February 06, 2008


Joran (prounouced "urine") has gone into hiding and is staying at an undisclosed location! Is he hanging out with OJ? I just love these quotes from the desperate and shunned urine, I mean, Joran:

"I did not choose to share this with the outside world. I though it was 'just between me and my dealer'." (You should know Joran, you can never trust those 'dealers'!)

When asked how he felt after watching Peter de Vries program last Sunday he stated:

"I didn't cry"

"Maybe I should leave the Netherlands." (You think?)

"I don't think I can go to school here anymore...lots of people are angry." (Where will you go then, Joran? You certainly can't go back to Aruba because you will be lynched there as well! Maybe you can hang out with Michael Jackson at his new location? Ooops...sorry. You are too old for Michael.)

And here is the 'are you an idiot?' quote of the day:

The American media have as yet paid little attention to the 'Joran tapes.' The primaries in 24 states dominate the news today on Super Tuesday. (Hmmm...let's see. ABC's 20/20 on Monday. Greta van Susteren, Nancy Grace, Geraldo, Good Morning America, CNN, do I have to go on?)

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