August 07, 2006


Sometimes the formation of a team is based in sexual attraction or family ties, but the most dangerous teams are composed of two or more psychopaths who chance to meet and who realize they now have a partner as depraved as they are. With no moral boundaries, they work together to expand their range of criminal creativity and affirm each other in their brutality.



dennisintn said...

i have wondered about that, but i can't work satish into the mix. surely not all three of them are equally sociopathic. they all obviously have the pathological liar part down pat.

Anonymous said...

In history there was always a great woman behind a hero, women were always ready to accept the destiny. When women met the wrong men like Joran and Paulus, the sociopsychopaths, the woman's love, trust and dream were drugged, kidnapped, raped, and killed by these sex predators murderers like Joran and Paulus. Matter of fact the whole island of full of these dangerous sex rubbers and criminals including Oduber and Rik Smid. Some many cruel judges on the island Aruba have connections to the NYC. The judges had a lot of sex palys in their mind, that's how this Forum Non Convenience Cruelty comes about. They mishandled the Civil Case and awarded money to the Criminals. Natalee placed her dream and sweetness on the attraction of this island animal Joran, and were crushed by the whole sociopsychopath government of Aruba. Anita was a victim also. She was sweet and innocent from the beginning, and however she was imprisoned by Paulus and brain washed, and compressed into a harden ungly asexual coconut, being kicked and abused her pervert murderous son Joran. Who is the culprit, the Dutch. The NYC judge is also an Aruban black coconunt. They all nuts, asexuals. They are the garbage of the mankind. Boycott Aruba! Boycott Dutch.

blackhawk said...

I think your right there...These guys are dangerous and free and still on Aruba...THEY are still the PRIME suspects in this case and their convoluted lying AFFIRMS that suspicion...I saw a article on Scared Monkeys where it shows the informal report by Van der stratten taken from Joran van der sloot and JVDS states that he called Deepak kalpoe to pick him up and Deepak arrives with 2 [Dogs ?] and rapes and kills Natalee Ann Holloway and burys her by the fishermans hut....just as Beth Twitty stated many months ago...yet they remain free on Aruba...WHY? I want to apologize for my absence here lately as we had a illness in the family and I was kinda swamped with things to do...Justice...We must have Justice for Natalee and her family...Boycott Aruba!!!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you back blackhawk. Sorry to hear about the illness in your family.