December 26, 2006


First of all I'd like to say Howie Mandel is next to Pauly Shore as one of biggest washups from the 80's, and how he managed to get a show amazes me. The other thing that amazes me is that this show is popular?! I guess I just have higher standards in television...I only watch cable shows that are intellectually stimulating rather than watching some fat-ass bus driver from Scranton, Pennsylvania begging his family to decide if he should "go for it"! It's embarassing to see how Americans will behave just to be on TV...

Also, Howie, I must say the bald look is NOT for you.

But that's not my point. I was told by "People for Natalee" that 'Deal or no Deal' is giving out trips to Aruba as prizes. Now we all know that Aruba is giving away trips like Paris Hilton gives away her 'uh-hum'... Aruba needs to give out free trips to get people down there so they can "up" their tourism rates and "prove to the ignorant people" that their island is doing just fine.

Can't you see behind the big "black curtain"? It's not the Wizard of's a small group of people led by Eddie Briesen, the PM of Tourism, that is pimping out his island to save his political ass.

Please write to Deal or no Deal, or even Howie himself and tell him or NBC how you feel about them allowing to take free trips from Aruba as prizes/"favors". I wonder how the show would recover if something scandlous happened to one of their "winners". Then what? I wonder what Steve Cohen, Mr. Hollywood is doing these days for his Aruba tourism efforts?

I say, NO DEAL!

Check out Howie Mandel's LAME interview and his loser bio..
What has happened to Hollywood standards?

Contact NBC


Anonymous said...

Once you get there, they will steal from you to get even. You will become a fair game in Aruba. There is no free lunch in Aruba, ladies and gentlemen. You have to spend a lot of American dollars there in taxi cabs, tips for the waitpersons, and the beggers on the street. Aruba also expect you to buy some rape drugs or hardcore drugs. The ALE is also watching you closely and try to write you a ticket. It's not worth going down to Aruba these days, they have become very mean and despiteful to all the American tourists. Very dangerous place for a family vacation.

Anonymous said...

Joran's new Dutch book on Natalee's disapperance was scheduled to come out in January 2007. It was said the book will include pictures of Natalee's driver license and her underwear. These exhibits are used to prove Joran's beach story is true. Joran will tell his detailed intimacy with Natalee, and how he got hold of the artifacts. But the lies and forgeries may bring the elements into the story, making the new book a NO DEAL or a bafoon.

Deb357 said...

What pisses me off on the idea of Joran having a book release using Natalee's Driver License and or her undergarments is that the ALE or even the KLPD would not arrest Joran for having these items. Theft comes to mind if he has these things. Not to mention sexual assault if he holds a missing girls items such as her undergarments.

Somehow I hope the Holloway/Twitties can get to the ICoJ with this case and blow Aruba out of the waters. The bastards!

Rammstein said...

the last media-report about Joran's book was when the deal was struck with Sijthoff the publisher.

There is no shred of media-gossip/news in the Netherlands to even suggest anything like him having her drivers license and underwear. There simply isn't.

And if he had he would make himself even more suspicious.

I can't even find a US source (on Google) that claims Joran's book will include pictures of Natalee's drivers license and underwear. But if the anonymous poster that claims to know this has a source, I would love to know about it.

And last but not least, the book is due to come out in the SPRING of 2007, since when is January part of "Spring"??

If anything, the publisher will try to print it as close as possible to Natalee's disappearance (I guess no earlier than April and no later than June).

Michelle said...


I agree with you on the point where it was implied that Joran has Natalee's driver's license and underwear. Now to me, that just sounds outright ridiculous and total BS. If he is guilty of something, why would he keep that evidence around? All the other evidence has been "lost" or disgarded. He even cleared his entire hard drive in the beginning of June. It's completely illogical.

Too much gossip. Let's get to the facts that we actually know.

Anonymous said...

Aruba has lynched on America with the Aruba doctrine of "No Body, No Case" in the investigation of Natalee's rape and murder by the JK2. Ramm of BFN strongly supports the Aruba doctrine, and interprets that prejudice is 100% compatible with Queen's Dutch law book. Hence some questionable images from the Joran's purported processions of Natalee, such as the photoshoped N&J new year party picture, will not make Joran's reputations less innocent. Joran is a dumb man and doesn't write well. His biographer needs some senationalism to sell his book to make a profit. In Joran's mind, anything is evil possible. Nobody can say that Joran don't have those items. He was the last one admitted by himself sleeping together with Natalee on the beach. He could even say that those undergarments were gifts given to him by Natalee. That is all his sayings and lies.

Anonymous said...

The new book by Joran is trying to paint the euphoria happening at the beach, to lessen the guilt of the rapists and murderers. In many porn movies, girls were shown giving away bra and undie, throwing them in the wind to the perverts. To increase the girls go wild self gratification feelings. It's more like Joran was saying, it's the girl, not me. I was the victim, she was seduceress. Let not be surprised there will be much more lame pics like that appearing on the new book release.