August 20, 2007


Today Scared Monkey's reported that "a human bone has washed ashore on the north side of the island this morning. It may have washed ashore do to the rough seas." (Source)

What is the likihood that it could be Natalee's? Let's see how long it takes for their "forensic" team to figure this out. They will probably claim it was a monkey bone.

What about that guy who "drowned" recently? He was ashore pretty quickly. Why would bones wash up two years later?

We'll never know until we find out what kind of bone it is. Like I said, they will probably declare it's a rare carribean monkey bone that swims in the ocean, or maybe even some rare prehistoric theropod Microraptor or Parvicursor bone!

In any case, "they" (Aruba and the Dutch) will confiscate it and we will never hear about it again.

Wanna bet???


Anonymous said...

I just have to wonder at the possible coincidence of it all.

When, exactly, is Texas Equusearch going to do their deep water search?

How long ago did the Dutch investigators leave the island?

Is this a window of opportunity that Aruba has created for themselves?

I find it laughable that "respected" sources at RU are already touting the story of "the bones are very, very old" so sayeth the PARK RANGER who found them.

Okie doke.

Wonder what the Park Ranger's educational background is to afford his statement to be taken as gospel?

Anonymous said...

KLPD said the sufficient evidences continued in holding the three suspects in Natalee Holloway's disappearance. A confession, reliable statements and forensic evidence of wrongdoing were already in place with the prosecutor. There were no need for more bones to be discovered and collected.

Anonymous said...

The American people don't believe those bones were of Natalee. They were manipulated and planted by the Arubans. Only the FBI Technology that exists can verify beyond any doubt whether or not those bones were of forensic importance.

If the technology wasn't on the ALE' side, there'd be absolutely no reason for the evil Arubans to disturb those historic bones. There are a multitude of reasons for the wealthy Arubans to continue to spin the beach runaway story, being a nuisance and without merit.

The Arubans tried to say now they have the bones, and they will resolve the mystery.