October 02, 2006


If you would like a packet of marketing goodies
and other boycott materials please contact Michelle at:

Email: michellesaysso@sbcglobal.net

By Meri--Aruban Boycott Contributor

GOOD NEWS!! The boycott is spreading fast and our membership is growing by leaps and bounds. You don't have to read the blogs here and you don't have to like the bloggers...just request a kit and get started on helping us send our message to Aruba. Help us tell them that we mean business and that we will NOT go away until they stop the lies and the cover-ups.


If you can afford to make a donation toward the cost of the material and the shipping it would be appreciated. Michelle and Debbie P. have put a lot of money out of their own pockets to prepare the kits so it feels right to help them in their efforts. Even if you can't...still ask for a kit and follow the directions so that you can help. You won't just receive a sticker...there are many materials in the packet that you can use to make a difference...with NO EFFORT on your part!


This is the ONLY official boycott site endorsed by Beth Twitty...help her find her daughter.


Anonymous said...

The GRASSROOTS BOYCOTT MOMENTUM is for people and by people to root out the corruption and uncover the coverup of Natalee's cruel murder by Joran in Aruba. From Day One, we never have lost our focus on Joran. He is still today's No. 1 criminal suspect pursued by the whole world. All the Kingdom of Holland and Aruba are sponsoring this criminal Joran with a Dutch blonde prostitute to humiliate all the American people and tourists. Boycott Aruba is the only option chosen to break Aruba down to submission. For no one and no government can be above the law!

Deb357 said...

I think it's about time we all got together and helped Mickey Johns and Abraham Jones(2 security guards) in Aruba. I am in an attempt to contact NAACP to help them out in their ordeal. Being wrongfully acussed and falsely arrested of a crime because of 3 young punks who lied to save their own hide. Write to your nearest chapter or to NAACP International. http://www.naacp.org/advocacy/international/
to email:jwatkins@naacpnet.org

NAACP to Use U.N. Status for New International RoleHalf a century ago, the NAACP mounted a crushing legal assault on racialsegregation in the United States.

Now, the oldest and largest U.S. civil rights organization is carving out anew role for itself on the international stage, as U.N. adviser on socialand economic problems facing Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean andLatin America.

The 500,000-member NAACP has been recognized by the United Nations as aninternational nongovernmental organization, with special "consultativestatus" to the U.N. Economic and Social Council, a designation that willallow NAACP officials to propose council agenda items and makepresentations.

But the organization formally known as the National Association for theAdvancement of Colored People is already planning to use its new U.N.standing to broker agreements between developing nations, U.S. policymakersand creditor agencies such as the World Bank.

NAACP Department of International Affairs
1156 15th Street, NW Suite 915
Washington, DC 20005
Tel: 202-463-2940
Fax: 202-463-2953

Michelle said...

Deb--that is so kick ass. One of the many projects of the boycott.

They aren't going to even know what hit them...

The eye before the storm...

Anonymous said...

WTG Deb!

I want Aruba to suffer. Suffer like Beth has for over 15 months. Natalee is most like gone from this earth. She probably suffered a horrible death. One can only imagine.

I want Aruba to go down to nothing. No tourist, no Aruba.

Boycott Aruba People in the Name of Natalee!

Beth needs our help. We're all she has.

Get your kits today! I received mine and have stickers all over my car. I want everyone to see what Aruba has done to Natalee & Beth.

Beth wants Natalee home, that's all. Let the mother have her child. Let her have a proper burial. Wouldn't YOU want that for your child?

We must force Aruba to give Natalee back by Boycotting tham.

Let's take them down!

Get your kits!

mayan_moons said...

I'm getting mine (kit) any day now & i can't wait! I'm extemely pleased that our members are climbing eacb day! No real American could ever turn their back on one their own. Alot of people know about Natalee thanks to Fox & CNN & MSNBC but ALOT of people don't watch news, especially twenty somethings & teens. Its our duty to get & keep the word out about Natalee. Now more than ever as aruba starts to throw money at the touist promotion machine instead of locking up the guilty ones & running those involved in the crime & the coverup out of their jobs.


Contacting the NAACP is a fabulous idea! Lets contact Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson too! All prominant blacks should see how aruba treats blacks in their country.

Deb357 said...

Excellent idea mayan. Thank you so much for the great suggestion.

If anyone else can come up with more contact information on Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton please post it here for us all so that we may all write or email to them on this very important issue concerning Mickey John and Abraham Jones.

