November 20, 2008


Watch out Hans Mos...big mistake pissing off America's media and in turn, their viewers, and then BOOM. You are losing more American tourists!

Sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles wisely. Is this one you want to take on? If Hilary Clinton is chosen for Secretary of State, you better believe this case is going to be on her desk after January. Screw Condi! She didn't do jack squat. Maybe because she was too busy being Bush's ass kissing token?

Someone Is Lying to You - Take Your Pick!

By Greta Van Susteren

Someone is a big fat liar — either I am the big fat liar or the Prosecutor in the Aruban Prosecutor's office. You take your pick!

Am I lying to you?

Or is the prosecutor in this release?

See below…a press release from the Aruban prosecutor's office….I think this press release below is preemptive (before we show you what we have Monday ) and an effort to cover one's ***.

This Aruban press release confuses (deliberately?) 3 matters.

One is a Dutch journalist and his show, another is a recent AP report about a witness and then the third is OUR investigation which I have offered to show the prosecutor but there is no interest.

It is a BIG FAT LIE to write in this press release below: "….The investigation led by this Office has been ongoing and, as has been done all the time, this Office and the Police investigate every new lead in this case…"

They have NOT investigated every new lead — in fact they REFUSE to investigate. What are they afraid of? Solving this? Is this about tourism on Aruba? Or what?

If you watch ON THE RECORD at 10pm, you know that in the last two nights, as well as here on GretaWire, I have told you that we have NEW information.

It is not simply a witness. I don't know if our new information is the answer to this mystery or a wild goose chase — and I have repeatedly said that.

I do know that NO DECENT PROSECUTOR who has ANY INTEREST in solving the case would ignore what we have and I have OFFERED to show the Aruba prosecutor first. He has subpoena power to check out leads.

This is a missing woman and this is not a matter to simply ignore. Every effort should be made to solve this…and in this instance, we are serving up information to the prosecutor that he has zero interest in looking at.

I talked to the prosecutor TWO WEEKS ago (not July if the press release below is referring to me.) I offered to meet him 1/2 way…he said he does not have time during the week…I offered him MY weekend, ..he said he does not work weekends…and he has a vacation coming up.

In my phone call to him two weeks ago I offered to show him what we have NO STRINGS attached…I said I was NOT asking for anything in exchange…not even an interview from him.

Go figure!

But here is your question: who is lying? take your pick…the prosecution in Aruba who says it is following up every lead and this is an ongoing investigation? Or am I lying when I say we offered new information to the prosecutor to follow up on and he simply refuses.

And yes, we will show you what we have on Monday and you can decide: should this be investigated?


Anonymous said...

Greta is always lean and in good fighting spirit. We need her.

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Greta needs to do alot more