November 26, 2008


What do they mean, they "can't view it"? Do they not have access to computers, or are they some sort of dictatorship telling their people they are not allowed to watch it?

Hans Mos still has no interest in any of the recordings.

No interest in the two new witnesses, no interest in the recordings...what is he interested in?

Shoving everything under the carpet and hide until the tsunami clears.

Believe me...the tsunami that is coming your way is going to sink every corrupt person that is involved in this cover-up. Including YOU, Hans...

Public Prosecutor’s Office

The Public Prosecutor’s Office on Aruba has no comment regarding the content of the Fox News broadcast. “We can’t view it on Aruba”, says a spokesperson of the Justice Department. She refers all media to a press release which was sent out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office last week when the anchor lady Van Susteren accused the Public Prosecutor’s Office of having no interest in the recordings. “There was no reaction to our requests to send us the tape in Aruba”, stated the press release.

In a private conversation held between the Public Prosecution’s Office and Van Susteren, she would have told the Public Prosecution’s Office that she wasn’t in the position to fulfill their requests as she has ‘business obligations’ in the US. The chief of the Public Prosecution’s office Hans Mos would have to come and get the tape in Miami under the condition: take it, or leave it, reports the Public Prosecution’s Office. In July a producer of Fox News had informed the Public Prosecution’s Office about the contents of the show. The Public Prosecution’s Office concluded however that the new information was not connected enough to their own investigation.

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Boy that country is one big cesspool of crap