October 22, 2007


The terrorists are coming and Aruba has been the first to jump on the idea of hosting their stay. Not only because Aruba is "One Happy Island", but "everyone knows everyone", if you know what I mean (wink, wink..)

One ATA spokesperson was heard saying, "We will gladly accept their money..we don't care where it comes from." Insiders believe that Aruba's sudden friendliness with terrorists is due to the boycott of Aruba.

An unnamed inside source stated, "We are sinking fast, and I'm not going to jump ship...we are all coming together with buckets to bail us out. And if those buckets happen to be terrorists...so what?"

Note: The above is a joke...the below is true. I have to clear some confusion, because some didn't "get" my humor and took it as a true story. Wake up McFly! :) Just kidding...don't be mad.

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Islamic terrorist groups have networks in Latin America and the Caribbean and could use the region as a base to launch attacks on the United States, the senior U.S. military commander for the region says.

"For sure, members, facilitators, and sympathizers of Islamic terrorist organizations are present in our hemisphere," Adm. Jim Stavridis, head of the U.S. Southern Command.
"We consider Latin America and the Caribbean as being highly likely bases for future terrorist threats to the U.S. and others."

U.S. officials have warned of a militant presence in Latin America since the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. They have provided little concrete evidence and Brazil, which has a large Arab population, and some other regional governments have played down the threat.

But Stavridis was reiterating U.S. concerns after police said in June they had foiled a plot to sabotage New York's John F. Kennedy airport by suspects linked to the Caribbean.
The Lebanon-based Hezbollah was the most prominent group in Latin America, Stavridis said. Most of its activity appeared to be fund-raising but "there are indications of an operational presence and the potential for attacks."

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Anonymous said...

He noted that analysts and polls said anti-U.S. sentiment was growing and that the Bush administration ignored Latin America (which includes Aruba). This has allowed leaders such as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (and Aruba Prime Minister Nelson Oduber) to whip up opposition to the United States (and Natalee's family).

Anonymous said...

Building trust is not they have between the Aruban islanders and the American tourists. That is the fatal mistake made by Dutch ATA in spite of spending so much money on the Miami Travels Show.

Anonymous said...

Judge Rik Smid recommended that he would continue to keep Joran in suspect status for another 10 years for his protection. Otherwise, Joran's life will be a world fugitive if he is freed in Dutch. Somebody in the world is going to go after Joran and kill him. Joran is too notorious and well known like a Jahid terorist because of his commited murder of Natalee and his lying book. He is so unlovable and evil.

Anonymous said...

The No Child Left Behind foreign policy will continue the US financial aids to countries that are friendly and helpful to the American tourists. If Aruba insists not to upgrade their investigation of Natalee's murder got away by Joran, Aruba will be the first child to be left in the cold and hunger by the Dutch and the US allies.

Anonymous said...

The initial talking heads skill exhibited by Joran in Greta interviews had eroded. Joran has become a functional illiterated plagued by pornography and murderous thoghts. His school grades are C- average. The only job he can qualify for is a licensed sex worker or a pimp professional in Holland. This disappointment is really breaking Paulus' heart. he always dreams Joran to become an Aruban judge to carry on the family's good name.

Anonymous said...

He also can qualify for a position in the ALE. Just like Dennis Jacobs and Gerald Dompig, where fat overweight and snoring during work are no problems.

Richard said...

I believe that this whole concern about terrorism is one reason that Washington has failed to speak up for Natalee Holloway or her family. (In addition to the everyday stupidity that seems to prevail in our government.)

My guess is that the U.S. looks at the Caribbean and sees two main threats: the potential spread of 'Chavezism' (i.e., will the dictator who is in charge of Venezuela try to become the revolutionary successor to the fading Castro, and go beyond talk to action?) and the spread of radical Islam in those areas where it already has some strength. (And, of course, the drug barons continue to wield power, as where do they not?)

Islam might seem to be an unlikely creed for the Caribbean, but the poverty in some areas and the latent anti-Americanism might enhance its popularity there.

To be sure, these concerns are not chimerical. But where Washington errs is in the belief that its geopolitical ideas will be served by subordinating the case of Natalee Holloway to 'grand strategy.'

In other words, the powers that be in Washington may well think that Aruba is prosperous enough so that (unlike, say, Jamaica or Trinidad) radicals will never gain a foothold there. So they probably think that Aruba can be a kind of American alter ego, and will speak up for American interests and perhaps serve as a strategic 'listening post' (if not, indeed, a base for commandoes and covert operations).

But I think these calculations are in error. It's like the old idea of playing the Chinese 'card' against the Russians ... the Chinese did not sit passively by and agree to be manipulated.

