February 05, 2008


Aldolfo Richardson, the chief investigator for Natalee’s case said that Peter de Vries’s secret video tape (which runs about 20 hours) is EVEN MORE INCRIMINATING THAN THE PUBLIC MIGHT THINK!

What can be worse than, “Now I can abuse the whole situation”, and “I haven’t lost one night of sleep over it”, and “I can’t believe this has happened to ME”?

On Monday investigators searched two places that Joran has lived in Holland and removed some evidence, but investigators would not specify what that evidence is. Today Aruban Prosecutor Mos is appealing the denial to arrest Joran.

Beth stated, "Once people see the video of Joran there are no more questions. There is no one who can walk away from this believing that he is innocent."

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Money order mailed to Daury said...

Joran kept placing blame on others but himself. Three weeks ago he bought a money order and mailed it to Daury. The Dutch police found the carbon copy of the money order in his CD jewel box. The KLPD detectives think they can track down whoever cashed that money.