May God continue to watch over and bless us all

CONTACT: Rev. Jesse L. Jackson
Butch Wing, (510) 701-8955
Tracy K. Rice, Esq., (310) 994-8583

Al Sharpton
1001 6th Ave., Suite 1211
New York City, NY 10018

Deb357 said...

This Boycott is towards Aruba for all the wrong they have done to ALL victims, not just Natalee.

I think these two gentlemen need to be put in the public view as well. Being their Human Rights, Civil Rights and Discrimination Rights were completely and in every way violated. These two gentlemen need publicity and
help like Natalee. They deserve to have justice as well and justice brought against those who placed them as persons of interest and suspects as kidnappers, rapist and murder over lies brought fourth by 3 lying hithins whose agenda was to use any means to escape their own confictions.

Boycott Aruba!

dennisintn said...

deb, i agree with you. the two security guards, and we've just read that the young people and l adult who raped a l6 yr. old girl at her school are not going to be prosecuted. the young girl has had to be moved away from her family and off island to continue her education. this atrocity was a gang rape that was cellphone photographed and sent to different other people for their sick pleasure and may be showing up on the internet for all i know. this child will never receive justice and maybe never be able to rejoin her family on the island and the perpetrators go scott free. just like j2k and their friends. there is no justice on the island.

mayan_moons said...

Your right its not just about Natalee. I am horrified at the way aruba treats its women & girls. The 16 yr. old who was raped & sent away recently alledgedly to *spare her* the ridicule & shame is in effect exiled from the island. If aruba treats their little girls this way i'll bet framing 2 black men for murder is the least that could happen to you.

Deb357 said...

You know, this really erks me to read that about this girl. A 16 year old girl. How can Aruba not prosecute these punks. They will only do it again.

Where the hell is United Nations, they serve to protect women and girls from these tragic crimes. Especially when they are ignored and cover up.

We have a lot of work to be done. United Nations has been slipping on their job and they need a wake up call.

Deb357 said...

I have another idea for everyone to do to help further with the Boycott!

Create accounts for MySpace, Zorpia, LiveJournal ect and post to all the Aruban girls, or any girls for that matter, this link...


Tell them to please take a look at the link and show it to thier friends and family. That one day it could save their life, loved one or a friends life. Pass it around!

Also you could past and copy the flier information for them to see about the Boycott Aruba. These type sites are mostly geared towards teens and young adults all over the world.


Anonymous said...

Today the Aruban Scandal is tearing the GOP apart for the new blood Alabama Governor Bob Riley to come in and take control of the party. Alabama is the most patriotic and loyal state to the Union, is not like the movies boy governor of California who sold the soul of Californians to the foreigners. Alabama is the most economic capable among all the states of United States, she has the top money winning technologies in bioengineering and moon space development enterprise. Grassroots Aruban Boycott is spearheading in ridding the corruptions of government in Aruba and the White House. The Senate is restraining the unruly Bush from further damages to the basic constitutional rights of all the Americans. The Senate also desires to stamp out the corruptions and coverup of the rape murder crimes in Aruba, and provide good paying jobs to all the law abiding Arubans. Oduber is the one PM who made himself above the law by tolerating the Dutch boy Joran rapists muderer behavior. Oust Oduber! Boycott Aruba!

Anonymous said...


Quote from: XXXXXX on January 16, 2006
I wish there were some attorneys eligible and willing to work pro bono on behalf of these 2 security guards. I know the NAACP is based in the U.S., but could they possibly help them out?

Quote from: YYYYYY on January 16, 2006
I thought that was a good idea so I sent an email to the Washington Bureau of the NAACP tonight. I'll post back when/if they reply with what they say....

Quote from: YYYYYY on January 18
Update. I received the following response today about my request for them to considering helping to clear the two security guards in Aruba:

Thank you for contacting the NAACP Washington Bureau. We are the federal legislative liaison office for the NAACP.

Unfortunately, we do not have a branch or offices in Aruba; therefore there is nothing that we can do to help these individuals. If they have legal concerns in the US and are seeking legal assistance, they should feel free to contact us.

Thank you again for contacting the NAACP Washington Bureau.

BFN has made some effort in this regard quite some time ago.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "He (Joran) is still today's No. 1 criminal suspect pursued by the whole world."

So, Osama's been caught?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "The Senate is restraining the unruly Bush from further damages to the basic constitutional rights of all the Americans."

Out of curiosity, when did the horror of the disappearance of Natalee become yet another political platform for the left wing liberals?

Anonymous said...

