May 27, 2007


Saturday night came and went...nothing from Greta on her news "special"....Sunday afternoon comes and goes...NOTHING. A "phone in" into the show does not constitute a CRIME SPECIAL as was ADVERTISED.

Duped yet once AGAIN...

GRETA! You have LOST ALL RESPECT from not only myself (a LONG time ago) and hundreds of others with your pitiful "teasers", repeated stale information, lack of follow up questions, pathetic fluff pieces, etc. For someone who is probably paid millions, you certainly don't do your JOB. You are no reporter. You aren't even a decent "defense attorney". Frankly, you are a joke. You never report anything new. I find more relevant information from my own research, leads from "regular people"...not the MSM, the internet, up-to-date and thought-provoking blogs, and others who follow this case by putting their personal time and effort to get the REAL NEWS.

If you are an example of what a reporter and an attorney are in this country, then I would suspect that A LOT of us should start sending out our resume for YOUR JOB. Go join the firm of Joe Tacopino. You'd make a great addition to their "Dewey Cheatum & Howe".

Click here to watch the boring clip of Fox's "special" last
night...that is, if you have nothing better to do.


mayan_moons said...

Hey Michelle!

I just blasted Greta over on scared monkeys for doing a 2 minute call in last night. Her teaser's make me wanna barf.

This is a slap in Natalee, Beth and Dave's faces aswell as their supporter's.

Anonymous said...

I just realized the other day that Greta is "into" Scientology. It seems to have had something to do with her leaving CNN. Maybe her "friend" Tom Cruise told her to back off. Their cruise ship was just off the island when Natalee disappeared. He might feel it is a poor reflection on Scientology's Vacation Place.

Anonymous said...

It is incomprehensible that Greta not only allows
van der Sloot to repeat his vile smear of Natalee that is his beach story but even then goes on to support it. No one in the court of public opinion or a real
court should get three broadly-defined attempts to come up with a credible alibi story. This is van der Sloot's third story. Greta could at least point this out given that she is supposedly doing a justice show and the suspects could still be wide open to a
kidnapping prosecution were by some miracle
reason were to prevail in a Dutch court.

Anonymous said...

Just think about the psychology
of what Greta is doing. No sooner does she switch sides than she is right back to Joran's
second story about the Kalpoes being
the last ones
with Natalee on the beach.
Isn't this just further proof
that the beach
story was originally designed to leave Deepak on the beach with Natalee?
And isn't Joran's current lame
internally inconsistent
beach story
just a byproduct of
a second botched frame attempt, the
first being the
whole Holiday Inn/ security
guard fiasco?

Auntiem said...

"Missing in Paradise", finally made ts showing on FOX last night at 8 or 8:30 pm. I just happened across it at 8:30 and it didn't look like I missed much.
Guess Greta chose to go with the more "sensational" story of Rosie attacking Elizabeth on the View. At least Rosie got the descriptions right, fat,ugly, lesbian Rosie... innocent, sweet, Christian Elizabeth... Well, Trump can say what he wants re Elizabeth, but she shut Rosie up, put her right in her place and NEVER called her one name (as the Donald so often does).

So far I haven't found anyone who watched Greta's show, and it's driving me nuts. Greta said that when Beth and Jug first arrived at the Sloot's ONLY Paulus was there. She further mis-informed the public by saying when Beth FIRST met Joran he was at the HI and when she asked him for her daughter he pounded on his chest saying"....what do you want me to do..." At first, I thought Beth said this last night, but now I am thinking it was Greta's narrative that was all screwed up. Hope someone else saw this.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Greta start with why Van Der Straaten was put in charge of this investigation in the first place. First off we have found out from Ex-Comissioner Zandamm that V/D Straaten shouldn't have been assigned this case. It's not work for a Commissioner. Then you have to factor in that he's Paulus close friend. That is not some conflict of interest? Then there is Karin Janssen. She is a friend and co-worker of Paulus. And she is assigned to handle the case. Hmmmmm. Both have made "mistakes" as Greta calls them. In favor of Paulus during this investigations. Straaten refused to arrest the punks even though he knew they lied. He arrested the security guards even though he knew they were innocent. Janssen threw Paulus a bone by letting him walk by writing a letter to free. When there was NO reason to. Then you have another friend of Paulus. A judge friend who was staying with him. He changed the search warrant. Between Greta and Jossy. The Holloways never stood a chance. Both talk out of there butts.

Michelle said...

All of you are SO RIGHT. There must be some underlying reason why these facts are not brought out, because THEY (MSM) read the blogs. What's in it for Greta and all those holding the red tape?

I know myself and other people are emailing Greta and other shows...but we should keep at it.

What's that old saying about the squeeky wheel? You dig?

Michelle said...


I waited for the "scheduled" broadcast both Saturday and Sunday and other than that crap phone-in from Greta, I did not see the "special". Since it is a holiday weekend, I did not sit and wait for Greta to grace me with her presence. If you or anyone has the video to this let me know.

Anonymous said...

I do believe the special was a rebroadcast of the March 06 episode she did. Not sure though. Didn't see it either.