Neither would the Arubans.

Probably any such attempt to "use" them would blow up in our faces, and Aruba would only demand a steeper and steeper price (in various ways) for its surface "cooperation."

After all, Aruba can play the game both ways as well.

My belief is that no matter what grand schemes the Washington power pundits may be planning, they should not subordinate to those ideas the hard, factual interests of Natalee Holloway or her family, because the fundamental obligation of our government is to represent the interests of the American people.

The people in Washington may think of Natalee as a mere flyspeck in their power plans ... but we've seen how successful our government is in trying to arrange things abroad. (Not very.)

Let's demand that FIRST AND FOREMOST, justice be served in Natalee's case. Those of us who have followed the case since May 30, 2005, must wonder at the naivety of anyone who thinks Aruba would ever be a reliable partner in anything.

Michelle Says So said...

Richard...awesome and incredibly insightful comment.

Anonymous said...

Aruba is a robber in essence. He robs and kills as Caribbean pirates. Oduber is the one behind all the road blocks aid by our central government to clam up the Natalee's murder fiaso. To maintain Aruba's peace, wealth and loyalty to the US sitting president, the price of a missing girl is not that much, espicially she is not his own daughter. That's the reason why people in Iowa want to vote his party and his government outst in November.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch also try to rewrite their high school history textbooks, like their Japanese counterpart. The Dutch royal scholars downplay the acrocity of the Nazi army because Beatrix's late husband was a Nazi youth leader. Many Nazi paintings robbed from Eastern Europe churches are still hanging in the Hague government buildings.

Anonymous said...

There were some graphite seams found in the abandoned gold mine caves on the island. The terrorists can dig them up to build a graphite plutonium nuclear reactor to build a dirty nuclear bomb.

Anonymous said...

The Northern Love has rich resources to make Beth a success. Aruba will suffer greatly. When you get a gifted IT man angry, you are in big trouble, Aruba. Your cocaine and aloe tradings will be shot.

Anonymous said...

The Hague is a hoax until justice for Natalee is served.

Anyone who would trust that Aruba would strap up the boots and get "serious" about law enforcement from "this point on", as a means of placating the injustice done to Natalee Holloway and her family might as well use Jack the Ripper as the poster ad for "human rights".

Trust Aruba after what they allowed to happen to Natalee and her family? !

Yes, along with Jack the Ripper as the poster ad for "human rights", throw in Sadaam Hussein as the poster ad for "justice", if you really actually believe that criminal conduct will change, if only the United States just "looks the other way" - just for this "one murder" that Aruba wants to sweep under the carpet.

I think it was Condoleeza Rice who said:

"Congressionally mandated reports...speak to America's continued support for those fundamental freedoms embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our country was born in the belief that all people, regardless of race, creed, or culture are free by nature and equal in dignity; that when given a truly unfettered choice, human beings will choose liberty over oppression, the natural right to life over the constant fear of death, the right to own property over random search and seizure, and that they will choose to be ruled by the consent of the governed, not by the coercion of the state."

Thus far, we have seen nothing but coercion from Aruba, when it comes to their response to the murder of Natalee Holloway.

Aruba would rather spin Natalee into a drunken, drugged state, than own up to the ugliness of that confession made by one of Natalee's murderers: "We killed Natalee and buried her."

I guess the truth would be bad for tourism.

So coercion from Aruba is their method of response to the criminal acts inflicted on Natalee, along with Aruban police aiding Paulus in a successful "no corpse no case" approach to the criminal conduct that he and his son and their criminal friends engaged in.

Liars can't suddenly be trusted.
Actions speak louder than words.

Aruba can't be trusted because they all ganged up in their murdererous deeds, their criminal obstructions, and their conspiratory conduct to re-victimize the victim and her family.

That seems to go against the United States' values statements made by Secretary Condoleeza Rice.

Secretary Rice is not stupid.
She knows a liar when she sees one.
And history tells us, give a scoundrel an inch, and he'll take your yard. Give him your yard, and he'll seize all that he can devour.

If the USA is really concerned about protecting our boarders, and our citizens from terrorists, then "giving up" Natalee Holloway to terrorists will never be the "answer" to "freedom", and I don't think our Secretary of State is going to exchange love hugs with a sleeze like Oduber who can't seem to get his lying facts straight when he opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Secretary Rice is not stupid but seems very foolish. She condols the Dutch in her recent Euro Araban tour, believing that the Dutch can bring the Iranians and Russians under control. The price was right, Rice was told by the Dutch to forget about Natalee the whole enchirada. Rice don't like Mexican dishes anyway.