September 03, 2006


One year ago tomorrow, a Predator was knowingly unleashed by Aruban authorities. The Predator had just turned 18 years old. The Predator was unleashed even though it had been established that he had been lying about what happened to Natalee Holloway since May 29, 2005. The Predator had been manipulating others to believe him...not just regarding Natalee...he’s been using the tool of manipulation for many years.

The predator continues to crave his need for illicit sex and spying out more potential victims. This Predator has lied, caused pain, bullied, used his control over others and situations, and has always had to have things done HIS WAY for years and years.

This was known about the Predator. However, nothing was ever done to stop him.

His parents knew there was a problem. They openly stated that the Predator had been in therapy for anger management. The parents knew their son snuck out of the house and would drink and gamble on a frequent basis. So, why did the Predator have his own playing field…his own pad…his own house of horrors? What kind of parents would or could mold and shape this kind of monster?

How is it possible? How? But it is possible. That is because Natalee Ann Holloway is not with us right now. We cannot find her. We do not know what happened to her.

But the predator knows.

And others know.

An entire island’s future weighs on what this CHILD Predator did...his family and others did whatever they could do to cover up the truth.

All over what a stupid KID did…a stupid move, a stupid decision, a stupid event that would not have happened if the Predator’s parents were taking care of their parental duties.

Why are the Arubans allowing this to continue?

A year goes by… The Predator is laughing.

There is a huge nation of people that will see to it that this Predator will not be laughing much longer. The truth WILL come out. Or Aruba will perish into distant HISTORY.

Aruba? Aruba who?


Anonymous said...

The great nations include China/HongKong/Taiwan and Singapore. The Great Teacher Confucius says the bad parents and the predator son are of the same root. To correct the problem, one of the parties at minium has to be in jail to pay for the mistakes made by the other. Either Joran, Paulus or Anita needs to be imprisoned in order to cause a change in Joran.

Anonymous said...

The Aruban banks offered free travel credit cards, bad credit ok. The account credit limit is $1000. The cash advance credit limit $500. Annual fee $50. Hospitality 25%. Free admission to Joran's Lion's Den orgy shows daily with card holders.

Anonymous said...

Confucius also teaches that rampant eating and sex are evil. Most are carried on from generation to generation. Anita's rampant eating will cause Joran to be a 400 lb soccer potato, and Paulus's rampant sex has already caused Joran to have become a serial sex predator, wanting to rape and kill any females including his own mother. Joran has an extremely cruel sex mental profile. Confucius said that animalistic behaviour is coming from the father side, the mother side's uncaring is only fueling the fire. This Joran sex predator wild fire is burning out of control in Aruba. Every Aruban is fearing for his/her own life. The hands of the Aruban government are tied by the Elite Dutch in Holland. Nothing that the poor Arubans can do, they just are waiting there helplessly to die in the Joran sex wild fire spreading from the Mariott beach to all parts of the island. The only way to escape is to jump from the California Light House cliff into the Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

This predator learned the game from someone....hmmmmm maybe a parent who indulges HIS fantasy...why didnt the Dutch consider your Pops judge material?

Anonymous said...

At the time of Confucius, his famous "3-Words" philosophy canon text bundles described that the Aruban like people were being buried alive as doormats for the death of the Emporor's daughter like Natalee. Guys like Joran, Depak and Satish were slit and split in halves hanging out on the bamboo posts to feed the fire dragons. For the perverts took the Emporor's daughter at night, and not returned her to the castle in day break. Many of these perverts were children of the king's ministers. Those were the ancient laws, they are equally enforcible today, whether they are Dutch or not. Nobody in the world can tolerate rapists muderers like Joran. You will see justice will be done just as in Thailand as what happened. But they got a real confessed Predator Joran in their hands. He is no looney, Joran is a real killer. In ancient Chinese justice, he is dead man already. Just don't go to China or Aruba, you hear. Aruba will be closed and sold to China at any momen now. Just get your ass out.

Anonymous said...

according to scaredmonkeys. Chris Cuomo is doing an interview with Joran Van Der Sloot on Good Morning America. Tuesday the 5th

dennisintn said...

putting anita and paulus in jail wouldn't faze jvds. he's a sociopath. the only thing he cares about are satisfying his own wants and needs, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy them. you could skin paulus and anita alive in front of him and he wouldn't flinch at all or do anything that would cause him any pain or inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

Aruba's tourism continues to drop off rapidly. There is little conference tours ordered by some small unknown companies, not big fish spending. Netherlands is the most corrupt country in the world, no reputable company wants to associate with it. Until the Royal Mounted Dutch Toppers solve and crime and arrest Joran, people don't see how the Aruban government can survive.

Rammstein said...

Dear Anonymous, the Netherlands is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. In the last global corruption survey (by the international watchdog Transparancy International) the Netherlands was ranked 7th in the ranking of least corrupt countries (Finland being number 1 and Bangladesh number 133 and thus one of the most corrupt nations).

In fact there are more than 1,600 US companies alone who have subsidiaries or offices in the Netherlands (US state department 06/06).

And the Aruban government will survive for at least 4 more years until the next elections. Hopefully the disappearance of Natalee will be long solved by then because the parents of Natalee deserve to know what happened to their daughter (and offcourse the guilty parties arrested and sentenced).

Auntiem said...

Extradite the 9/11 terrorists Netherlands!!! Or do you have a World Wide policy of protecting murderers???? Guess that's why Holland is turning into a Muslim state!! What say you, Ramm????