February 05, 2008


What Does Dave Holloway Have to Say?

Dave Holloway said he believes Van der Sloot's video taped conversation that Natalee will never be found only adds to the determination of Equusearch and Holloway to find Natalee. Equusearch founder, Tim Miller, has said for years Holloway's body is in the ocean. A conclusion also held by Holloway's' father.

"I guess what I'm struggling with right now is what he said and his action after it happened...that's the real troubling question of his character of doing this. How can a person stoop that low is beyond me? Words cannot describe it."

The admittance provides validation for Tim Miller who always thought Holloway was thrown overboard. Miller has been involved in the search for Natalee for over two years. Recently, he's chronicled events on a blog (http://www.nholloway.blogspot.com/).

Now with new equipment capable of diving a thousand feet, Miller is confident of a recovery. We knew this going over there," Miller said. "If there is something the size of a quarter at the bottom of the sea, we will find it with this equipment. We're far from quitting." The search boat is being partly funded by a Kemah businessman. Miller says he plans to go back to Aruba in a few days.

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"Daury" was the nickname of Nelson Oduber, according to the school records.