August 20, 2007


"Aruba enjoys a sunny climate, making it a year-round paradise for residents and visitors alike. The average temperature is 82ºF (28ºC), with cooling trade winds and the rarity of tropical storms and hurricanes. Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt."

MY ASS! That bad weather Aruba is getting is just a foreshadowing of the doom to come. I'm just smiling as I sit back and watch.

August 19, 2007--"Well Dean is still leaving us all guessing. I am staying up for the 11pm updates then I will see if I have to change plans again. Most models show Dean going up above 15 north as it passes us, but it doesn't take a direct hit to do damage- like the tail of Ivan the swiped us... I hope all those in his immediate path a safe weekend. The thought of my friends and I will be with you.

At this point for us it is not the threat of a direct hit, but the thought of what the lower part of the system can bring- rain and waves. We had unusually high water at work today and the fish are starting to move into deeper waters or into the lagoon protected by the mangroves. We also had a great view of a tornado/waterspout that was trying to form. It started as a classic funnel that looked like it reached from the low clouds to half way to the hills on the north coast. It hovered then thinned out, expaned to a beautiful half cone.....then poof- three minutes later it was gone. My coworkers that saw it thought it was cool. Then again- a few think this weekend means that surf is up grab the board and hang ten (NOT!!!-storm waves mean strong breaks on the beach and wicked currents- not good for swimming or surfing). To me these are signs of unstable and nasty weather to come, even though I sorely hope I am wrong. We can only watch and wait. To all-good night and be safe.


Anonymous said...

The Russian weather satellite predicted that the Artic ice cap melting is pushing the hurricane belt right on top of Aruba. Tropical Storm Dean may make a downturn to landfall on Tuesday morning August 21 near California Lighthouse, northeast of Aruba.

Anonymous said...

The beach was nearly deserted. Over 10 inches downsprouting rain swelled the sandy beach and flooded the sunpool and basement gym of the hotel. People had to evacuated and had nowhere to go. The wicked storm waves and currents continued to pound and wack the dock and the watercrafts. Some boats were sinking. Aruba is becoming incredibly unpredictable in its weather forcast. Local native residents feared for the end of their world.