended up being governor of Jamaica and became very rich. (Anyone care for some "Captain Morgan" with their coke before you jump in that water? It's totally safe for the kids, too...)


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Anonymous said...

The water picture is not pretty. The Arubans are all have pirates mindset. They plunder, rape and murdder. Joran drowned Natalee in the house pool in 2:30 am after gang raped her. And this blood pool water is finding its way to the Morgan Dutch Colony water park.