February 08, 2008


In July it will be 3 years that I have been writing about Natalee and being involved in this boycott. Looking back I see that Natalee did not die in vain. Why do I think that?

Because of Natalee, I look over my shoulder.

Because of Natalee, I'm more aware of my surroundings.

Because of Natalee, I never leave my friends at a bar alone...no matter what.

Because of Natalee, I watch my drinks when out in public.

Because of Natalee, I am less trusting towards strangers.

Because of Natalee, I do not think I am invincible.

Because of Natalee, I thank God that I am alive because I could have been Natalee 100 times over.

Because of Natalee, I see how people can unite and make a difference.

Because of Natalee, I feel like I really can help change the world.

Because of Natalee, I am who I am today.

Because of Natalee, I am a stronger person.

Because of Natalee, I have thicker skin.

Because of Natalee, I have perseverance.

Because of Natalee, I have strength.

Because of Natalee, I am an avenger.

Because of Natalee, I cherish my family and friends more than ever.

Because of you Natalee, so many people have been touched.

Because of you Natalee! You did not die in vain. You inspired everyone that knew you when you were here, and you inspire everyone now that you are gone. We will never forget you. We will never forget what happened.

Rest in Peace and GOD BLESS.


Anonymous said...

It is long over due that we all boycott anything from the Netherlands. Let's all unite for Natalee.

Joran tarcoated said...

Joran's tarcoated video confession justifies the boycott and death of Aruba economy.

aruba chaos kills holland said...

The boycott will soon harm Holland in some unexpected way due to the chaos in Aruba.

Dutch imports are Joran evil said...

For example people don't buy anymore of big screen LCD HD made in Holland because b$oycott Aruba becomes most Americans' second nature. People just don't enjoy Dutch imports. The Dutch stuff are murderous and Joran evil.

Michelle Says So said...

ALRIGHT. Enough of ripping on the Dutch. Right now I am not mad at them because of Peter's hard work and the fact that the Netherlands seem to really want to end this. I am so glad that they finally see the light. So lay off them and put the pressure on the Aruban government.

Boycott Aruba said...

Very touching words, Michelle.

Natalee's death will haunt Aruba forever and ever long after we are gone. Our children and grandchildren know about the cover-up in Aruba and will carry on what we've all come together to do and that being expose the cover-up in Aruba and get Justice for Natalee.

Aruba never thought one time lil woman, Beth, could stir more shit than Aruba can stand, but she has!

I will forever tell everyone I know not to go to Aruba.

Because of Natalee, I will Boycott Aruba Forever.

Rest in Peace Angel.

Osiris said...

What if Natalee was Dutch and Joran was an American, you just wouldn't care! It's so sad, you people just wouldn't care....

It's the hypocrisy, of allot of American people that bothers me.
Analyse American history and present time....

Let's see: wars, schoolshootings (i've lost count), rapecases, missingcases, murdercases etc. happened, and still happens in YOUR country, just like in the rest of the world!

Murders, rapists etc. walk around free in YOUR country because of police failures, just like in the rest of the world!

You people have been blinded, the same things are going on in your own country and the rest of the world!

Almost three years now Aruba has been seen as an unrealistically mean and dangerous place, and it's effects are: Mean World Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, well said.

The positive legacy Natalee has left far exceeds her short life on earth.

I stand with the girl. And her family.


Richard said...

And let us never forget what may be Natalee's lasting legacy.

Before May 31, 2005, who cared about Aruba? Who thought about it at all, except as a place to get smashed on whatever one wanted to, and lie on the beach?

Nobody heard about Aruba. Nobody cared. Few people probably knew where it was.

Now everybody knows where it is ... and WHAT it is.

Only a fool would willingly go to Aruba now. Or, perhaps, someone who would grovel on the ground to save a penny, someone who thinks low prices and a "bargain" are always an attraction.

We now know ... go to Aruba and enter limbo, a zone where you can vanish and be blamed for it. You can vanish and have your family assailed ... though they weren't there. You can vanish and have your loved ones told "She just disappeared." You can vanish and have the country rise up and protest against anyone who demands answers.

Aruba, the Twilight Zone of the 21st century.

Natalee, your going to Aruba was casting pearls before swine. And swine there were, a-plenty.

As the poem goes, commemorating the dead soldiers of World War I:

"We've learned the lessons that ye taught/In Flanders Fields."

We've learned the lesson that ye taught in Aruba, at a terrible price.

No more victims.

Boycott Aruba as though your life were on the line.

She went to Aruba ... will you?

J from PA said...

"Natalee; you have taught me a lot over the past 1000 days.

You have kept my mind alert in a family with history of Alzheimer’s.

You have given me new meaning to life and how precious it is.

You have shown me the other side of the criminal mind.

You have taught me to think and rethink outside the circle and box.

You have brought out some writing skills that I did not know I possessed nor would under normal circumstance even attempt.

You have introduced me to hundreds of new acquaintances from around the world.

You were responsible for me learning about the history and troubles of Aruba .

You taught us to have better security and instill the buddy system when I have chaperoned senior trips.

You permitted me to enter into your private but very short life

You have given me new direction in the few years I have remaining on earth.

Yes when playing poker for keeps in the game of life, one has to realize a no win situation and just get up from the table and walk away.

There are others in the world that do not have the support that you have so I don’t think you will mind if I redirect some of my attention towards why Aruba has been quiet concerning what happened to Joyce Buckley or what happened to Phylicia Moore who was found dead in a swimming pool in Ghana.

Natalee may you rest in peace and thank you for what you have given me and taught me."

Mark said...

We travel the Caribbean but will never go to Aruba. Do you here us Aruba, we will never GO. Ever! We will boycott Aruba.

Mark and Michelle, Danville, CA