October 24, 2007


By Richard, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Dear Mr. President:

I have seen a news story today in which you ask other nations to commit moral and financial assets to the fostering of a new Cuban government and society.

Doubtless the current regime of Fidel Castro has severe failings, many of which are impeding the well-being of the Cuban people. And doubtless American policy is, and should be, dedicated to promoting improved relations.

But I am confused at an apparent lack of clarity in our policy towards "friends" and "enemies" in the Caribbean. What criteria are used to put a government in one camp or the other?

Should the PRIMARY yardstick to be employed in deciding which government is to be regarded as "friendly" not be that government's treatment of Americans ... who, after all, are the major responsibility of the U.S. government?

If this is acknowledged to be true, then I ask why the Dutch Caribbean islands are not also to be regarded as offenders?

I invite your attention to the following matters:

--In March 1998, Amy Bradley, an American citizen, went missing from a cruise ship that was docking at Curacao. Photographs and other evidence provide strong reason to believe that she may still be alive and in a situation of virtual imprisonment. The search of the Bradley family for information on their daughter has been stymied.

--In May 2005, Natalee Holloway was taken from a bar on the island of Aruba. It is patently clear to those who have followed the case that elements of the Aruban government and law enforcement have engaged in a cover-up, apparently to protect certain local individuals from prosecution. Natalee is still missing. Yet no travel advisory about "friendly" Aruba has been issued, to my knowledge. The family continue to seek answers, and the cover-up continues. Is Aruba to be regarded as "friendly"?

--In December 2006, Joel Gove, yet another American citizen, went missing on the island of Saba. My understanding is that his family are engaged in trying to raise funds to recover his body, as the local government and the Dutch cannot be bothered.

My point in all this being, simply, that "friendship" is not simply a matter of diplomacy.

In my view, these activities show that the Dutch Caribbean islands are our friends in name only. Let us uphold the interests of American citizens ... which, after all, is the primary obligation of our government ... and calculate how many Americans are missing in Cuba.


Anonymous said...

The "Dutch" word means selfishness defined in Wikipedia. Our president is a very selfish person and he is Dutch in everything he does. He never considers the wellness of our nation and his American fellow citizens. He acts on impulse and blindness, with little and no compassion. He had had a crooked military record. He is the worst president we ever have.

Your worst nightmare said...

We have a phrase here in the South, brown-nosing. van der Sloot and his judge daddy, the presiding judge, and any authority over this case are doing nothing but sniffing each others butt to keep those boys free.

The place to look for Natalee is under the swimming pool van der Sloot was having built at his home when Natalee disappeared. Perfectly understandable reason why no trace of her has been found in the ocean. But, if the case is closed by prosecutors, then Natalee's family will never be able to bring her home for burial...she is most likely entombed under the swimming pool.

I can't understand how those boys can sleep at night knowing what they did to Natalee. Joran had his buddy at the casino scout out girls, call Joran for prospects, then Joran show up making the girl believe she was winning easily. Joran slipped something in Natalee's drink and the rest is history.

Joran will rot in hell, as will the cow-poke boys for what they have done.