August 31, 2006


Editor's Note: Meri said she will no longer write any more posts. She is seriously pissed about this entire nightmare. Please be vocal and tell Meri to stay!!! She is a major backbone of this boycott!

First, thank you to everyone who made comments. I appreciate all of them whether they agree with what I said or not. I respect and welcome freedom of speech and everyone's opinion.

I blogged what I did because I saw something that deeply upset me. I am NOT a hater or a bully and I would do nothing to divide Natalee's family. Everything that I have tried to do is FOR Natalee and her family...ALL members of her family.

I was saddened to learn and PROVE that some posters on Blogs For Natalee have been running around all over the Internet bashing Natalee's mother and making inappropriate remarks. I was sickened to see them posting at BFN and being praised and thanked by Natalee's Step-Mother. I don't know if the Administrator told Robin what was going on and asked her to post a supporting post about those people who have done harm or if she did it of her own volition.

I choose to believe that Robin Holloway believed in The Administrator of that blog and wanted to protect her and the members there. I choose to believe that Robin may not have been aware of some of the things that these people were saying elsewhere and away from that blog.

I HOPE that this was the case.

I HOPE that the Administrator didn't portray those people as friends and therefore cause Robin Holloway to thank the very people who are talking such trash about Natalee's mother. No matter what the real facts are about how that post from Robin happened I am really sad that it did happen and that the family was dragged into a battle that they should have been left out of. I

am sad that the Administrator felt the need to cause them to take sides against Natalee's mother via a very inappropriate post. I feel that if the Administrator had the best interests of the family in mind she would never have allowed those people to post on her blog after hearing what other people had to say about them and seeing what they have said elsewhere.

She was confronted on many occasions and refused to listen or do anything about the problem. As a result of that several people have left that blog. I know this for a fact because I have heard from many of them.

I do not understand her defense of such people and I do not understand how she could praise and applaud those who work for the Aruban Tourist Bureau or who are in league with Julia Renfro who has done so much harm to Natalee's mother and step-father. Don't their feelings count?

BFN seems to be all about one side of Natalee's family and many of the posts are a litany of praise for the leader of that message board. When anyone expresses a contrary opinion they are deleted or ridiculed. It happened to me and I have seen it happen to others.

They claim that they are all about differing opinions and points of view but that is obviously NOT true if you look at the history of the blog and look at what has happened to those who disagree with the small clique of posters who stick together. There is NO room for a divergence of opinion on there unless they approve of it and agree with it.

The place I refer to is supposed to be about Natalee Holloway, yet they don't seem to see or care about the fact that Beth is Natalee's mother and that people who bash her should NEVER be allowed to be a part of any support forum. To drag Robin into that mess was unconscionable and wrong in my opinion and if there was any division being attempted in that family it was caused by the Administrator and her close ties to Robin Holloway and not by my blogs which told the truth about the people I spoke of.

Everyone is free to agree with me or disagree...I wouldn't want it any other way....but to blindly sing the praises of people who are harmful and mean-spirited toward ANY member of Natalee's family is wrong and irresponsible.

I read this morning a thread where the Administrator made yet another little mea culpa speech and her regular followers responded with songs of praise and love. Love and praise for what....allowing bashers to post and deleting those who point that out?

Is that board about the Administrator and her feelings or is it about Natalee Holloway and finding out the truth about what happened to her? Is it about congratulating one another and constantly telling one another how wonderful and loyal they are or is it about Natalee and finding out the truth about her.

The statements that are on that board are NOT exclusive to that place and have also been posted elsewhere on the Internet so I cannot see what good that board is doing other than dividing and conquering people and giving a platform to people who have expressed their TRUE feelings on other sites. Feelings that are nasty and hurtful to Natalee and her mother.

Who cares how wonderful an individual poster is or an Administrator? Who needs so much praise and reinforcement that they constantly post about themselves and their motives? If people really want to help they do so without asking for praise and thanks...they just do it.

