July 12, 2007


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Aruba says the United States Government
interfered with their investigation...

What is the Truth?


It was quickly discovered by the family of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway that Aruban officials had arrested two innocent men in the early days of their investigation.

That fact was just as quickly broadcast over American airwaves, and the American public was baffled at the news. That was simply the first questionable action undertaken by Aruba that was brought to the public’s attention, but it certainly wasn’t the last.

Since then, we have learned about evidence that was mishandled, thrown away, or that has simply disappeared once in the hands of Aruban investigators.

We’ve also learned how Aruba soft-balled the interrogations of the actual suspects in this case, and of highly questionable rulings by the judiciary involved. These instances, combined with several others, eventually brought many to believe there were some less than honest people handling this case on Aruba.

Recently, two Aruban spokespeople, Julia Renfro and Gerold Dompig, gave interviews to a local Aruban newspaper, openly, and we believe falsely, accusing the United States Government of causing the problems in the Aruban investigation – up to and including US Vice President Dick Cheney.

We have also learned that an Aruban delegation in Miami who met with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice the first week of June attempted to convince her they were making good progress in this case, right after they falsely arrested the two innocent men on June 5, 2005.

Was it not enough that Aruban spokespeople have denigrated Natalee and her family for the past two years? Was it not enough that Aruban officials failed to conduct a proper investigation into this matter?

Apparently not.

Now for some unfathomable reason, they are casting the blame and attacking the integrity of the United States Government.

Is protecting their tourism really this important? Or is there something bigger at stake for Aruba that they are desperately trying to keep hidden?

1. Aruba accuses Condoleezza Rice of interfering in their investigation

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with an Aruban delegation the night of June 5, 2005.

That date is a notorious one within the case of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway. June 5, 2005 was the date Aruban officials arrested two innocent, framed, black security guards for the disappearance of Ms Holloway.

June 9, 2005 - Associated Press

Authorities in the Dutch Caribbean island can hold 30-year-old Nick John and 28-year-old Abraham Jones without filing formal charges for up to 116 days. The pair were arrested Sunday on suspicion of first- and second-degree murder and capital kidnapping, the latter of which is invoked when kidnapping victim is killed.


Four days prior to that arrest, Aruban law enforcement and the prosecutor's office knew those two innocent men were nowhere near the Holiday Inn the night/morning of May 29/30th...as they also knew neither was Natalee Holloway. Video surveillance footage viewed by them on June 1, 2005 proved that tale to be false.

Yet by June 3, 2005 Aruban officials were setting up the security guards for a fraudulent arrest.


SANCHEZ: "I was monitoring a conversation not long ago with a lieutenant who is in charge of one of the investigations there in Aruba. And he said, and I’m going to quote him now, that he expected there could be arrests soon. And then he said that they expected to have some more news tomorrow."


Two days later, those arrests took place, and that same night Aruban Prime Minister Nelson Oduber proceeded to lead his delegation in Florida with this tall tale to our own United States Secretary of State – Condoleezza Rice.

June 6th - In spite of these fraudulent arrests with no evidence, Judy Hassell had a massive search re-directed to a part of the island these guards resided in, and Aruban government employees were let off for the day to help.

June 6, 2005

The initial search idea called for an island wide effort, but later changed to focus on the southeastern area of Seroe Colorado and part of San Nicolas, police commander Judy Hassell said. San Nicolas is where the two charged men were arrested.


Aruban spokesperson Julia Renfro stated on July 3, 2007 that Ms Rice interfered with the Aruban investigation to local Aruban newspaper Amigoe.

[b]Did a US official interfere into Aruba’s “investigation”? Or was she deliberately deceived by the Aruban delegation in an effort to have her withdraw her support and concern from this case?


Interview With Juan Carlos Lopez of CNN Espanol

Secretary Condoleezza Rice
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
June 6, 2005

QUESTION: Have you received any update on the case of Natalee Holloway in Aruba?

SECRETARY RICE: We are in constant contact. And I was able to thank the Aruban delegation here last night for the very good efforts that they are making. It's obviously a case about which we're very concerned and we're all watching and working and also praying that this will come out all right.


What does this say about the knowledge of Aruban officals knowing the basis for these arrests was false? And yet they proceeded to expound this frame job? All the while lying to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice – after having arrested these innocent men, they proceeded to tell her they were making progress.

2. Aruba accuses the United States FBI of interfering in the Aruban investigation

Aruban Prosecutor

Authorities on the Dutch Caribbean island requested a special FBI diving team to search waters with rough currents, Aruba Attorney General Caren Janssen said.


FBI Spokesperson

Seven FBI agents from Miami are in Aruba, including two divers and evidence collection and analysis experts, and one agent has come from Barbados, the spokesman said.


Senator Spencer Bachus

U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Vestavia Hills, said Saturday there were circumstances surrounding Holloway's disappearance that warranted the FBI being heavily involved. He declined to give details.

"The circumstances were disturbing," said Bachus, who formally requested the FBI's involvement. "I can't get into it, but it's something the family is aware of. There was an immediate recognition that this was not simply a teen who wandered off."


