October 04, 2006


I want you all to know I have no intentions of leaving my role in the grassroots Aruban Boycott Movement. However, after a certain upsetting situation occurred, I am contemplating whether or not to continue this blog on a daily or even frequent basis.

Last evening a family member emailed me and asked me to remove a certain post of Meri’s. I felt pressured and between a rock and a hard place. Since it’s my blog, I knew that if I caused drama and unnecessary chaos and fighting I would be the fall guy…Why? Because it’s my blog.

Meri, who has been my savior, mentor, second mother, idol and wonderful friend was very upset with me for removing the post. My logic of doing it? It had already been up for a couple of days and my blog stats showed that hundreds had already seen it. Not to mention the entire buzz on the forums. It isn’t a secret like some want it to be. With that many people involved, someone talks.

Too bad Joran, Deepak and Satish didn’t use that tactic.

Meri’s most important quality in a friend is loyalty. We have that. We trust each other completely. I don’t think I have ever had a complete loyal friendship like ours. We have so many things in common, specific interests and beliefs, and we both have that certain spunk. And you know what? I’ve met her once in person, and have known her for only 10 months.

Meri questioned my loyalty towards her by removing the post and told me off in the way that you know Meri can. To put it in a light manner, she “broke up” with me over removing the post.

I am no longer her friend.

She’s written me off.

That was one of the biggest losses I have had in many years. I never wanted to be involved in the drama, the egos, the inter-fighting. Because of this I’ve lost my closest ally, emotional and spiritual supporter.

I have dedicated myself for almost a year getting the word out about the boycott. I immediately came off brash, and people didn’t like me at first with my Joe M. association; but then some came to know me and like me. I held on during all the ups and downs and developed a following. I have had so much help from people like Meri, Deb P., Richard, Don…to name a few. No one can do this alone. For a task this huge, help is required. The boycott is gaining a huge momentum right now…are there are so many things behind the scenes that you don’t see or know about.

Since Meri has ended our friendship, I am not going to the “secret” meeting. I WILL however, continue the grassroots boycott on my own and if anyone wants to help, JUST BECOME A MEMBER. I had a conversation with Beth about a month ago and gave me the complete OK of how I want to do things. Therefore, I don’t feel that I need to follow rules or play nice with the people that screwed over the family and caused chaos on themselves.

My involvement was like a “calling” for me. I had no choice…it was an automatic response that has never occurred in my entire life. My relationships with family and friends suffered, my parenting suffered, my job suffered, my life was consumed. I am sure that many of you can identify with with me on that point. I’m just semi-single working mom raising a very rambunctious 2 ½ year old. I am not being paid for this blog. I don’t advertise. Deb P. has put in over $700 of her own money on magnetic bumper stickers (those aren’t cheap), and I am out approximately $600+. We never required a donation, but gladly accepted donations for the marketing materials and in fact got some very nice donations. I even took the time to send out thank you cards to anyone that donated. That’s how much I appreciated it and care about the supporters.

I am getting nothing out of this but the feeling of doing the right thing and taking a stand instead of sitting around and complaining over the injustices in the world.

I will update the blog as necessary. Until Holland gets to Aruba NOTHING is being done in this investigation. Holland reported they WILL be going down to Aruba; but during Beth’s Holland interview the other night, she pleaded with them to help her…as if they reneged or never intended to help in the first place. More of that lip service.

If you still want to join the boycott movement, or know of anyone who wants to join, PLEASE email me or send them my way at michellesaysso@sbcglobal.net. I haven’t given up on Natalee or Beth. I’ve just given up on the drama due to the loss of my friend and the overwhelming negativity it has caused in my personal life.

PS—Just a note: For those who think I’m boycotting the Netherlands, you are dead wrong. I wrote the post about not using Holland based products and just said "don’t use these products until the Holland officials get their butts down there”. Until they start their investigation buy another brand. I offered other choices. It’s a statement of principle. Not a boycott.


Anonymous said...

