September 26, 2006


The other night I was flipping through channels and I immediately stopped when I saw a very sweaty Lionel Richie dancing and singing on BET. However, it was more like flailing his arms around with that big white toothy grin.

“We're going to Parti', Karamu', Fiesta, forever…Come on and sing along.”

I’ll admit he still seems to be a great performer, but you could see his age coming through. The sweat dripping down his face looked like a bad day for a jerry curled ‘soul glow’ dude like Rick James.

Throw your arms in the air like ya just don’t care, “Tom bo li de say de moi ya Yeah, Jambo Jumbo…Way to parti' o we goin'…Oh, jambali. Tom bo li de say de moi ya Yeah, JUMBO JUMBO!”

Looks to me that good old Lionel is in preparation for that big soul concert in Aruba. I wonder if he’ll have fellow Alabama’s Tommy Shaw from Styx sing the Diana Ross portion for the ‘romantic ballad’, “Endless love”. (Blotting my eyes) That song just brings tears to my eyes.

Shame on you Lionel Richie! You are from Alabama…don’t you care about the people from your state? Whether they are black, white, rich, poor. You are all supposed to be “Alabama homies”. Instead you turn your back to get that last chance of “stardom” (next we’ll see him on “Dancing with the Stars”). What if Natalee was YOUR daughter, Lionel?

Just keep on with that Uncle Tommin’. Hope that works out for you.


Anonymous said...

I can't find a good link. if you are a memeber feel free to let him have it about playing Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Since the decline of Detroit automotive industires, many Motown fans lost their jobs, and their support were dwindling. By going to Aruba, Riche "Tommie" is making the matter worse, they will lose a lot of rich white babyboomer suburbanite fans.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! You guys are still at it after all these months. Maybe Mr. Richie does not believe the lies the media tried to pass off about the three suspects who were found not guilty!
Time to move on guys. There is a war on terror and a war in Iraq that deserves more attention. Maybe work on getting gas prices lower. You know, work on the stuff people care about. Not this old cold case.

Michelle said...

Listen, if you aren't interested in this case, then WHY are you on this blog? Go somewhere where you can catch up on the war and gas prices. This blog relates to ARUBA, NATALEE and THE NETHERLANDS.


Anonymous said...

Michelle's right. Why are you here? And Guess what? If you come back here months from now. We will still be here. We aren't going away.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tommin??? What the hell is wrong with you? Do you know how offensive that term even is? Just because he does not care or is even educated about your little boycott is not a reason to be such a racist.
I am so over this boycott now.

Michelle said...

The term Uncle Tom is not racist term. It is what blacks called other blacks during slavery and post slavery. These are the ones that kissed ass to the white people and didn't stand up for themselves and even told on the other slaves only to "up" themselves. I am only calling it like I see it. Lionel Richie cares about money and pleasing the white world...that doesn't make the term "uncle tom" a racist.

Besides, I called Dompig an Uncle Tom a long time ago and no one said shit then! Like I said, I call it like I see it!!!

Deb357 said...

In other words, Lionel Richie can go blow it out where the moon don't shine.

Even if Lionel Richie had this gig scheduled in advance, he had over a year to cancel.

heh, I wonder if our good ole' Lionel Richie was in Aruba just for a show. With all the drugs in Aruba, he probably stocked up on his addition while there.

mayan_moons said...

Hey Michelle & anon & DEB!

lol.....i love that spirit!~

Beth looked great on Greta yeah!