January 03, 2009


Only a "CONCERN"? I'd say it is a full blown EPIDEMIC!

WILLEMSTAD/THE HAGUE – “The Caribbean is definitely a worrisome area”, said Justice-minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (CDA) about the human trafficking during a Justice-deliberation of the Lower House-committee. He reacted on questions of PvdA-Member of parliament Khadija Arib about the cooperation with the Neth.Antilles and Aruba. That’s the reason for the cooperation in the aliens’ supervision that we are currently giving shape.”

One of the issues that Arib raised was ‘the human trafficking via islands like Bonaire and the Windward Islands’. “I do understand that per January 1, these islands are comparable with a Dutch municipality. According to a report from Brazil, women from that country are rather often dealt in via Surinam for example to these islands. How is human trafficking going to be suppressed in these new municipalities?”

“We are more in general busy with the reinforcing of the immigration chain in Aruba and in the Neth.Antilles, which also affects countries of origin in the Caribbean and South-America”, was Hirsch Ballin’s answer. The cooperation that the Netherlands has offered is accepted. “This also counts for the Windward Islands and Bonaire that later are going to be part of the Dutch government, if the plans that are currently in preparation for this, are accepted.

The first move in the cooperation was a mini-conference that I participated in; at that time well-coordinated with the deliberation in Aruba on other maintenance of law and order subjects. The discussion was mainly aimed at making assistance and expertise available.”



Anonymous said...

There is indeed a concern. Aruba has the NAFTA free zone, the women can easily be hidden in the cargo plane bound to US and Canada. Aruba is a transplant point long ignored by the Dutch and US governments.

Anonymous said...

You can see also the child prostitues are a very serious problems in Netherlands. Aruba is suspected to be one of the major breedding grounds carried out by their dirty police officers and pimps.

Anonymous said...

Many violations are found relating to surveilence cameras in hotels and beaches. The cam targets on American tourists, particular the white young American blonde girls.