Do somebody have to buy an inferior piece of expensive furniture from IKEA, a Dutch furniture company which just opened another new store near our nice neighborhood. People always think Holland is woody (plenty of good teak wood carpentry) with wooden shoes. It is so shockful for people to find out IKEA got some many plastic parts in their dressers, the draw rails are all made of plastics, no metals. And the wheels are so hard to roll in and got derailed so easily. Once that happened, the whole drawer got stuck in with your brand new dresser mirror suite. The service is bad, IKEA's phone line is always busy. Finally, we got help from our credit company to file a dispute against IKEA, and we don't have to make any payment until they responds. I will not buy any more Dutch products, simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you have many, many friends who don't speak much, supporting you. You are their mouth piece of Justice for Natalee. You have done nothing wrong. And there is a disclaimer in your blog. Your loyal fans just say hi to you and cheer you up. We just don't quote Beth anymore. We will continue to boycott the Dutch to death. Dutch sucks Aruba. I don't think the Dutch can completely coverup Natalee's murder, as long as Aruban Boycott is here to stay.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, when your blog is silent, Natalee will be forever silenced. Your blog has always been the stimulus to the cause.

Anonymous said...

One thing that should never suffer for any reason is your parenting. It may not seem that important now, but in 10+ years, you will have a teenager with a hole in his/her heart who will be looking for comfort elsewhere if feelings of abandonment develop now. They do not go away. It is not too late, though, reassure your baby that he/she is the most important thing in your life, and happy ever after. :)

Anonymous said...

Let me just respectfully say that you Michelle, Meri & the rest that have been the backbone of a noble cause,i admire ya'll & what you stand for here.

I saw the comment & don't understand why a family member would ask that it should be deleted. I understand it from both your points of view & hope this won't be a permanent divide.

Anonymous said...

Well you made a judgment call and now you feel bad about it. I can understand you wanting to do the right thing. I don’t know what was said in your post but hopefully you will think about deleting a person you consider a good friend. This is not about friends or hurting someone’s feeling. You need to put that aside and remember it’s about Natalee and this goes for Robin and Meri.

Meri if you are reading I hope you reconsider your leaving the forum. By you leaving that means you are giving the bad guys what they want. From what I understand you have said how you feel so let’s move on.

The only person that I would remove a post for is Beth or Dave and that is final.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you've done an amazing job! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Why would a family member as for the post to be deleted?

The truth was posted?
A nerve struck?

Boycott Aruba
Justice For Natalee

Anonymous said...

Let's suggest to Robin to create her new "Holland Boycott" to devote her energy there. We all love Robin, and there are no disparities among us bloggers for Natalee. Holland is a deadbeat. It's not going to do anything about Aruba. All these cold case squad talk is just lip service and big joke. Believe it, Holland has made itself the most hated bad apple amid the EU members. Holland cheated, stole, counterfeited and backstabbed many good friends.

Gagirl said...

And it’s all because of Robin causing my dilemma of what to do.

Do any of ya'll ever take responsiblity for your decisions.. what a bunch of bull.. YOU made the decison and now you are blaming someone else for it. I don't expect this post to be published.. as obviously this blog is all about EGO's and has very little to do with Natalee.
Bunch of whine bags! Get over yourselves!

Make a decison and stop shifting the Blame!! No one is responsible for your actions except yourself!!

Gagirl.. aka the dingbat that's still waiting for her ass kicking.

P.S. I just hope you and Meri can work out your courtship.. love's a beautiful thing.

wingnut said...

Michelle, thank you for doing the right thing. I hope that you will not quit. Please don't let Robin's meddling drive you away.

Debbie said...

Let me explain something to everyone... Robin is Natalee's step mother, when it comes to issues that concern Natalee it is not "meddling".

wingnut said...

Robin is a STEP parent.

She does not have the same rights afforded to her as a parent.

ONLY Beth or Dave have the right to ask anyone to remove anything.

Andie said...

Michelle, I am so sorry that you have lost such a close friend as Meri. Reading your post has saddened me...not only for you and Meri, but for all of us involved in "bringing Natalee home."

I believe you are an honest and sincere soul, and I believe the same about Meri. That is why you have lost one another, and it makes no real sense, does it.

The fact that you derive your sincerety by "staying true to the person you are and following your own gut instinct" is why you have lost Meri. I believe Meri has done the same, as I believe most of us, who have been drawn to Natalee have done.

Those actually drawn to "Natalee's cause" have been so, because of the "soul and spiritual link" we have with Natalee and her family. Who can say how or why this type of bond forms? I think only God understands how those dynamics are actually created from one entity to another.

