August 02, 2006


Are You Mad At The Wrong People???

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

If you are angry at those of us who seek a boycott of Aruba and The Netherlands then you are mad at the wrong people!! If you are angry with people like Michelle or those of us who want to hold Aruba and the government of The Netherlands accountable for the horribly bungled investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway then you are mad at the wrong people.

When Natalee first disappeared the case was mishandled from the first moments and hours of her being reported missing. When her parents arrived on Aruba they were led on a wild goose chase and when they informed the police that they KNEW who had been the last to see their daughter they were ignored and told to cool their jets and wait. Surely, Natalee would reappear and it would be as a result of her own behavior that she was missing in the first place.

This was wrong and so were the idiots who bought into a stupid and inconceivable lie about two security guards having abducted her right in front of her hotel. It would have taken the police less than an hour to view the security tapes from that hotel (as her mother did), to know that the lie was a ruse to cover up for the REAL suspects in the case. This began a chain of events that leads us to where we are now...NOWHERE.

It went from bad to worse as time went on and more lies were told and more "suspects" were arrested and then released and more mistakes were made until there was little hope of discovering any valuable evidence or having any hope of locating Natalee. It continues to be a non-investigation with the very same people who were on the case from day one. Those people are not capable of conducting a proper investigation and that has been proven over and over again during these past 15 months.

Aruba is an island that comes under Dutch rule so the law of The Netherlands applies there as well as in Holland. There is no excuse for the Dutch government to have allowed this fiasco to continue even after they knew that the Arubans could not, would not and WILL NOT solve this case. They needed to step in a long time ago but they never did.

If you are angry with those of us who call for a boycott of these two places (both under Dutch rule) than you are mad at the wrong people. We are asking for two things with this boycott movement and one can eliminate the other. We are asking that the Dutch step in and take over this mangled investigation and try to get to the bottom of it. They are more experienced and have better facilities at the ready to solve what appears to be a murder case. The Aruban's obviously do not.

If the Dutch were to take over we could stop the boycott movement and maybe we would someday know what happened to Natalee Holloway. Maybe her family would finally have some peace of mind and maybe justice would be done for Natalee and her family. It's not too much to ask that the government of a lawful nation like The Netherlands do the right thing. It is not too much to ask that an American life that no longer exists be honored and that her family be allowed to know the truth of exactly what happened to their daughter.

If you disagree with the boycott than you are missing the point. What else do we have? How else can we make our voices heard and express our anger and frustration? We only have one option and that is to call attention to the plight of Natalee Holloway and her family and if you can't see the reasoning for why this movement took shape or why we continue and you believe that we are picking on or punishing the citizens of both Aruba and The Netherlands than you are mad at the wrong people.

You don't have to join us, no one is forcing anyone to agree or to participate; but, we are asking for understanding and if you can't find it in your heart to see the method behind our movement than you are mad at the wrong people.

Until the truth is known or at the very least, the government that rules the Island of Aruba steps up and takes responsibility for this American girl's life......we WILL continue to call for a boycott.

If you want to find out the truth, as we do,


Louis S said...

I will continue to support the boycott of Aruba and any products that might come from there. Aruba has had a choice all along to stop the boycott - all they need to do is return Natalee to Dave and Beth. That is all these wonderful people have even wanted - to have their daughter returned.

Wake up Aruba. It is YOU that is causing the problem, not us.

Anonymous said...

Dear NYC Judge,
If Natalee is with us, who can work against us. If you rule against Natalee, you are the enemy of us the grassroots American people. Please don't delay your approval of the Civil Lawsuit set against Joran the Predator Liar. Please don't play games with us American people, for we have the voting power. Your delaying the decison means to us you are conspiring with the Aruban Judge Rik Smit, and we will smit you. We ArubanBoycott Bloggers fully understand your cold blood plot, you will just never make the decison on the Civil Case until the day you die. You silently hate Beth and torture her, why? What kind of criminal you are? Just like the Aruban prosecutor Karin Jension continues to let the criminal suspects roamming free and leave the Natalee murder case unsolved and unopened, so that the FBI cannot step in and resolve the criminal Joran case. Judge NYC, what kind of Dutch Aruban animal you are, you have no compassion and no conscience. May God judge on you and your daughters? Let them be drugged, kidnapped, raped and murdered by Joran the Devil. God damn you. Caus you fail the American justice. May you go hunger and die.

Your American Taxpayer and Voter