December 17, 2006


I guess Aruba isn't the only island with problems. Doesn't sound like these governments are doing their job by incarcerating criminals and protecting their "precious tourists and their millions of dollars". Get rid of the corruption, pay-offs, trafficking, racketeering, the forced prostitution...

Mmmm....yeahhhh. Sounds like paradise to me.

More US cities are catching wind of the impact of crime on tourism in Caribbean countries. Some American dailies as well as the US State Department have warned travelers about possible dangers they could encounter traveling to the region. Different types of accommodations are also susceptible to specific types of criminal behavior, according to warnings.

According to a Washington Post report, properties that offer a romantic and isolated get-away are sometimes easy targets for criminals because there is either little or no security. There have also been more small hotel and motel break-ins, and thieves have hit vacation rental spots, the report noted. Another trend reported is hotel room break-ins while guests are in them. Popular items for criminals to steal include techno gadgets such as cameras, cell phones, and lap tops. Tourists also often report that their cash, passports or credit cards have been stolen from them. In some cases, the victims have been raped or killed.

...A State Department spokesperson told the Washington Post, "We're not saying don't go to these islands. But don't expect because you're in a tropical, relaxed area that you're out of a danger zone. Take the same precautions that you would in other places."

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Anonymous said...

It is good the word is finally getting out to the public on these places and how dangerous they are.

Anonymous said...

Another reason for not going to Aruba is the heavily contaminated sea water along the hotel beaches that ATA is covering up the warnings and hazards. The chemically made mineral brine used in the oil well water injections in Venezula are leaking into the Aruban sea. All the seafood are poisoned with heavy metals which cause cancers and tumors in human brains. Aruba would not dare to sue Chavez for damages and sufferings of deseases.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you posted this blog. Any stats on if tourist are honoring the boycott?