July 20, 2007


Evidently there are quite a few angry Palm Beach County citizens. Doesn't sound like the greatest place to visit with my son or family, if you ask me. Just read on and decide for yourself.


(Palm Beach County)

the not so pleasant side, crime, drugs, murder,
robberies, carjackings and politics...

At the current rate and with the people in charge,
the City of West Palm Beach will look much like Newark, before long.

Officially the 5th highest rate of crime in the country for a city with a population between 75,000 and 99,000. Our mayor and chief of police are so proud! http://www.morganquitno.com/

Things you should know before visiting WPB:

If your car gets stolen... don't count on much help from anyone except your insurance company.

If you get carjacked... maybe you will get a ride home, but carry taxi fare in your sock just in case (14 carjackings, two deaths, in just 8 weeks in PB County).

Going downtown to the famous "Clematis Street" the same place Donald Trump calls the next South Beach (don't believe it) You'll notice that "the Donald" always travels with lots of bodyguards.

Stay in a lit area at night.

Keep your cash out of site.

Leave your jewelry at home or locked in a safe. The only people admiring it are going to steal if from you.

Don't stay late (after midnight).

Be aware that many of the citizens downtown carry weapons.The Palm Beach Post brought that fact to the front page of the local section as a reporter interviewed a local law enforcement officer who confirmed the fact that there are a lot of weapons in the nightclubs downtown.

Watch for panhandlers... especially if you are eating dinner outside.

Be prepared to pay a lot of money for "much of nothing" at the local eateries and bars, everything is way overpriced.

Parking, bring a lot of quarters or use a well lit garage or parking lot near the Clematis.

Do not get into a altercation with any of the "locals" you may end up dead... as one poor soul did in 2003. His killer walked.. read more about the State Attorney in Palm Beach County below, aka: Mr. "Swinging Door" Krischer.

If you do go downtown, DO NOT WALK NORTH OF THE POLICE STATION for any reason or a better landmark, the big well lit building, the county courthouse. It's no mans land and you are asking for trouble.

If you happen to walk downtown during the day, try not to look at the filthy sidewalks and nightclubs facing the street. (They only look good in the dark.... simple pressure cleaning once a month would solve the problem)

Driving back to a hotel (and never stay at one downtown) find out where Okeechobee Blvd is... head south from downtown, onto Okeechobee, then west to the Interstate (95).

Staying north of town? Use the Interstate to get there. Never go north on US 1 (Dixie Highway) unless you are looking for drugs or hookers... plenty of those and if you happen to be talking on your cell phone and miss the business end of WPB, you can find more hookers and crack dealers further up US 1 in Riviera Beach.

Palm Beach county is rated in the top five for its size in drug use nationwide. (Our commissioners are so proud of themselves)

This whole area north of Datura Street and up to the north end of Riviera Beach has been blighted since the 70's and there is no hope of it ever getting plowed under and rebuilt.

This area is responsible for 65% of the police budget annually, 65% of the crime, most of the drugs, and most of the carjackers. It's also a known fact here that 65% of the crimes are committed by career criminals. The reason: Krischer and his buddies, the criminal defense attorneys put them back on the street on a regular basis.

Bump and rob... still a way to get your money. You may be bumped at a traffic light then as you get out find out that you are getting robbed. Keep the doors locked, carry a cell phone, don't wear a lot of jewelry, and keep the windows closed Leave enough room in front of your car in case you have to get out of a tight spot.

Most important... 2 out of every 5 vehicles in West Palm Beach do not have insurance! This is a fact. Many drivers do not have a license that is valid either.

Watch out for the cars that look like police cars but have $5,000 wheels on them unless you are looking for drugs. If you don't see them you can certainly hear them... $4,000 stereo systems pushing 100db's.

More from an angry West Palm Beach citizen HERE


Anonymous said...

The city officers had connections with peer officials in NYC and LA. They had helped to influence the judges there on behalf of Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Aruba compares itself to West Palm beach on the crime rate. So it's still low crime island. They plan to make a moive on site of West Palm beach's hotels based on Joran's beach story book.

Anonymous said...

The collaboration between Aruba and WPB draws the attention of the federal government. The WPB city airport is under monitoring for the unscheduled small aircraft flights between Aruba Antillies and West Palm Beach city proper. The WPBTA said the people were chartered tourists passengers from the Carribeans. But according to the source, those visitors carried large amount of US currencies and Aruban money. The customs officials are looking into the allegations. That could be the bribe money accumulated for the drug lords to buy the influences for the next year 2008 elections. West Palm Beach county and city limits are like Aruba, they were involved in voter registrations and absentee ballots scandals in the past. That could be big coverups stemmed from the drug money trails.

Anonymous said...

The problem of West Palm Beach is their lack of dog runs. People walk their dogs over the beach trails and along the water lines. The dog shits were left raw on the ground and the dog owners did not want to scoop them up to keep beach safe and clean.

Anonymous said...

Cocaine needs to be placed on a sheet of glass to be sniffed off. So Bill O'Riley is lying and making things up to swing the rape drug allegation in favor of Joran. This Factor thing has been shattered. Bill is in real hot water and trouble now.

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly have done a monsterous disservice and damage to the American public by demonizing Natalee as a cocaine user. He must appologize to the American people to get his reputation back.

Michelle Says So said...

"Cocaine needs to be placed on a sheet of glass to be sniffed off."

That is not true. There are many ways to injest cocaine.

Regardless, I believe O'Reilly got his information from Dompig and O'Reilly mistakenly believed this 'incredibly' incredible idiot. Shame on you Bill and Gerald for not doing your homework before shooting your mouths off and disparaging the name of Natalee.