The slim lady said to the shopping carts pickup boy when he was looking at the Natalee Magnetic sticker on her SUV. "I boycott Aruba, also Bush this time. Bush has lost all his sensitivity."

Deb357 said...

NAACP recently branched out Internationally. They are also affiliated with Interpol now as well.

Contact NAACP International.

Deb357 said...

I like this saying...found it over off of al.com. Oh so true.

If you like seedy tourist traps, Aruba is the place to go.

There will always be chumps who flock to places like Aruba.

Deb357 said...

My reasons for being here are simple....

"God was able to use me, one single person, to make a difference in the life of a child I've never met and will never have the pleasure to meet. What a joy to be used by our Creator to be touched by the life of someone else".

Anonymous said...

Here is this crappy woman roaming around Aruba looking for rapist for fame. Aruba is really deserted anywhere you go. Not a soul to be found. Anything thing Aruba can think of and blunder is beyond unthinkable. You were damaging the jet engines when you sprayed that cold sea water over JetBlue while it was baking under the boiling sun. JetBlue will have to replace the jet engines soon, or they will risk an engine fire and crash into the Aruba sea. Just don't fly JetBlue, they are dangerous! The JetBlue are mindless and maddening, why can't they just roll out the red carpet at the Oranjestad airpot to welcome the first Aruban arrival customers. The WaterDown is a bad omen, begining of the end to all the Aruba tourism. People are real mad now, the hotel services is lousy, the food is bad, and they are losing all the bets at the casinos. The pool water is poisoned by the algae because the hotels can't afford the clorination anymore. The whole Aruba is really crappy with the crappy woman, even worst than the first one was there few months ago. Is so disgusting! People wondered why Anita and Deepak were so available? Is this a prepaid waterdown by ATA to cleanse their tarnished image? Aruba is crappy or naughty or what! People just don't understand it. Boycott Aruba is the right choice for all the caring Americans. Not this crappy woman with wooden flip flops.

Anonymous said...

Another shocking news the rats in Aruba are attacking the wild donkeys and domestic animals. The Aruban rats can carry rabies from the migrating black sea crows. Some Arubans who ate dog meant or donkey meat were becoming very sick and insane. and had internal bleeding, a symptom of rabies.

Anonymous said...

More state governors are joining Alabama Governor Bob Riley's quest for the White House in 2008. Gov. Riley is the new Republican son who has the undisputed honesty to lead our nation. He can see the evil in Aruba and wants it corrected. Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia are the three forerunning states supporting the Aruban Boycott. The election year dynamics is making Michelle's website the most visited forum by the politicians. Many other states are thinking about joining the bandwagon to boycott Aruba just making a good no frill agenda at no political cost. Bush is the one paying all the PR expenses with his political capitals. Aruba is under the seige now, and the Dutch are giving up on Aruba for sale.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate at all. Jerry Farwel is a big old fat rat as far as people can remember his past link to the sex scandal that brought down the televanglist Jim Baaker in the 1980s. Hillary has a daughter Celsie living in Europe. Did Hillary the New York Senator ever say a word to help Natalee. I am among the maddening mothers who are very concerned about their precious young daughters travelling aboard during the holiday seasons. I am not saying Hillary is a bitch, but I am sure to say she is totally uncaring. Hillary could have done a political favor for the greifing mothers by snapping on the head of the NYC judge to clear the way for the Joran Trial. I said Jerry Falwel is wrong, he should never pamper Hillary. As a member of the Aruban Boycott grassroots voter movement, I clearly will support Alabama Governor Bob Riley for the 2008 Presidental Candidate to Energize our party. Bush has completely destroyed the credibility of the GOP. Our whole country now is in limbo. Boycott Aruba!

Anonymous said...

The Holland interview did flare up the outrageous sentiment of the whole world for or against Netherlands. The existing of Natalee's Alabama Driver's License and Joran's video sex DVD is real. There are also numerous carbon copies of these two incriminating evidences distributed among his accomplices. One thing we all know Joran will not destroy his original copies and will claim his wealth from the book deals and movies. Joe T. and Greta already jumped into this new Natalee frenzy to defend Joran's latest version of his beach story based on these two concrete forensic evidences. All the previously collected crime evidences were destroyed by the Dutch and Aruban authorities. The greed and competitions between the originals and the carbon copies for wealth are the real Devil that eventually expose the murderous behavors of the Dutch and the Arubans.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not Aruba! The Citgo Boycott is the first tsurami of the Aruban Boycott. You have nowhere to run but washed out to the Atlantic. Too late now, you creeps!

