November 26, 2008


By Richard, Aruban Boycott Member

I think that it's juvenile to throw invective at Greta von Susteren ... and positively sickening to see some people (probably the Aruban contingent) doing this to Beth, Dave, and/or Natalee Holloway. We are here to discuss what happened to Natalee, who is responsible, and why Aruba has decided to cover up this case for nearly three and a half years?

What? You don't think there's a cover-up? In that case, you must look at the Aruban government and law enforcement as less competent and intelligent than the average cockroach ... which is not hard to believe. But most of us are convinced that forces are at work to protect certain individuals.

Some of us have, for the last year and more, been writing to officials and appearing at tourism events to urge people not to go to Aruba. We don't do this just when a story breaks; we have been doing this regularly. I hope that anyone sincerely concerned at the prospect of this American family having to fight a foreign government for basic justice, in the face of inconceivable indifference from our own government (which some of us think exists basically to help Americans) will share our beliefs.

If so, please contact our e-mail at

You say a boycott effort cannot work? In February, Nelson Oduber said on Nova TV of the Netherlands that Aruba had "already" lost tens of millions of dollars in tourist revenue because of the Natalee Holloway case and the ensuing boycott. We know that Aruba was concerned enough about the boycott threat that it, in turn, threatened Beth and Dave that it would close off the investigation unless they kept quiet about a boycott.

(Later, of course, Aruba said it didn't even control the investigation ... but we know what to expect from them, the same that we have seen since May 30, 2005.)

You say a boycott might hurt innocent Arubans? Both PvdScum and JvdScum have said that they don't care if Aruba is boycotted or not ... but we, the American people, should, in the face of blatant injustice? Not in my book.

The simplest thing you can do: don't go to Aruba. Even better: don't go there, and let them know why not. Best of all: don't go there, let them know why not, and help spread the word.

We are determined that we will continue to seek answers in Natalee's case, and not only when the media spotlight is switched on for a time.

"No justice for Natalee ... no tourists for Aruba."

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Anonymous said...

Good job as always Richard.