I know that I, myself, as a member of BFN have watched as these dynamics have been created between myself and many of the members there. I respect Debbie and all the moderators there with all my heart. I have bonded with many of the members there in a true and meaningful way...just as you and Meri have bonded.

I have watched as Natalee's spirit has anchored a sincere and an honest need for the TRUTH above all else. If we ever want the truth in life, we first must be true to ourselves. That is what most of us are doing, and that is what each of the family members are doing, too.

Yet each and every one of us speak our truth in an individual way, and each of us believe passionately in our own special truth, and how best to express that truth.

I hope I have made some sense here, because it is very hard to make sense out of the coming together of like-minded souls...and...ultimately their sad division.

We can all heal from this, and, Michelle, I admire you for your open heart in speaking your truth. I admire Meri for speaking hers, too. I understand why you had to do what you felt was right concerning the removal of Meri's post. I understand why Robin asked you to do so. I understand why Meri is upset. I understand that each one of us is only trying to express our own individual truth, concerning "how to bring Natalee home."

Yet, now we have become divided, and it is only because we are being "true to ourselves." Therefore, I believe God has a plan in all of this...lets just try to take a breather and give one another a much needed break. We all are only human, and we are only doing the best we can...God will help us understand what we cannot.

Andie (BFN)

Auntiem said...

Andie, I respect you and many of your posts. Your above post I have read many times, tried to understand and make sense of, but can not. You seem to believe that God intends for Good to inevitably divide. God gave us Intelligence to see the difference between good and evil and the ability to choose between the two. At this point in time, you seem to be unable to SEE. Perhaps, you feel you are in a comfort zone with "friends". Beware, evil has many ways of disguising itself, fooling you with false sincerity. But, that is for you, alone, to recognize and accept. As far as Meri and Michelle, (I feel uncomfortable even discussing such personal subjects, but feel I must as you DID use it as an example of you "division theory") From what I gather, Michelle tried to be magnanious to Robin, and in doing so her friend, Meri, felt betrayed (I think I would've too) When this realization hit Michelle, she showed "the stuff she is made of". She publically apologized to her dear friend. That is truly choosing good, truly seeing!!! Michelle has shown herself, to ALL, that she is a truly humble person, who values family and friendship above all. She has shown what a loyal friend she is. What friend could write her off?

Andie said...

auntiem, I am sorry you did not understand my above post. I did my best to express myself. Sometimes words simply do not cut it, do they?

As far as seeing clearly between "good and evil..." possibly you are the one, who is not seeing clearly. You never know, do you?

In God's eyes or judgment, possibly He does not feel I am clouded in my understanding. However, you are not God, and neither am I. Thus, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME. It gets harder and harder each day in this world for me to understand the intentions of any man...much less...judge him or her. Again, I leave that up to God.

As far as Michelle, I do feel she is being true to herself; ultimately, that is the best any of us can do. The ultimate success in any man's life is "to know thyself."

Yet, in this world of clouded judgment...one must try not to judge...only God can ultimately do this. The best we have here on this earth is our jury system...this is just my opinion. I am entitled to one...afterall, and again, only God can truly judge me...in the end.

Andie (BFN)

Auntiem said...

Andie, your comment concerning the parting of ways of two very good friends, who have been working "side by side" for along time, with the same goal, the same morals and ethics, the same eloquence and moxey, and so much more in common that I am both unable to go into and unaware of, and your "divsion theory" as being coming from God, is truly what I have difficulty understanding. God does not seperate good from good, or wish pain on altruistic friends. This statement of yours smacks of smugness, don't start the party yet, this "parting" is not a "Fait accomplit". Furthermore, it has become more and more obvious what has happened here, In an oh so incidious way RU infiltratrators have managed to not only ingratiate themselves at BFN, they have taken over BFN. That include YOU, Reality(aka Alvin) Gagirl and Ramm. There is no such thing as "change of heart" as you proclaim. First: Anyone who would waste more than one moment on that disgusting site is questionable, much less people who stayed, and posted evil things about Beth AND Natalee. Second: These previously mentioned posters either posted simultaneously at both RU and BFN, thus talking out of two sides of their mouths! Others, supposedly had a miraculous change of heart or mind after several months or as much as up to a year, sorry, this does not wash. The others who have been loyal posters at BFN KNOW what and where these people have been and have been doing and choose to accept them. They read the horrific things said about Beth and turn their heads, but when Robin is criticized for praising the Beth bashers, the cry is taken up for poor Robin, how badly she is being bashed. She is NOT being bashed, She is being told that she is WRONG, wrong for befriending and defending those who have spewed hate against Beth. I hope you are reading this BFN people, reading, thinking and searching your souls.