Anonymous said...

From the tone of her words and read between the lines, don't trust Greta. She is pro-Joran. She is in for the kill, the book deal and all her movies and doumentaries. Her employer Fox encourages her to do so. So Greta is just a commercial, there is no human in her. She is just a money machine. The next thing Greta wants to do is to find ways to halt the Aruban Boycott, the most troublesome Joran hate site. Boycott Greta, Fox and Aruba. God bless America, God bless Natalee.

Anonymous said...

After listening to Beth saying she had accepted that Natalee is unrecovrable. People in the whole have the anger in their heart because they realize Natalee could be their own daughter. They don't Greta at all, and they just clicked off the Fox cable. People want Nancy Grace to give more airtime to interview Beth. People over the world are buying more American products, and flying more Boeings. They hate the KLM Airbus, their toilets stink so bad. They dump the Heineken and Dutch cholcolates, think they got the GHB in them. People love more American Budweizer. Kick the Dutch, Boycott Aruba to death!

Anonymous said...

Joran has made America look so bad. We are very angry at the Bush Adminstration. We will vote the Republicans out of the Congress!

Anonymous said...

I am 18 years old Catholic blonde girl and also registered voter. I hate Joran and Bush, I love my country USA. America is No. 1. Why can't Bush just tell Joran go to hell, you son of the Dutch!

Michelle said...

I'm with you, blonde and Catholic, but only 15 years older. ;) Bush
doesn't worry about "the little things" like missing people and murder. He's
too busy covering his ass with this stupid war.

It's not Bush we should be worrying about. It's the Aruban and Netherland Government. AND THE BOYCOTT! Come and register! You'll get lots of goodies!

Anonymous said...

Many foreign death row inmates become temporary sociopath counselors, assuring their relatives all will be fine and painless.

"This must be very hard and difficult on my dear father Paulus and Aruba than it is on me because I am ready to go to sea," says Joran van der Sloot, who kidnaped, raped and murderred the American tourist teenager Natalee Holloway, just one hour and 2 minutes before dying of lethal injection.

In a 2009 log entry, a black guard takes cellphone pictures of Joran with visiting immediate relatives including his blind old mother Anita Dompig.

"I will thank you for all you have done for me and fed my family," Joran van der Sloot says 6 minutes before his execution on May. 30, 2009. In his blue platt shirt pocket is a small wooden blue k-shoe that, as noted in an earlier Internet log entry, a Dutch caretaker gave him.

Joran van der Sloot was captured in South Florida, convicted of killing women in separate rape drugs crimes in the 2000s.

Victims' advocate Nancy Graceland regrets that those raped women who were cruelly murdered couldn't have a similar diary of their last hours.

"We don't hear what the victimized women went through and how tragic and horrific it must have been sitting there, laying there, standing there, pleading there knowing you're going to die at the hands of these sociopathic rape drug killers," says Nancy, executive director of Victimized Parents of Murdered Children.

Prison chaplain Pat Fawell, chief counselor to many foreign dealth row inmates on their last day hours, concludes that as much detailed, emotionless and factual as the computer death logs are, they never show the whole true story, the inmates carry their lies with them. Boycott Aruba!

Anonymous said...

Aruban Boycott is a bipartician effort to root out the corruptions and coverups in that tiny stingy Aruba Dutch Antilles colonial nation. Aruba's cruelties acted upon our American Honor Student Natalee Holloway have made us Grassroots Americans look so bad and angry. By being bipartician means you and me are marching on to Aruba to find Natalee and bring her home to our beloved homeland of America USA. Michelle is a very gentle, polite and beautiful blonde. She is well spoken and has a kind and big heart. Michelle is very talented, by receiving her free Aruban Boycott gift packet, you will be delighted it makes your day. The beautiful turnkey Natalee Magnetic materials that you decorate your new vehicle with will draw lots of admirable attentions that you will be proud of. Please order the free gift pack from Michelle today now!

Dan in Tx said...

A friendly reminder to all bloggers: we must do our best to honor the family's wishes, not our own agendas. The Holloways and Twittys are quickly coming to the point where they are turning away those who are not willing to do EXACTLY as they want, regardless of how dedicated and sincere those people are to Natalee.

Deb357 said...

Dan in Tx...

We are doing what "the family" asked for us to do.

Boycott Aruba and avoid anything Dutch related and spread the word.
This is exactly what we've been doing. Infact, many people have been helping "the family" to further the Boycott and it's working, I'd say.

