August 03, 2006


I imagine a new comic. Sort of like "Kill Bill"...Beth is the avenging mother after the people on "her list".

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Anonymous said...

The NYC Judge is a female Republican, and the President is a male Republican. I and all my friends are not going to vote for the Republican Party. Let the Democrats take control of the Congress next year, there will be a turnaround. Our current govornment is just as corrupt as the Aruban government. We grassroots people will overcome and make the change. Vote all the Republican lawmakers out of office, for they have no conscience and compassion on Natalee. "Kill Bill" is a very motivational and spiritual DVD moive to watch. You learn the Oriental way of seeking justice. You don't turn the other cheek. The NYC judge woman is already fallen into the 7th hell hole in the Chinese mythology. Her tongue was hooked to a roasting bamboo pole. She will never get any living water but sewage from the Lion's Den. Her daughter ate some rum ice cream in Aruba, got drugged and died. Things are getting real, real ugly on the days to come.