Anonymous said...

To depart Aruba, and not to depart Natalee. That is the answer.

Anonymous said...

God will send a shower of bedbugs over the Arubans' butt. Let them suffer and no sleep! Bite them hard, Lord! Avenge! Avwnge! For Natalee sake! Boycott Netherlands, Boycott Aruba!

Andie said...

auntiem, I am sorry you do not understand where I am coming from. Although, you do not, that does not make me any less credible. As I said, you are not God!

If you detest BFN so much, then it certainly would make sense that you do not go there.

I am sick to death of all the back stabbing critics, who believe they have the right to judge the minds and hearts of those on BFN. For the life of me, I simply do not understand why you bother to go there...is it just to start trouble and criticize?

All of this bickering and the hurtful gossip is not helping Natalee Holloway nor her family. In fact, it is hurting them. If your purpose is to divide the family and the supporters of Natalee, then you will destroy Natalee, too.

BFN is BLOGS FOR NATALEE! The family reads there, so why should Natalee's pictures not be posted there? It is not YOUR JOB to tell anyone, who can post what. You are not the management of BFN! BFN has tirelessly stayed true to Natalee, just as Natalee's family has done, too.

It is not BFN, who is hurting anyone in Natalee's family, it is those who are gossiping and back stabbing on some of these blogs.

Thank you, Michelle for allowing me to post here.

Andie (BFN)

Auntiem said...

Oh contraire, I know exactly from where you are coming!!!!And you know I know, that is what disturbs you!!! I know that someone else has divided that family, long ago, by supporting, defending and praising the evil ones on BFN who have bashed Beth so horrifically and have posted even worse things about her wonderful, sweet daughter. Beth would not waste her time reading at BFN, for which I thank God!! She does not need to see her child's picture being posted by these evil doers, with the person who seems quite pleased with what they have said and done to her. I have gotten this straight from someone VERY close to Beth, so it IS a fact. It is the TRUTH. And I will comment no further to you. Go back and tend to your "child" at BFN!!

Andie said...

Who are you calling my "child?"

I don't know why you would bring my "child" into this. I lost my child months ago, or at least my youngest child. I have no idea where you are coming from...I truly mean that.

The family does read at BFN...at least a part of Natalee's family does. Therefore, I can see why pictures of Natalee should be posted there. All those pictures can do for the public is to show what a sweet child Natalee is. That could never be a bad thing. BFN remembers Natalee, and so many intelligent and dedicated members are devoted to researching her disappearance.

I do not doubt that this blog shares in the dedication of spirit to Natalee, too. If this is where Beth reads, then that is a good thing...that Beth finds solace and peace here.

I simply do not understand why we have to have division. Both websites are devoted to Natalee in their own individual manners.

Michelle is management here, and then we have management on BFN, too. Ultimately, that management makes the decision of what to post and what to not post. That should be respected...bottom line.

Thank you again, Michelle, for allowing me to post here.

Andie (BFN)

Auntiem said...

The "Twisted Sisters" of Bfn strike again. Just another blatant example of how you and your "family" over there twist and spin peoples words every chance you get, and, like Robin, portray yourselves to the world as the innocent and beseiged victims. Ever the victims. You know very well to whom I was refering as your "child" your "pride and joy" the miracle that you have all performed over at the "BFN Family"(or as Softail calls you " The Reality Cult") by converting Reality into the "new" and improved version you proudly proclaim him to be. Please don't insult our intelligence just because yours is so clouded and warped. To even suggest that I would EVER be so evil to attack you on a personal level by alluding to a family tragedy, tells me exactly how your mind works. Mine does not operate in such a malevolent manner, and I offer nothing but my condolences and sympathy for your personal loss and grief. I said this before, and this time I will hold to it. I will NOT have any further dialogue with you, PERIOD!!