November 26, 2008


Do we know when that conversation between Joran and his father took place? He could have been talking about the recent human trafficking scandal he's caught in. Joran could have easily spliced in him bringing up the situation of Natalee and insert the human trafficking line of his father's to coincide with his story he told Greta. Joran was never specific on when the phone calls took place and Greta has not been able to prove when the recording was made. I'd like to see the experts opinions on the validity of these recordings.

Besides, have you listened to it? It sounds like Darth Vader having a conversation under a wet blanket.

I still think Joran is lying and he's throwing his father under the bus....which doesn't bother me a bit. However, do you remember what he told Greta after she asked him if he was still speaking with his parents? He said he wasn't. She asked him if that was HIS doing or THEIRS. He said HIS.

The more Joran throws crap out there the more convuluted this case is and it stops the process of the REAL leads that are not being looked into!!!

Could it be Joran's newest lies were in attempt to throw off the validity of the two recent witness accounts? Specifically the witness who saw Joran that night at 4:00 wet, dirty, with one shoe and then seeing Paulus in his red jeep pick up Joran. That man passed two polygraphs in the U.S.

How about we get Joran to submit to a polygraph?!?! That would end this once and for all, Joran. You claim that is what you "really want", isn't it?

Paulus Van Der Sloot's Motto: "Deny, deny, deny..."

Paulus van der Sloot, father of the Holloway case suspect Joran, is refusing to respond to allegations that his son told him about what happened to the missing American teenager. In an interview aired in the US on Tuesday, Joran told Fox News TV how he had sold Natalee Holloway to a Venezuelan man on the beach in Aruba for 10,000 dollars.

A Fox News reporter managed to show Mr Van der Sloot's father some transcripts of tape recordings of him talking to his son about the Natalee Holloway case. At one point, the transcript shows how his father says to Joran,

"But what you've done is pretty bad. Human trafficking is a serious crime."

Fox News TV also aired the audio recording of the telephone conversation between Joran and his father. They spoke in clearly understandable Dutch; the audio was subtitled in English on screen. Confronted with the possibility that Natalee might still be alive, Paulus van der Sloot went into his office and broke off the outdoor interview.

The reporter says that Mr van der Sloot did not deny that the transcribed conversations actually took place.

Joe Tacopina, who was Joran van der Sloot's lawyer in the Aruba investigation, says he also spoke to Paulus van der Sloot. To Tacopina, Paulus said he had never had such a conversation with his son, suggesting that the audio recording had been doctored. Mr Tacopina was accusing Fox News of paying Joran for the recordings and his interview simply to make great tv and increase ratings. The lawyer also said Joran is "despicable" and "on the verge of [being a] sociopath".

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Anonymous said...

The recording themselves maybe good. Greta really seemed to be interested last night in finding out if it was Paulus voice. Especially how she went at Joe T. The tapes maybe good. But verifying that it was Paulus maybe the only thing that is keeping those tapes from being declared valid.