July 16, 2007


Watch the CBS video HERE.

Warning, this video is a very long and boring segment.
In order to watch you will have to endure
CBS's morning moron for 6 minutes.
No wonder why CBS's ratings suck.

Looks like Aruba's marketing people are really working overtime these days. In fact, they gave away a FREE trip to Aruba on CBS's Early Show last week. I hope the winners know what they are getting into.

I found it comical that the crowd and the winners themselves clapped more when they announced the other additional prizes, aside from the trip. Maybe the winners were disappointed they were going to Aruba and not Hawaii or somewhere more beautiful? HA! Let's hope so.

While announcing the free trip a little Aruban man comes out with a Gomer Pyle-Style and tells them the typical BS. "We are a wonderful island. The beaches are beautiful," blah, blah, blah. Their usual retoric. Isn't that the greatest facade of Aruba? It's their specialty. They lie about their crime stats, boast great hospitality, beautiful beaches and are the most wonderful people in the world. This usually wins the gullible people over with Aruba's transparent BS in hopes to lure them to hell's island and then victimize them. When the trip is over, they will just laugh and then in the same thought wave and smile as the tourists board their planes to leave.

Some of us are smarter than that.


Anonymous said...

The Super Archie has Sat TV transmitter to broadcast the search mission worldwide.

Boycott Aruba said...

I wonder if they will take their daughters to the dangerous island of Aruba? They both look blond, just what they go for there.

Anonymous said...

Aruba is a Special Administrative Region. Even though KLPD have found ALE had been lying, changing and destroying the police statements, they have no power to overrule the ALE. The Natalee case got stuck forever for now. Anyone including the Americans who hires Joran will not be punished by the Dutch.

Michelle Says So said...

Not to sound crude, but yes, they are taking their daughters. It's a good thing they are very little. Let's just hope neither of them turn out like Madeleine McCann who was abducted from her hotel room in Portugal.

This is to the winners of that trip to the evil island:

Beware. Watch your purse, drinks and belongings. Never leave each other's sights. Don't mingle with the locals.

In fact, just stay in your hotel room the entire time and order room service everyday. You're kids are too young and will never remember the trip anyway. Just hole yourself up in a room and have a second honeymoon.

Michelle Says So said...

To anonymous above:

Even though KLPD have found ALE had been lying, changing and destroying the police statements, they have no power to overrule the ALE.

PROVE IT. You are full of some serious stinky horse crap. The dutch DO have power over the case and what happens to Joran. Why do you think they were called to investigate in the first place? Why do you think they are investigating now? Aruba got freaked out in the beginning by all these nosey "outsiders" who wanted to take control. They didn't want their dirty laundry exposed on national TV. So Aruba decided to take care of it themselves.

Now because of the ALE and the Aruban government's blatant stupdity, look where we are now. If the Dutch had no control, they wouldn't be investigating and "wasting their time".

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you are one pathetic loser and liar to boot. Enjoy your day.

Boycott Aruba said...

Aruba will go down. Sit back and watch.

WE Americans will not keep our mouth shut when one of our own is being held up in Aruba due to the corrupt ALE.

We will fight the battle and WE WILL WIN.

Aruba can rot in hell and the corrupt people that are involved can too.

Boycott Aruba

Justice For Natalee

Anonymous said...

How many free trips can Aruba offer to give away before it declare the bankruptcy? Giving away things free is not a good practice business. Good business practice is in for making enough money to pay the debt and still making a profit for the investors. Aruba is reckless and avoiding the responsibility for the international investors.

Anonymous said...

Aruba is a scam and scum by large, many of our political leaders are well aware of it. However, they still enjoy the associations with the Serpent.

Carpe said...

Top of mind awareness! I am not going to Aruba, nor is anybody I love or care about. That is the island that allowed Joran Van der sloot to rape and murder Natalee Ann Holloway. I tell everyone I meet about what happened to Natalee and her family in 2005.

Anonymous said...

The fine print at the back of the free travel package has a disclaimmer. The offer has nothing to do with CBS. ATA shoulders all the responsibilities. Be advised not to handover your credit card to the Aruba hotel front desk.

Anonymous said...

The sophisticated deepsea robot can see the sea floor with good visibility by ultrasound sensors and LED digital search strobe. The seafloor grid have been mapped by the ocean geologists. The ships are ready to move into the area. Natalee will be found soon.