So what's the problem? I didn't think there was any, personally.

If the Holloways or Twitties feel there is a problem, they need to personally step up and say something. Other wise, I think the boycott will keep moving full steem ahead.

Beth has communicated well with Michelle, and has indorsed her Boycott Aruba Grassroots Movement 100%. I don't think we need any bloggers to tell us how "they" feel "the family" feels, thank you very much.

Meri said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Meri said...

I doubt VERY much that Beth wants ANYONE to march in lock-step like some robotic, mindless puppets. If the "Family" had any plans or strategies they would surely implement them with or without the "bloggers". We are ALL volunteers and we blog because we CARE about Natalee and her family.

Your comment is an insult to many of us who have spent hundreds of hours trying to help the family find answers. That would especially include Michelle and Deb P. who have worked together to create the marketing materials for the grassroots movement without any help from some of the family members. The ONLY family member who has been in contact with Michelle and who has even offered to fund it, is Beth Twitty.

When YOU have accomplished as much as Michelle and made strides forward as she has than you will have the right to speak out and tell people like her to do as she is told.

You have NO idea how much time and effort has been put forth by people like Faith, Blonde, Don, Frank and so many others who remain behind the scenes and don't seek attention.

Grow the hell up....... NONE of us will be told what to do and you are totally out of line.

Anonymous said...

Dan in Tx, you are seriously ill. You need help man. Can you tell us EXACTLY what the family wants?

My mind tells me they want Natalee and justice for her but please do enlighten me/us.

Do you know how many hours people have worked to search for answers in this case? Real answers? Do you know what the word research means?

Oh, one more thing, who the hell are YOU to say EXACTLY what the family wants?

Michelle hun, keep in truckin' and nevermind clueless idiots like Dan.

Boycott Aruba!
God Bless Beth~Pray for Natalee.

Anonymous said...

I remember when the first mention of "boycott Aruba" was made. The Arubans actually began to shake in their pants at the very thought anyone would attack the tourism of their "Happy Island". They came up with many reasons why they thought a boycott to be ridiculous but never once did I see one that could outweigh the life of Natalee Ann Holloway. The decision has now been made initiated to move forward with boycotting Aruba. This is one of the few options available to FORCE accountability in Aruba for the life of Natalee ..
FORCE VIA THE POCKET BOOK of ARUBA...just remember Aruba started this when they did not follow through with Justice for Natalee. Aruba has brought a boycott upon themselves!!!

From the tremendous amount of research that followed Natalee's disappearance ...ARUBA HAS BEEN CERTAINLY EXPOSED.... as not such a happy island afterall but a MECA for "COVER UP" crime and corruption. ARUBAN LAW ENFORCMENT IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE...it seems that on Aruba that the ALE is the last place you want to go if a crime has been committed. It basically puts the evidence in the very hands one would NOT want such to be in. Its tainted, vanishes, doesn't exist, destroyed, buried, hidden, whatever etc.. They don't give a horses behind as to what the real meaning of JUSTICE is..and absolutely do not to THIS VERY POSTING want to be held accountable for anything related to Natalee's disappearance and her case.What a frick'n bunch of LOSERS that have congregated on Aruba. You have heard the old saying "birds of a feather flock together"....well so do loser people on Aruba. Excluded are those in Aruba who are actually good people. I know they are there but they are in NOT in CONTROL of the government nor in positions of authority. I am holding everyone responsible for the SAFETY OF NATALEE while visiting ARUBA to be ACCOUNTABLE FOR HER while in Aruba. NO EXCEPTIONS. SO if a boycott is necessary to force accountablity LETS PROCEED FORWARD

IF you look at who was on Aruba merely the week that Natalee disappeared you will notice that Aruba is a place where those meet who are major players in corrruption AROUND THE WORLD. Just get their names and google them. It does not take much research to find related history of their behaviors. Doesn't it make sense to you that many of those in corruption would at the minimun drool to "STEAL" a girl like Natalee. PROFESSIONAL THEIVES..thats their business..THEY STEAL!!!!!
THey can't get what they want in an honest hard working matter. Instead they have to STEAL..just as what has happened to Natalee.

The boycott of Aruba is absolutely necessary. I encourage everyone reading this to stand your ground for Natalee. She is an innocent victim who can not stand up for herself. Therefore because we are RESPONSIBLE LAW ABIDING FOLKS we are the only ones who can stand in the gap to DEMAND JUSTICE FOR NATALEE and accountability for her life.

