November 20, 2008


Fox News, 11/20/08

Joe Tacopino finally came out of his hole after weeks of laying low and finally gave his opinions on Joran's recent conduct and the new witnesses that could help solve Natalee's case.

It's been a long time since we've heard from Taco boy, so don't forget about his condescending mis-truths and lies. Some attorneys are total scum and he is one of them.

On crack.

In denial.

No conscience.

Speaking total bullshit.

Tacopino's "Deep Thoughts..."

How does Joe current feel about this case?
So is Peter de Vries really a bloodhound life sucker?

Is it all really much 'ado about nothing'?

Do these new witnesses have no real value?

Enquiring Minds Want to Know!

"You know I had really nothing to say about this John until today when I received the press release from the Aruban Prosecutor who have certainly not been friends of Joran or the defense team for that matter in this investigation. And what they basically said is that 'you know, it's more of the same'.

They basically put out a press release saying 'there's been a lot of stories going on, a lot of releases about new witnesses coming forward with value to this case, new allegations of another covert operation by this Dutch reporter who seems to making a living off of Joran, and really what they are saying in this press release as I just showed you, it it is 'much ado about nothing.' No further leads of any value regarding the Natalee Holloway investigation and really that's all I care to speak of."

Joe, how do you REALLY feel about these witnesses?
One who even passed a polygraph in the United States?

" know I honestly don't know who these witnesses are, there have been plenty of witnesses that have come forward in this case that have later proved to be either absolutely insane or just absolutely incredible.

The prosecutors claim that this is not a new witness, the witness we've heard about in the last week or so, that they've investigated the statement of that witness and the prosecutor does not give the police further leads to investigate; nor does it help in solving the case. (All because Hans Mos doesn't "believe" in polygraphs!) And help is a very low standard. So, if this thing doesn't help in the case clearly...there is not any evidentiary value."

So, do you know what Joran's been up to?

"You know, he's been tracked in Thailand. He's in school. (Did you have a bowl of stupid for breakfast? School of sex trafficking, maybe. I guess that sort of runs under the "business" major he once wanted...)

He's trying to get on with his life, and he's not doing well with it, obviously. You know he's made a lot of mistakes in the aftermath of this investigation, you know those things I quite frankly don't have any, you know I'm not trying to make any excuses for some of this conduct, but it has nothing to do with the Natalee Holloway investigation.

And you know he's sort of become a lightning rod for people that want to pin things on him (WTF??? Video tapes don't lie sweetheart...) and he's given them fodder for that, I mean, they offer him money, you know, to speak and so those aren't things that credible journalists do, but anyway..."

Aruba won't really "close" this case, will they?

"...It won't go away forever until there is new material evidence. I mean if they come up with a video tape of evidence of this crime or if they come up with something substantial, much more substantial (what's more substantial than Joran HIMSELF confessing on hidden video? Joe, you should probably lay off the koolaid.) and must continue to investigate until the cows come home.

They actually have to petition the Court, the judge to be able to re-open and (Oh, you mean there's actual "work" involved? Wait, 'let me shave and eat my corn flakes first' before I do that...) there's got to be some sort of finality and some closure.

Look, if they come up with some real evidence, not these, you know bits and pieces of things that may not be credible, or may not be truthful, even things coming from Joran's mouth (Typical attorney...perfect knack for talking out of his ass.) I mean they really cannot pursue this, I think that's all they are saying.

Best Quote Ever

"...Because you know, the notion that the Aruban prosecutors don't want to solve this is ludicrous. "

Aruban Prosecutors--Stupid or Just Misunderstood?

"...This has been such a dark cloud over that little island, and certainly that office, they've been mobbed and ridiculed (boo hoo...let me get out my little violin for the poor lazy incompetents...) and sometimes rightly so, the fact of the matter is I think they look at this office as much as anyone."

We're Not Talking About the Thai Investigation, Joe...Stay Focused.

"...Most of this latest stuff has nothing to do with this investigation (Two witnesses? Isn't that the bulk of it, Joe?) and it's a new trap they laid for him, whether he did or not I really don't know and quite frankly don't care, it has nothing do to with the Natalee Holloway case.

You can look at the whole tape, not the snippet that they played or sold...he made five different sorts of statements that were all inconsistent and disprovable. It doesn't excuse his conduct, I'm not here to apologize or ask for an excuse or an understanding of this conduct, but I'm evaluating it as a lawyer, looking at the evidence and how it relates to this investigation."


Levi said...

I thought I had read where Joran had dropped out of school. According to his attorney, he just started going back? More lies and BS.

Anonymous said...

Tacopino's "Deep Thoughts...". New SoS thought he's "Deep Throat". He doesn't belong to NYC for the new politics and changes.

Anonymous said...

He looks more assholes than ever, fithy and deceitful.

Anonymous said...

This case is gaining traction in US recently, even the AG new staff team talks about it, we will see.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your still keeping this site updated. The other sites seem to be slow in keeping up with the news of the case.