May 28, 2007


I don't want to think this, but I feel Dave is in denial about getting answers from the Dutch and is clinging to hope that I don't think exists. And of course, why shouldn't he have that right to that ounce of hope?! I am not trying to take that away from him. I am not asking anyone to believe in my cynicism about this case.

What is Hope Anyway?

"...But there may be a turn in the case."

"...more hope for clues has emerged."

"The Dutch are very secretive on that type of thing"

Being realistic, how could anyone know if new clues emerged if the Dutch are mum? Don't forget the line HOPE in that sentence.

How could there be a turn in the case if the Dutch aren't talking? Don't forget the line "but there may be" a turn in the case. Another clench of hope.

"One of these days we'll find the answers."

One of these days could be a very, very long time. Look at Amy Bradley's family. Look at how other countries treat crimes against non-citizens (let alone their own citizens!) I just can't sit here and pray and hope that something happens. I don't believe the Dutch have uncovered anything that isn't already known. I don't think they will prosecute anyone. I think they went to Aruba for "show" in order to save their reputation and help Aruba look good. I hate to be so negative, but after two years of getting your chain pulled will dull anyone's senses and shatter any ounce of trust.

I hope to GOD I'm wrong.

(Source)--This marked another holiday without closure in the case of missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway. However, some of her relatives in Meridian say they now have renewed hope that this could soon change. It has been almost two years to the day since Dave Holloway's daughter Natalee was last seen.

On May 30, 2005, the then 18-year-old disappeared while vacationing with school friends on the island of Aruba. Since that time, all leads have pretty much turned up cold. But there may be a turn in the case. Natalee's father said Monday that Dutch authorities took over the investigation from Arubans about six months ago and more hope for clues has emerged.

Unlike in previous searches, Holloway says just last month Dutch authorities did a full search (Fact: they were not actual "searches" like the way Americans think of crime searches; they were surveys of the areas in question.) of the property belonging to the three men who were last seen with Natalee. "Well, they had the forensic team on that property and they have since left and gone back to Holland," Holloway said. "And as I understand, there are still 4 or 5 other investigators still on the island." (Just because a forensic team is present and investigators are there with pen and paper in hand doesn't mean squat. Maybe that's why they are "secretive"? Because they aren't really doing anything?)

As for the results from the recent searches, Holloway says it's unknown when those could be released. "The Dutch, unlike the Arubans, are very secretive on that type of thing," said Holloway. (I rest my case...)

For the Holloway family this renewed investigation has brought renewed hope. "One way or the other, I think (operative word) we'll finally get answers," Holloway said. "And when it will be? I thought it would be long before now but one of these days we'll find the answers.".


grass said...

You are too funny!

Anonymous said...

How can you have any hope when a Dutch judge redeems the prime suspect from the no man's land
of a third attempted alibi story that doesn't even
begin to hang together - all on the grounds that
his cohorts have managed to tell a consistent story about where they supposedly dropped him off?
Under a pure common law regime, van der Sloot
would be prosecuted for kidnapping without
prejudice to possible later actions that could be
brought for higher offenses.

Anonymous said...

I can only figure that Dave may have more info then we do.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is no accident the "Arubans" finally decided to "ask the Dutch" for help with the case. If the Arubans were so inclined, I think they would have done so a very long time ago. But, the didn't. I believe the "decision" to "allow" the Dutch to become involved came from much higher up the echelons of political power. And, I believe the intiation came from here.

I feel the inclusion of the Dutch was from the standpoint of "go find the truth and prove it" I don't believe there was a "see if you can" in the decision makers discussion.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I read somewhere that the guy in charge of the Dutch investigation. Nominated Paulus for Judgeship.