Thank you to Michelle for the creation and production of the boycott packets. The materials I received from her is absolutely great. I appreciate her diligence and forethought in the production of those materials.

I urge anyone reading this post..that if you care about justice, care about life, are responsible then please make your voice count and STAND UP FOR JUSTICE FOR NATALEE...BOYCOTT ARUBA! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The real victim in all of this is Natalee. No matter if she is alive or dead the fact remains that she is a victim. She is a victim of Aruba, all of those involved in her disappearance, all of those involved in the cover up, of crime and corruption.

Its a shame and disgrace that it has come down to having to boycott Aruba to demand that justice be made in reference to Natalee. Aruba has always wanted this case to go away ever since Natalee vanished.

For that reason I think everyone should take the opposite approach
and do everything possible to expose what goes on illegally in Aruba. A good attorney will tell you documentation, documentation, documentation and to always keep copies of your correspondance.

I think it would be a good idea to create a new website just for documentation pertaining to boycotting Aruba. MAke it public!
Take the documentation and evidence to the world via the internet.

Keep documentation in mind when you are working on the boycott of Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Aruba!.....




Boycott Aruba! Don't go there, don't buy there, zip, nothing...no

Anonymous said...

Frank, I think you possibly hit a nerve and exposed some major stuff going on behind the scenes in reference to Natalee's family. I encourage you to move forward and reveal more. Its not fair that Natalee's dispearance be used as a devise against Beth through vengence and jealousy of others.

Anonymous said...

Beth needs to take complete control and charge of Natalee's case. Dave needs to get rid of his Bamalady. She is an embarassment to him and this case.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is the eManager of the Aruban Boycott. She is the unselfish young woman seeking Justice for Natalee by political means. Michelle's vision is BOYCOTT ARUBA Find Natalee O/ Lies Corruption Injustice. Her words are most feared by Aruba and Holland. That is the only way to Find Natalee, and BOYCOTT ARUBA is the only option left when everything else failed to persuvade the corrupt Aruban and Holland governments. Boycott the Dutch products starting at home is the correct way to get started. Let the Dutch companies feel the heat, and they will do something to Aruba. The Senate already did it by outlawing the Dutch Offshore Online Gambling homebased in South Florida. Aruba gets hurt most because their hotels and resorts are run by the Dutch Offshore Online Gambling Mafia. Many going to Aruba to spend the night because they were awarded points from the OnLine Poker Tournament chaired by Joran and Paulus. The only sole purpose of Aruban Boycott is to target and destroy the kidnaper, drug rapist, and murderer Joran Paulus. The Natalee Families are well familiar with Michelle's strategy. Every Natalee Families supporter can do this boycott and starts not buying the Dutch products for home consumptions. It is that simple. Just download Michelle's receipe into your pixphone and you can do it for Natalee and help to bring Natalee home.

Deb357 said...

"Let no one be discouraged by the belief that there is nothing one man or one woman can do against the enormous array of the world's ills -- against misery and ignorance, injustice and violence... Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation...
It is from the numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man (or a woman) stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he (or she) sends a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."
-Robert Francis Kennedy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Beth needs to take complete control and charge of Natalee's case. Dave needs to get rid of his Bamalady. She is an embarrassment to him and this case.

I agree, however, I need to add to this. Dave doesn't only NEED to get rid of his Bamalady, he NEED's to set his wife straight as to who the Mother of Natalee is.

Robin too has become an embarrassment to this case. She should back off and let Beth handle this case.

Robin has made a fool out of herself @ BFN along with many others there. Debbie & Robin want to be famous. They have let the world know how foolish one can become.

Bless yall's little southern hearts.

Debbie, your getting Robin to come to BFN has backfired on you and Robin.

You two will see in time what damage you have done, in writing.

Anonymous said...

You have many followers. You handled the emotional crisis very well. I admire you deeply.

Deb357 said...

Ok, enough of this already. No more bashing Robin please.

I am honoring Natalee, and if we bash any of Natalee's family we are not honoring Natalee.

I think Robin has been blind sided and tricked by certain people from BFN. I pray she does not get bit hard or hurt by this.

Anonymous said...

The truth is the truth as has been spoken in the posts of this blog. I remove the "bashing" descriptive word from your statement. Robin's actions has brought this criticism upon herself. You can defend her all day and night. It still will not make what she has done right. Just as Aruba, Robin has to held accountable for what she does.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Natalee!

Anonymous said...

I think Robin should boycott BFN and Aruba to redeem herself and forgive herself.

Auntiem said...

That would be a very good FIRST step!