February 09, 2008


Comments from readers who want to dig Aruba into the DIRT

My brother and sister-in-law were tragically proven "missing" in Aruba while supposed touring the island on a rented boat. To this day their whereabouts have been overlooked by few and missed by many. Unfortunately our family did not get the media and attention that Natalie so well deserved! Had it been, maybe that young women would still be laughing and smiling that exuberant smile as we speak. Much more should have been said about two beautiful young individuals who just went on a vacation "to get pregnant" after many months of doctor's treatment.

I, as his sister, and a firm believer of their belief in one another would not have even breathed any of the sick notions that were talked about in their disappearance. I could go on forever to speak about my pure despite and sheer anger at what can happen behind closed doors. There is so much more to stories than meets the everyday persons life. I wish every individual knew. All my blessings, all my faith in the above, but mostly my sincere sympathy for the Holloway family, as it has been more than 20 years since we have tried to bury this tragedy. I would be a liar if I said it got easier as time goes by, for every day without someone you hold so deeply, is the worst day of your life!

Aruba may appear safer than many places, but the complete impotence of the justice system there makes it clear that almost everywhere else will be a preference in my judgment.

…Could this have happened in any tourist destination? Absolutely. But would other tourist destinations have shown the complete lack of give a damn that Aruba has shown? I doubt it. They didn't want any help from US investigators because they didn't want it blasted all over the news that they couldn't find their backsides with both hands.

It isn't so much THAT this happened that is so disturbing. It is that this happened and the Aruban officials acted as though it was NO BIG DEAL.

Just some drunken American teenager, probably out somewhere still partying, seemed to be their initial theory. Had they acted as though this was the important issue that it was, perhaps this girl's family would have at least been able to give her a proper burial by now.

Sorry, but I'd rather head someplace where they'll at LEAST start looking for me right away, if I should go missing. I'd rather head someplace where they welcome help from ANY law enforcement agency in finding me, should I go missing. And I'd DEFINITELY rather head someplace where they don't look around now and then for a couple of years, and then shut the book on my case. I want someone who will keep looking until they FIND ME, not put forth a lackluster effort until they are able to sweep my case under the rug, and forget about me.

Crime occurs everywhere. The problem in Aruba is the cover up! From day 1 they have not only covered up Natalee's murder, but they have pointed fingers back at Beth, Dave, Jug and other loved ones.

(In response to another poster:) “…You may disagree with their justice system, but it is theirs and when you go to another country it is their laws and system you must abide by". Hmmm.. Exactly. Which is why it is a good idea to stay OUT of Aruba. They don't give a darn if you or your loved one goes missing. Why should I spend my hard earned American dollars in Aruba when I can spend them in countless other places where human lives are valued?

…Half of Holland and over 20 million people tuned in to hear how Joran manipulated the Aruban police department and the media, actually hoping to make money off it all. I would never go back to Aruba. It's windy, dirty, unsafe and corrupt.

…When we were there, our rental car was broken into and damaged and the police would not even respond prior to our departure from the island. The police knew we were leaving and failed to even take a statement about the crime. If you go to Aruba - don't rent a car - they are targets for the local punks and thieves. The hotel management can't or won't help either. I would never go back and I would never recommend this dump of a place for a vacation.

Crime does happen everywhere. The reason Americans choose to boycott Aruba is not because a crime happened, but rather because not only was the crime covered up and the perps allowed to walk around cleaning up their mess, but Aruba officials and investigators attacked the victim, Natalee Holloway, and her mother, Beth Holloway.

Those who followed the case know that Aruba knew what happened to Natalee by June 9, 2005 and they knew who did it. Joran confessed to them but they suppressed his confession. When they couldn't come up with the evidence, they pretended the confession didn't exist.

Well Joran has confessed AGAIN. What will Aruba do now?

Amy Bradley, Willard "Buddy" Larson, Natalee Holloway-just a few that went missing from Aruba.

I am Canadian and I would never go to Aruba for a holiday, nor would anyone else in my family! What happened to Natalee Holloway has disgusted me beyond words! You need to clean up your legal system from the top down and hold the culprit Joran V responsible for her death and disposal! The whole world is watching Aruba!!!

Yeah sure Americans are just flocking into Aruba! NOT. Now just why would you take your loved ones to a place that guarantees if something bad happens - no one will ever find out what or by whom, but you and your family can count on numerous stories defaming both the victim and the family?

There are just way too many inexpensive, beautiful and friendly to American places to go than to head out for One Crappy Island!

… Did you not see the Joran Sloot confession? I am telling you that he (Joran) is not the only one on that island doing such things. It became a sport to them. His gang was known as the pimps…..I’m not sorry for telling the truth, people can get hurt in a place called ARUBA.

Comment by
Steve Holloway — February 7, 2008 @ 10:23 am

…The Aruban authorities knew of Joran's participation in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway from very early in their investigation by the questions asked of her mother and father. That was substantiated by Joran's confession recently aired on TV. The family has known all along that a cover-up from the polis up to the Prime Minister was done to solely protect their tourism and not get justice for the victim — An American girl. American girls have been targeted, drugged, raped all under the nose of the Arubans. They knew it was going on; they even warned the family about Carlos 'n Charlies - where it was well known that girls drinks were spiked on their last day on the island.

This is probably still going on.

Joran was underaged. Yet, he was allowed to drink at Carlos 'n Charlies, he was allowed to gamble (even with his father taking him to casinos), he was allowed to have an apartment of his own to exploit girls, drink, do drugs. All because he was protected by the authorities and continues to be protected by them even though he has admitted to being involved in various horrendous crimes.

Until he and his group of pimps is put out of business - An Aruba Boycott by all Americans is the only wise and safe thing to do.

Boycott Aruba. Not because of one bad apple but because of the corrupt authorities right up to the Prime Minister thought they could get away with covering it up to protect the tourism. If everything had just been admitted up front, the case solved, the bad apples punished, this whole nightmare for Aruba would have been buried in every other unfortunate accident file.

All Joran had to do was call 911 or even leave her on a beach somewhere. But he and they didn't do that, they tried to cover it up over and over again. I have been there over 10 times, too. I had a timeshare there. I sold it because I didn't want the same fate for my daughters and because the Police are unresponsive to complaints by tourists. You have been lucky - hope nothing happens to you in the future. You just keep going back there and hope they don't cover up any crimes against you.


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