The heart has it's reasons and for the life of me I can't figure out what good that so-called, self-proclaimed board "family" is doing to help out in this case. More time is spent on themselves and more focus is placed on their leader than on Natalee. What good is that doing anyone? These are my feelings and my opinion.

Beth has been informed of what I blogged about and she could NOT believe that Robin Holloway made the post that she made. I hope that she learns the truth and that part of that truth is exactly WHY Robin made that post and if she was asked to make it. If she was...something is very wrong with that place and the people who run it and they are NOT thinking of the family of Natalee Holloway, but only of themselves and how they are viewed by their fellow posters.

Somehow, contrary to their constant mantra of "We are all about Natalee", she got lost in the shuffle and they became the focus of their own blog. Frank, Michelle and others who really work hard to do SOMETHING to help don't ask for praise...they just do it. Anyone who does, is not part of the solution, they ARE part of the problem.


Anonymous said...

Meri - please know that your posts have impacted a core group of posters at BFN who have since left. Those of us who had expressed a desire to hear what you had to say are now being called "divisive" and "haters" by people that we have posted alongside for over a year now. I have known for awhile that things weren't quite right at BFN. We have watched as thread after thread has been disrupted and derailed by Reality and had questioned Debbie about it. Her answer is that it is a "cultural difference" and we "just don't understand his sense of humor". Meri, I am 45 years old, and I know the difference between insults and humor!

And if MIP6's role in Aruba is not in direct conflict with a blog who claims to support Natalee's family, then I honestly don't know what would be. Yes, you are being accused of dividing and tearing down, but now so am I! I was posting with these very same people just a week ago! And because I want to know that MIP6 works for a hotel that works closely with ATA and serves on a committee to protect the sea turtles (didn't SOMEONE call off Tim Miller's search because of the turtles?), I am labeled a hater. Because I think it's APPALLING that Reality calls Beth a terrorist, gangster, liar and worse, and refers to Natalee's supposed Sainthood and her drinking problem, I am labeled a hater.

I daresay, if Beth doesn't believe that Robin would participate in this scheme, I don't believe she would. I truly believe that Robin was used. Your description said it all - unconscionable.

Meri - please don't let us down now that you have our attention! Sometimes the hardest things to say and hear are what needs most to be said. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that this is not a popularity contest - please blog away for those of us who listen, and damn the rest.

Deb357 said...

You GO Meri! Love you lady!

Someone had to say it and I am glad it was finally said and brought to the attention of those who REALLY care and are TRULY for Natalee and her families. Not the pretenders.

If those at BFN had any sense of decentsy they would of banned anyone who spoke ill of Natalee, Beth or anyone in Natalee's family, even if it were on another blog.

How dare they allow that type of rift-raft on a blog who claims to support Natalee and family members when they truly don't. That makes them hypocrits at best.

Those over at Refugee's sit back and laugh at BFN and how Refugee members are getting away with bashing Natalee and family. Why don't you change the name of the blog to "Blogs for Misfits" because that is exactly what it's become.

jen3560 said...

Thank you Meri for bringing out the truth about people we have put up with for a very long time - all at the request of an administrator many of us came to love and trust.

To learn that wanting the truth cast me in the role of "zealot" was shocking indeed.

I always thought finding the truth was what we were all striving for in this case.

This victim and her family deserve the truth, they deserve some answers, and they deserve the same support that all victims need.

It is a very sad day when a message board carrying the name Natalee Holloway protects and praises those who try to halt forward progress in her case, instead of standing behind the victim they claim to support.

Anonymous said...