The first week of June 2005 brought an FBI diving team from the USA to Aruba, as per what appeared to be a "welcome" given by Aruban authorities to allow the FBI to participate in the "search" that Aruban officials felt was key in their investigation.

FBI spokesperson Judy Orihuela lets us know that the invitations and welcome Aruban officials extended to our FBI dive and search teams were merely a charade, as once they arrived on the island they were sidelined by local officials to merely roles of observers and advisors.

FBI Spokesperson

Aruban authorities also appealed for the FBI to send expert divers. The U.S. agency sent two search-and-rescue divers, but they never got in the water.

"They never had any information like: she could be in this place or that area," FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said. "That target would have come from the investigation of Aruban authorities because we can't investigate in a foreign country."

The decision not to dive was "bizarre," said Joe Huston, a rescue diver with Dickinson-based Texas EquuSearch. The volunteer group began a new search in Aruba on Saturday that included divers and sonar equipment.

"If her body was put in the ocean, there's a good chance now she'll never be found," Huston said.


June 9, 2005

FBI dive team has left the island


Were our FBI personnel being strung along by Aruban officials as they were merely puppets in Aruba’s charade of cooperation and transparency for public consumption? It seems our FBI grew wise to the farce early on in this case.

Former Aruban Chief Gerold Dompig tells Aruban newspaper Amigoe on July 3, 2007 that not only were the FBI interfering in Aruba's investigation, but that they also issued threats to law enforcement and Aruba's prosecuting office.

"The American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has systematically hindered the work of the police and the judiciary on Aruba in the investigation of the missing student Natalee Holloway.

“Myself and also the field officer of the justice department on Aruba (at that time the European-Dutch Karin Janssen ) not only had to deal with the enormous pressure from the FBI, who arrived on the island in no time, but we were also obstructed and even threatened.”


Did our government officials interfere in the Aruban investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway?

Or is the United States government once again being used as pawns in what will no doubt become another failed attempt to detract from the facts of this case?


Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee’s Freebirds



Anonymous said...

Although I do not comment often, I appreciate what you are doing. Take care, Mary in Texas

Anonymous said...

The Aruban government head tried to bribe the US Government officials with gift cards, and they were returned back to Oduber the same day. That illegal act set off the distrust between US and Aruba. The FAQ about the missing bales of crack cocaine in ALE's safeguard were never answered by Oduber.

Anonymous said...

The temptations were there. Great Stateswomanship. Aruba is bad.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Freedbirds and Michelle!

What an incredible group of compassionate individuals you all are!

You are such a rich blessing for Natalee and for her family!

Thank you all for your tireless efforts in fighting for Natalee's truth, and her right to be set free!

Anonymous said...

Who touched Whom. Oduber was caught in the act. He tried to interfere for his guilty conscience.

Anonymous said...

You never understimated an innocent sweet young woman. She can read your dirty mind, old man.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Neil. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Can I offer you ride back to your hotel, Miss? My cab drivers are waiting outside in the rear parking lot. Don't go!

Anonymous said...

Our Navy can refuel the American search ships in inernational waters. They don't have to dock at Aruba or Venuzuela. Thnak you for your concern, Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if there is any boycott. The tourists are not coming to your island because might be your prices are too high.

Anonymous said...

One thing I do know the American people do want you Mr. Prime Minister help to find Natalee. The Dutch diploma said you have the sole authority.

Anonymous said...

How about the Dutch Navy in the Aruba waters? How about it? The American search ships are unarmed and will be in ternational waters conducting their business. I would not interfere.

Michelle Says So said...

To this person:

Anonymous said...
I don't know if there is any boycott.

Listen, if you don't know if there is any boycott, then you've been a serious coma under a big rock for the last two years.

Secondly, from what I hear Aruba is pretty cheap because they are desperate for tourists. Do the math.

Michelle Says So said...

Although I do not comment often, I appreciate what you are doing. Take care, Mary in Texas

Mary in Texas--

Thank you for your comment. There are so many people I know that say, "Michelle, why have you been so 'gung ho' about this for the last two years? You don't even know the girl..."

Well, that just proves my loyalty and tenacity (along with MANY others). My mom always used to tell me that I never finished what I started. Well mom, that's no me any more!

Thanks Mary...and rock on Texas! I have family there. They call me a Yankee. lol

Anonymous said...

A huge grease lubricant metal barrel was missing from a local atm repairs shop. Some motorcycle grease was spotted on a sailing boat. More likely Natalee's body was squeesed into the metal container and sealed and dumped into the ocean. The digital dopar sonar can locate the metal container easily. Many plastics lubricants container have stainless steel reinforcement rings installed inside, providing special signatures to the dopar sonar radars.

Anonymous said...

The search team have three undersea robots, one is a grabber, the other is an extender, and the super one is a small submerine. Anyway they will find and locate Natalee if she was put to the seabed. This majestic goodwill mission is gaining momentum fast and getting lots of world attentions. The only thing is, the Dutch are opposing to the idea. They called our government to stop all this insanity. The Arubans say Natalee is a runaway, never set foot on Aruba.