May 01, 2007


If you have seen many of the news specials with Greta regarding Natalee, you might remember how she went on and on about how there HAD to be witnesses on the beach. Then she mentioned an individual who lives on the beach stating, "a drug dealer who is related to a high ranking official." We all know who she is talking about!


It has been a known fact for many months that Gerold Dompig is related to the infamous "beach bum" drug dealer, Bouti (Booty?). Why did Greta and her talking-head guest not mention this or use their names when their identities are already known? I also felt the way she spoke about them was very odd. It was something in her voice. What is she trying to hide? Grow some balls names, bring up the relevant information that you are privy to and that could lead the case in another direction. Maybe then the Dutch would interview Booty and Dompig!?


Why did Greta NOT use Booty and Dompig's name?


Anonymous said...

How about this:

Because the last time she used names, Joe T. threatened her with a defamation suit. In return for not suing, Greta needs to buy into the Joran spin and also ALWAYS give Joe T. the final say to close the show.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Greta was talking about Booti. I know much of what she said "sounded like" him. BUT, both Greta and JQK said he was the SON or STEP-SON of an important official. Booti is neither. And, Dompig also isn't someone I'd think of as important.

Michelle said...

She was talking about Booti because JQK laughed when she said, "I know his nickname." Wouldn't the name Booti make you laugh too? It's so apparent that is who she was talking about! And she was wrong about calling him Dompig's stepson...she's known to produce misinformation.

Anonymous said...

Greta used the beach story to protect her lover boy Joran. She and Joe Tarcopina tried to frame the rape and murder of Natalee on Booti, the beach bum drug dealer. Greta started and continued to lie about the beach story just like Joran. The American viewrs are not too happy about it.

Anonymous said...

The conflict starts to emerge. ALE wants KLPD to pin the murder and disappearance of Natalee on Booti. KLPD won't, because they are honest cops.

Anonymous said...

Notice how Jossy wasn't on the show.

He has written off Greta.

Now she has to rely on Julia for her "info."

Greta and Joe: Stop trying to frame Boeti. No one believes you. (Not even you!)

Auntiem said...

That's a good one..."Renho Info" aka lies, lies,That's a lies!
Greta was definitely referring to Boeti, as she slowly and determinedly described...",,a relative of a Police Official, with a shady backgrouThat's a good one..."Renho Info" aka lies, lies,That's a lies!nd...." and she di it in a way one would think Jossy was not fluent in English.
Her first ploy, to shift the attention of the Dutch Investigation onto the Kalpoe brothers, failed, so undaunted, Greta proceeded to ask Jossy if he was satisfied that all possible suspects had been questioned. Duh! Greta, it has been two years!!!
She made a fool out of herself acting as Taco's puppet, trying her hardest to steer the focus away from the Van der Shits, but Jossy is way too smart for her. All she succeeded in doing was proving the dumb fool she is and looking like an evil, angry witch while doing so.
I hope Jossy never gives her another interview!
Greta left Beth on the Beach, when, after her "Chock full of Lies" interview with the Sociopath, she left us with the n'er to be forgotten words ".. I'm inclined to believe him".
Taco must have something BIG he is holding over her head!!!