Robin is truely being used without aware of it. Some snakes like Debbie and Greta are of the same kind, crafty and ugly. Each ArubanBoycott content has the most attention drawing power that propels this site wayforward beyond 100k visitors hits in a year. ArubanBoycott posts focus on Joran and Aruba. People love the dark rumors that the commentators had thrown at the Dutcharuban criminals and murderers. Did you know that the hotel rangers are thieves, they sold the sea turtles to the Holland restaurants to make shark fins soup. Meri's fine articles have pointed out BFN has been invaded and penetrated by the Dutch spies and the Bush people. The whole BFN board has been raped by the Joranians. The Bush people don't like the Anti-Dutch theme during his wartime. He said Anti-Dutch is unpatriotic. He wants to crack down the Joran hate sites, BFN has become the first victim. You can see all the Dutch and Aruban spies on the BFN postings to benefit the Aruban and Dutch murder laws. Yes, BFN has been infected and made into a Pro Joran Non Convenience Forum. Debbie is the Mistress Administrator who worships herself as the Joran's Queen. I would not post in BFN, and agree with Meri on that BFN is wrong, and Debbie has hijacked Robin for her comercial purpose to sell more ads. RWV was one example, decaying from Pro Natalee to Anti Natalee; Greta swells from Anti Joran to Love Joran. Now BNF is being manipulted into a monster form Supporting Beth to Destroying Beth, and Robin is innocent, and was used by Debbie as pawn to archieve her greedy needs. Antithesis is always sells, and earn more hits and advertising dollars. Debbie BFN is the reality step whore evil, let say. I am right. We shall overcome, and conquer Joran and Aruba by the noble means of Boycotting Aruba in every imaginable and creative ways. Meri, we need your fine analytical blogging skills and your magnificant articles to post and power this genuine Natalee non commercial site. God bless you and your family, Meri. We love you. Debbie has no soul, she is a Florida bitch just like Julia Refeno. Damn!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Meri. There is something fundamentally wrong with that board and that is due to its leader.

At the very least it should change its name!

Anonymous said...

Meri --

You've just proven what many of us had suspected. Thank you!

I had blocked the offending poster from sending me PM's about10 months ago. And reported every Anti American and Anti family post -- until it became too time consuming.

And applause to wingnut for stating the truth so well:-)

We were told that these 'posters' were being helpful to the family. While I find that hard to believe -- even if true -- why did they have to come into the forum? Why did the admin allow these posters to attack and ridicule and demean the loyal and 'relentless Justice for Natalee' posters?

Who cares why anymore? The truth is out. Posters can make their decisions based upon facts.

The blog in question is NOT ALLOWED to mention or discuss anything by Deetch. BFN allowed the 'suspect' posters to bash Scared Monkeys. And Michelle/Meri -- you weren't so popular either. lol

So they 'banned' the other pro family sites -- and instead brought over posts and posters from FOB and RU.

So -- if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck.......

Meri -- you can take a little break -- you've earned it. But don't you DARE stop writing.

You have helped deliver a hugh justice for the pro family posters who have been disrespected and ridiculed publicly for so long. And although that is not what this is about -- I assure you, that you have re-energized a large group of 'vindicated' supporters.

We're getting so close -- I can feel it. Please be part of the team leading us to Justice for Natalee.

And Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Meri, This is a magnificent post!

You've told the truth and I'm happy to see you take this stand! "For Natalee"

BFN has gone down hill for quiet some time. Debbie has allowed the three thugs to change what BFN used to be. This is Debbie's fault! ALL OF IT!!

Dabbie wanted attention and fame, now she has it!

You see Deb, Robin is not Natalee's mom. She is the step-mom. Big Difference Debbie! You've made a huge mistake Deb.

Meri, I can't say enough in praise about you; you're a prolific writer!

Thank you for exposing BFN, Debbie and her loose cannons.

You're a fighter! Come back with more! We need you and love you and all of your writings. You're a winner! You've opened many eyes now come watch the fireworks with us.

All in the name of Natalee.

Boycott Aruba!

Anonymous said...

BFN now tells anyone with a question about what has been going on that no one is allowed to talk about other posters, or other blogs. Yet, page after page of self-serving chit is dished out by the administrator every other day then the lap dogs jump on their hind legs and beg for more.

That place is ridiculous and worse than the other hate sites, because it pretends to be something different.

Where have all the bright, studious researchers BFN once had gone to? They have worked too hard to just disappear. Have they found a better place to share their ideas?

Let them have it Meri! They deserve to be questioned about their conduct. Debbie is pulling some kind of strange hoax on decent people that are truly concerned about finding the answers for Natalee’s family.

Anonymous said...

