May 01, 2007


Bon Dia Aruba
April 2007

Contents of the book have the Dutch people angry and disgusted because of what he writes. Joran vd Sloot published a book on the Holloway case and describes himself as a 'Pathological Liar' and still believes in his innocence related to the Natalee Holloway case. His mother will also publish a book but at the end of this year.

His biggest error that he made was to leave Natalee Holloway alone on the beach. This he says in his book brought a lot of negative attention to him. During a television program this week in the Netherlands (the only interview he gave) he describes in detail what happened, according to him that night, when he met Holloway.

It must be said that the Dutch newspapers wrote about the book and also gave its readers the opportunity to react on the book and this young person. It must be said that practically none of the comments were positive and most were venting hate and anger towards this young person and all were considering him as a threat and a disgrace to society. Very little, here and there, left a good word for vd Sloot, who is well aware of his acts. Vd Sloot is aware of the fact that this case can be 'stashed away' [translating 'doofpot' - ag]. But he is so tired of this entire case that he does not care what happens now.

For now, he is studying business and some day wants to return to Aruba to start a business on Aruba. The question that many made was if the contents of the books could have an influence on the case that is still in full investigation and if it can affect him as such in an either positive or negative way, because the book is fairly detailed about what happened.

At the same moment vd Sloot continues and repeats various times that is a liar and that he still likes to lie and it comes easy to him. His first relationship that he had when he went to the Netherlands last year, lasted a very short time because of these reasons. But now he has a stable relationship with a person who believes what he tells her. And that's why he does not want to lie anymore. Time will say if the book that he published will have any effects on the case that is still ongoing.

At the same moment, Anita vd Sloot also has an idea for a book on this topic from a mother's point of view, and what were her feelings around this case. But seeing that her son published his book first, Anita vd Sloot decided that she is not going to publish hers yet until the end of the year to give her son a chance to get on the market and see how the reaction is.


donald said...

So Joran wants to return to Aruba a start a business. This is possible provided the business has something to do with license plates.


Anonymous said...

sounds like he will be out of business even before he gets started.

Auntie said...

Umm! In this case I really don't think the Truth will set Joran and his Papa Pimp free, do you?