Someone should kick that smartass gagirl all the way back to the refugees. Who in their right mind would put that dingbat in charge of message board as a moderator? What a waste of bandwidth!

Anonymous said...

BFN banned me for “attacking” a moderator, because I complained about my post being altered. Not just edited, but altered in order to change its meaning and purpose. Even those that I admired and respected on BFN turned against me and admonished me in private for persisting with my public outrage. Well, things have come full circle now and others have begun to recognize the improprieties of BFN and its administrator.

Let the abyss become lost in the cache of internet history. It comes to the unsuspecting in sheep’s clothing and then does its best to alter the reality of what happened to Natalee. If Robin Holloway has been duped by the BFN administrator then she should be made aware. If she has an allegiance to these outcast that have become the favorites of this so called administrator then Beth should be made aware.

Recent events at BFN are an outrage and should be challenged! Go for it Meri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Please contiinue to fight the good fight. Doing what you do is not an easy task. I'm sure you knew that going in.

When I read what you write, it just always seems to make so much sense. No smoke and mirrors, just good anylitical thinking.

I got into a couple of spats at BFN with this Reality idiot, and low and behold if I wasn't spammed with porn shortly thereafter.

People need to remember something. If it were not for Beth's persistance, 2 innocent men might be convicted of a crime they didn't commit.

Looking forward to reading your next piece, meri.

Anonymous said... cant stop now!! Finally the truth shines thru...

Funny thing is they exposed themselves..the morons...

How stupid to believe that Robin would post under her own name..blogs are for anonymity..not for posting who you are to protect some deviants.

No one had to expose those creeps...those who value Natalee's life always knew just where they were coming from...and where they are going

Does Aruba get as hot as HELL?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "Where have all the bright, studious researchers BFN once had gone to? They have worked too hard to just disappear. Have they found a better place to share their ideas?"

Dear Anonymous - YES THEY HAVE.

Anonymous said...

XXXXXX(blocked to protect poster)
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I just logged on and noticd that I had a PM. Silly me ! !
How do I get rid of it ? I got the email from " Brad " and I deleted it.
How does this happen ? I didn't have a heart attack, but:
a.) how can I delete it
b.) How did a troll get access to my email address and leve me a " dirty picture ? "
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Have a good look before you delete it.
Ever seen anything like that before ? Wink
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Quote from: XXXX on Today at 12:13:31 PM
Reality, how do you know what was in the picture? Did you get one too?
Yes, I got one, but taking into account that I have one superior already, I wasn't impressed.
Were you ?

Do you all see what woman have to put up with.
I know he's the one sending the porn pictures to everyone.
Debbie doesn't care he controls her.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crap!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Meri for publishing
what has been going on for many many months behind the backs of many unsuspecting yet devoted
BFN members.

It is only by deleting posts that the fun and games have gotten by.

This is not about hate at all - it is about the games of a very few that need to end before somebody gets really hurt.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous poster who

posted Dept 01 at 11:31:45 had the exact

same experience I had - WILD

My posts were deleted and I had many people writing me and adminishing me in private.

Meri you have done a GREAT thing for

the integrity of the search for answers in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Anonymous said...

Meri Thank You for all you help you ROCK
Reality sent you a post from BFN
He is truly a sick man.

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Good Night, remember don't be Meri. Grin

Anonymous said...

I am reposting a comment I made on an earlier thread, as I believe many don't read ALL comments. In fact, someone didn't realize who reality was, as she had only read the blog and not the comments, where Meri, did the outing of this Beth bashing scum ...........
Ian, where is Ian? Has anyone heard from Ian? Has Ian perhaps sold BFN? Let's see.... Who could that new owner be? Why would Debbie have to defend lewd remarks, when she, herself does not appreciate them? What has caused her to defend these anti-Beth bashers? Why would she call Robin and have her publically make a fool of herself and Debbie by writing such a ridiculous post? A post praising a Beth basher and an Aruban heckler who attacks posters who speak negatively about these "clubs" frequented by young tourists and young Arubans, where women (actually girls) unknowingly have drugs put in their drinks? Think, folks, why would an administrator, who really cares about Natalee and seemingly does have a high sense of Christian morals allow herself to be manipulated in such a manner? I suggest, to all of you, that we do have a mystery here. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...


I have only been on this blog. It was always to the point and truthful. Please don't stop now.

faithful blogger!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's funny that you mentiont that, Auntieem - when you go to the front page of BFN, Ian is no longer mentioned, with the exception of hi own blog. And when you click on "Contact us" the following message is displayed:

Please note: We are in no way connected with the Holloway or Twitty family.

What's up with that??

Michelle Says So said...

That IS weird. Sounds like people are doing some 'house cleaning'. Cowards.

Anonymous said...

You did the right thing exposing the bashers luv! Also you are RIGHT ON with the a previous article that those claiming to support the family but not the boycott Don't Really Support the Family. To be blunt i checked out BFN site a time or 2 and felt the blog offered information that i'd seen already either on this site or SM.

Food for thought here & tell me if you agree......ALOT of Aruban's
(not all) but ALOT come off like, well for lack of a better word i'll say *gypsys* networked & well versed with all the things they know you want to hear with NO intention of actually doing anything. Saw it first hand these tickle, zorpia,myspace accounts by officials even. Makes me wonder how many have been taken in & scammed over the years via these accounts. What i'm trying to say is that its no wonder they fooled ua in the beginning with their BS pretend concerns, they've had a lifetime of practice conning people. You turned the light on & the roaches are scattering and the one's left standing know how they lie cheat & scam. Like you i feel that if you are bashing & trashing Beth or anyone in the family you are NOT for Natalee. There is no sitting on the fence here or half assed support. I've said it before




Anonymous said...

The boycott is obviously the right thing to do and the best way to support Natalee's family.

Debbie at BFN is either the dumbest person alive or she's somehow part of the group working against Natalee and the family. I think she's just stupid.

MIP6 is a real rotten bastard and so is Reality. There are a couple more over there but those two are the worst. They so want the boycott to go away. That's the only reason they post there. MIP6 and Reality are both vicious and probably dangerous. Especially Reality. He is psyko-dude and pervert. gagirl is a nasty bitch too and a control freak. She sticks up for the people like Reality and MIP6 no matter how out of line they are. Making her a moderator shows how dumb Debbie is. Besides sticking up for the trouble makers and psykos gagirl has posted all kinds of rotten stuff about Beth and Jug at refugees. Her and a few others are into this simian code thing that they say holds the key but it's just because she's into a bunch of heathen BS to help muddy the waters of what happened in Aruba. So she leads others astray down that path.

The buttkissing of Debbie that goes on there is pretty nauseating too. I hope the people there who really care about Natalee and her family wise up and leave. The sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

What is the rest of the story? Why does Debbie go to such great lengths to protect some of these people?

Anonymous said...

Meri, you've shown everyone the truth but you can't make anyone leave BFN that are part of their cult like forum. The truth shall prevail!

You've shown respect and devotion to the family of Natalee. Thank you.

Keep up the great work!

Debbie is a terrible lady and she knows it. She is the evil of evil. She should be ashamed for wanting fame at the expense of Natalee. She now has her fame.

I'm waiting for round 2. (wink) I know what I mean and Debbie, you will see.

dennisintn said...

y'all ever heard the old saying "divide and conquer". think about it a while.

i can assure you that nothing would please paulus/julia crowd more than starting and fueling infighting among natalee's support groups.

Anonymous said...

To dennisintn, the 'divide and conquer' idea might be what's going on, but it's Debbie who allows the dividers to post there. If you're saying people should go along with Debbie's program just to avoid the division, you need to wake up. That makes no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Michelle. Keep fighting the good fight.
What you've posted about BFN sounds exactly like what has happened at the Websleuths Natalee board. Tons of wonderful posters have either been banned or left because the board has been taken over by a bunch of losers that want to point the finger ANYwhere but at j2k.

Anonymous said...

dennisintn, You're awake but you ain't smellin the coffee yet!!